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How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner

In which Julie Klausner asks guests how their week was, and also we learn stuff and have fun.
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Feb 3, 2012 0

It's a clip show-palooza this week, also known as an outtakes episode! The 48th episode of How Was Your Week features all-new content from Julie, who is still recovering from her "sore trote," and did not wish to infect new interview subjects with it, because she is a nice and civilized person.

Therefore! This week's episode features never-before heard footage from four terrific guests: 

-PATTON OSWALT, who explains his opinion on whether inventors are weirder than magicians!

-MIKE DAISEY, who reveals what Steve Wozniak ordered when they lunched together!

-JOHN MULANEY, who reminisces on that insane "Breaking Bad" Season Three finale!


-TED LEO, who explains the origins of the How Was Your Week theme song!

Also in this episode, Julie discusses her emotional takeaway from watching the major motion picture ALBERT NOBBS, how Walgreens integrates social networking into its mission of selling lube to people, Debra Messing's character's arc on SMASH, and how fun last night's HWYWLive show was. (It was extremely fun.)

A fun episode for fans of the show both new and old!

Jan 27, 2012 0

On this episode of How Was Your Week, comedian, actor, writer and beautiful lady DAVID CROSS joins Julie to discuss the cancellation of WORK IT, the burden of an entertainer's self-awareness, and how he used to give Julie his salad orders when she worked as his assistant a few years ago.

Then, comedian, Rosie O'Donnell expert and viral videographer, ELIOT GLAZER (Shit New Yorkers Say, It Gets Betterish) is here to share his favorite "WTF" moments of Rosie's occasionally bizarre career. Yes, her variety show will be discussed, as will her Spanx-based standup, and "Riding the Bus with My Sister."

Plus, Julie, who's under the weather, is still healthy enough to be livid about those who were snubbed by this week's Oscar's nominations, and discusses Tilda Swinton's resemblance to a greyhound, whether Michael Feinstein should be in a gritty TV drama, the whimsy of FRIENDS episode titles of yore, Betty White's bizarre birthday special, and the horrors of one day having a male child who isn't gay.

Also! The winner of the HWYW Live Poetry Contest is announced! The gist of Rosie's old school "Partridge Family" bit! The latest setback in the Linda Lovelace movie! The watchability of Celebrity Wife Swap! And how things that used to make David angry no longer do.

A barn-burner of a show!

Jan 20, 2012 0

On this episode of How Was Your Week, author, comedian and talk show host CHRIS GETHARD joins Julie to talk about family secrets, nemeses, Diddy's applesauce-related demands, the prurient underbelly of NYC Public Access fans, and his new book, A BAD IDEA I'M ABOUT TO DO.

Then, online curiosity collector KATIE NOTOPOULOS is here to share some of her favorite and most unusual things on the internet right now including diaper aficionados, small town police scanner recappers, Twitter Nazis, Bronies, and the only people who are using Yahoo! Answers correctly.

Plus, the unexplained employment of Andie MacDowell's daughter at the Golden Globes! Goat-grooming, and how to cheat at it! The arguably out-of-proportion internet outrage at Paula Deen's hubris! And what sploshing is.

Also! The Groundhog Day edition of HWYW Live is now sold out, but you can still win two tickets by submitting a poem here! So get on your Ogden Nash caps and start scribbling away. And if you send your entry in by 1/25 you can come to the show AND get a special extra surprise-prize!

What could be better than that? Absolutely nothing. Hooray!

Jan 13, 2012 0

On this episode of How Was Your Week, the great FRANK DeCARO, author of THE DEAD CELEBRITY COOKBOOK, joins Julie to discuss the time Paul Lynde made some racist remarks at an Illinois Burger King; what, from his book, to serve to a Latin-American gentleman you're about to bed; and how to host a memorable Golden Globes extravaganza.

Then, the delightful KATE BEATON, cartoonist and author of HARK, A VAGRANT, is here to share her views about artistic depictions of diarrhea during Medieval Times, who she'd like to be on "Downton Abbey," and the chauvinist behind "Beetle Bailey."

Plus, the hazards of occasion-less cupcakes! A contest is announced! A celebrity impression is done! Pomegranate seeds are found to be delicious in things you would never think of putting them in! Canadians are hilarious! And the return of Siggy Flicker, whose Twitter has got to be some kind of art project.

Also! Check out the new How Was Your Week Tumblr! And there are still tickets available for the February 2nd HOW WAS YOUR WEEK LIVE at the Bell House, which will be sponsored by Pretzel Crisps

What a delicious show!

Jan 6, 2012 0

Happy New Year! On this episode of How Was Your Week, one of the authors of I Want My MTV, the fantastic oral history of MTV, ROB TANNENBAUM is here! And Rob is all to happy to talk to us about the Canadian almost-beauty queen who played the teacher in the "Hot For Teacher" video, the '80s versus the '60s in the pop culture status canon, Prince's on-set whispering techniques, and Cher's wonderful comeback at the first-ever VMA's.

Plus, how much Guns N' Roses' videos would cost, with inflation! David Fincher Versus Michael Bay! How Pauly Shore represents sexual slavery, in Julie's mind! The satirical origins of the "Cherry Pie" video! And why "Downtown" Julie Brown and Adam Curry are the same (seemingly rotten) person.

Also, Julie discovers an online brotherhood that wants no part of her membership! The Today Show's target audience is found to be cats! A tweet from Siggy Flicker! Things We Wish We Didn't Know! News of exciting progress made in the Linda Lovelace biopic! And exciting details about the February 2nd How Was Your Week Live show at the Bell House.

A pop culture-palooza of wonderful show-ness for your face and spirit.

Dec 30, 2011 0

Ding Dong! Who is it?  The last episode of the year! Why, come in, won't you? Thank you, I/it will!

On this installation of How Was Your Week, musician, songwriter, former Soul Coughing-frontman and author MIKE DOUGHTY is here to discuss his new memoir, THE BOOK OF DRUGS. Also covered in this very excellent interview: what happened when drugs no longer worked versus how great it was when they did, Mike's contempt for his former bandmates, the myth of rock-bottom when it comes to addiction, and what the horrible term "corn-cobbing" means.

Also, Julie recaps a particularly odd and disturbing episode of DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES, digests rich foods on-air, and bemoans the GOOP app.

Plus! Mariah Carey's work ethic! Anthony Weiner's devilish wish! Candle-eating dogs! And some exciting details about the February 2nd announcement we've teased you about in the past.

A show that's surely "WINNING," in that it leaves 2011 behind with style and grace. Enjoy it!

Dec 23, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, the hilarious KURT BRAUNOHLER joins Julie to tell her a wonderful and insane story that explains exactly why he is bound for Hades, and covers the topics of ventriloquist dummies, duct tape belts, and the glut of pre-9/11 prank shows.

Then, Gossip Girl authoress CECILY VON ZIEGESAR talks about what influenced her as a teenager, the dirty joke in the first book about Serena's you-know-what-hole, and how great she is at baking pies.

Also, Julie is at a spa, and complains about portions! The scariest part of The Wizard of Oz! The timeless last line in Men in Black! Lea Michele's punchability! Who Tim Tebow is! And more JC Penney Facebook Page updates!

Plus, Kurt has a story about the time he dressed up as a tumescent gorilla that will curl your hair, then relax it into a gentle wave.

This is a fantastic show.

Dec 16, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, rock legend and wonderful friend TED LEO comes over to play acoustic versions of his songs, and then, as a bonus, covers Concrete Blonde AND does a special unplugged version of the How Was Your Week theme song!

Then, in the shortest-ever interview on the show, Real Housewife of New York City and Wine, Jewelry and Skin Care Entrepreneur RAMONA SINGER tells Julie what her favorite Christmas carol is, explains why she never learned to act "socially correct," and unveils her new business endeavor--a new brand of Italian Red Wine.

Also, Julie inducts a new member into the Redhead Hall of Fame, compliments Mario Lopez on figuring out how to hashtag his tweets, reads Spoony's final recap of Bored-walk Empirezzzzzz, and grapples with being fruit-drink drunk at the Patti Lupone/Mandy Patinkin show.

Plus: The pros and cons of decorating Christmas Trees! The quandary of end-of-the-year lists! And how ridiculous kangaroos are.

A magical show during a magical time of the year!

Dec 9, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, the hilarious and adorable KRISTEN SCHAAL joins Julie to discuss the best and worst Christmas gifts she's ever received, her hatred of high-heeled shoes, and the hazards of tweeting about our president after drinking a martini.

Then, the gorgeous comic actress ARI GRAYNOR talks about her new film, The Sitter, what it's like to be typecast as "the girl who receives oral sex in the first scene of things," getting brutal notes from Woody Allen, and how Barbra Streisand makes an entrance on set.

Also, Julie relays a disconcerting, perhaps too-long story about an idiot in a dog park who didn't understand what Basset Hounds are really about, reveals the size of Spanx she wears, explains why she's fun to have at a party, and joyfully relays Spoony's Boardwalk Empire recaps for your pleasure.

A delightful show packed to its hilt with holiday spirit!

Dec 2, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, the marvelous NICK KROLL joins Julie to discuss their memories of growing up together and attending the same Hebrew Day School, his experience of rehearsing a dance number with Jeff Goldblum, and the unique artistic burden of fitting in with your peers.

Then, the scrumptious GABE LIEDMAN contemplates some of his favorite topics under the umbrella of "The Dark Arts," including his fascination with the Stone Phillips interview with Jeffrey Dahmer & Dahmer's poor parents, whether or not he finds clowns scary, and the role of Goblins in today's Vampire and Ghost-centric times.

Also, Julie figures out what the most disturbing part of Darrell Hammond's book actually is, salivates over the new, edgy Munsters remake, questions the veracity of Patti Stanger's Yom Kippur anecdote, and reads some of Bruce Vilanch's t-shirt slogans out loud, for your pleasure.

A truly enchanting and delectable show!

Nov 25, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week? storyteller MIKE DAISEY joins Julie to discuss his hatred of Powerpoint, why nostalgia is dangerous, the intimacy we have with our cell phones and his new show, "The Agony of The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs."

Then, "Happy Endings" writer and humorous/delightful Jewish person GIL OZERI talks about his problems with the Quentin Tarantino film Inglorious Basterds. Other Hebraic tropes are discussed as well!

Also, Julie contemplates Thanksgiving and its attendant fixings including but not limited to The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Twilight versus The Muppets, boiled foods versus savory bland November stuffing things, and what is visually sacred about The Monkees, still. 

Plus: Facebook Weirdos! Men and Their Ideas! How this country rewards (one of) its dancing veterans! And the villiany of Hannah Storm.

A special note: I forgot to read Ben Brantley's review of Hugh Jackman's show, even after I promised I would. I'm sorry. Please read it here instead, and use my voice in your head while you do. --J

Nov 18, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, gorgeous Real Housewife of New York City, the straw that stirs the drink herself, SONJA TREMONT MORGAN talks to Julie about her time in Europe, her Toaster Oven secrets, SNAPPED on Oxygen, and the secret of hosting a great party.

Then, Julie talks to Richard Lawson (Gawker, The Atlantic Wire) in depth about THE FIRST WIVES CLUB. It's an important cinematic conversation that includes coverage of the following hot topics:

What a modern-day Upper East Side Crisis Center would be like
Which Real Housewives would be cast in the main roles of the movie, if Bravo were to do a brilliant remake
Whether or not Goldie Hawn was wearing a wig during what we agree was the performance of her lifetime
What exactly the plot of the second part of the movie is, and whether or not it is important (it isn't)

Plus! Puppeteers being weirdos! Book burning versus circle drumming! Men for all Seasons! Kim Richards's connection to Jessica Lange! Darrell Hammond's book! Anthony Bourdain's pool nudity! Sonja's Streisand appreciation! And a tender memory of Andy Rooney eating Thanksgiving dinner.

A show that has a taste for luxury, and luxury has a taste for it!

Nov 11, 2011 0

This week's episode is the first-ever one recorded live at The Bell House in beautiful New York City! Isn't that exciting? It is very exciting.
Join Julie as she interviews Fred Armisen, Billy Eichner and Paul F. Tompkins live on stage, while Ted Leo and his band watch! Enjoy a special appearance by Jackée, live via satellite! And marvel in the first-ever IFC Roast of Miranda July.

Plus--Fred covers a Beatles classic, Paul speaks judgementally of Hugh Jackman's casual garb, Billy and Julie cast the all-black cast of the new Steel Magnolias on Lifetime, and a musical tribute to Seal.

Also--we find out which late night TV icon co-wrote "It's Raining Men"! Teddy Leo comes out on the record against mustaches! Which band Julie considers "The Funky Doors"! And why Paul F. Tompkins's mother believes he is friends with a famous satirist. The first of what will hopefully be many terrific live podcast recordings!

The Guests:
Billy Eichner
Paul F. Tompkins
Fred Armisen

The Band:
Teddy Leo
Chris Wilson
Marty Key
Jodi Buonnanno

The Cast:
Anthony Atamanuik (Vincent Gallo)
John Gemberling (Neil LaBute)
Jessica Chaffin (Lorraine Bracco)
Billy Eichner (Chubby Checker)
Fred Armisen (Tom Six)
and Introducing Kiesha as Miranda July

The Dream Team:
Alex Scordelis (Writer)
Marianne Ways (Live Show Producer)
Chris Spooner (Tech, Podcast Producer, Graphic Designer)
Jake Fogelnest (Consultant)
Rachel Shukert (Writer)
Jack Fagan (Consultant; Muse)
Kelly Hudson (Video Editor)
Steve Kandell & everyone at Spin Magazine (Sponsors)

Nov 4, 2011 0

On this week’s episode of How Was Your Week?, cult superstar and iconic actor MINK STOLE joins Julie to discuss what she wouldn't do for John Waters, her attitude toward Christmas, and her role in the new LaMama production of the Tennessee Williams play, NOW THE CATS WITH JEWELLED CLAWS. Then, stand-up comic, SNL writer and real piece of work JOHN MULANEY talks about his Jon Lovitz fandom, his theory about ghosts, and his grade school affectations.

Plus! The unavoidable descent of winter darkness! Kris Jenner's neck! Paul Anka yelling! And the deplorable absence of civilities in modern society.

A hilarious and wonderful show.

Oct 28, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the gorgeous firestarter SARAH SILVERMAN talks to Julie about her nude scene in Sarah Polley's new film, Garry Shandling's superb career advice, and how Jewish women's bodies are like the starchy foods we enjoy.

Then, Julie talks to Mike Albo about "The Junket," which is a new Kindle Single he wrote about his experience being fired as a freelancer with the New York Times. Also, Supermarket Sweep is mentioned. You miss that show!

Plus! Anderson Cooper goes to Costco! A dog runs off with somebody's half-face on that show that makes Julie sleepy! Memorializing Chaz Bono on DWTS! And Mario Lopez's Twitter Shame Spiral!

A hard-hitting and terrific show.

Oct 21, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the fabulous MARTHA PLIMPTON chats with Julie over goblet mimosas about theater, the "Miss America moment" at the Emmys that she and Amy Poehler pulled off, and the ageless charm of Lee Majors.

Then, Julie grapples with the too-soon rising star that was Tonya Harding, ponders the end credits sequence from European Vacation, remembers this one counselor from camp who went on Nutrisystem, complains about Zombies, and gets angry that we're not still talking about the Herman Cain Pizza Song.

Plus! Julie recaps last night's first-ever HOW WAS YOUR WEEK LIVE, which went well! Martha talks about this one idiot who interrupted her performance of Hedda Gabler! And we memorialize Gaddafi briefly, only to quickly to move on to the way more important matter of whether or not Cat Stevens ever had "The Yusef Talk" with his children.

A dazzling and fascinating show!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Martha Plimpton
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Oct 14, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, total f'ing rock star AMY POEHLER joins Julie from her trailer on the set of Parks & Recreation to discuss how not to pose on the red carpet, the pressure of getting universally good press, and the gospel of birth order. 

Then, the hilarious RICH FULCHER tells Julie about the DVD of his sketch show, Snuff Box, which is now available for sale in the US of A! Also discussed: his Mama Cass impression, how he lied to his parents about being a lawyer for a long time, and how a Chicago improv comedian became a shining star in the UK. 

Plus! Julie grapples with the new Rosie O'Donnell TV show and reconciles her feelings around the all-black Steel Magnolias remake! Amy reveals her favorite TV show of all time, and talks about whether it's still important to her to be cool, now that she's 40 (hint: it's not as important as it was before)! A plea for more cat photos! And an extended, perhaps unecessarily long riff about leg-waxing.

An epic and fabulous show!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Amy Poehler, Rich Fulcher
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Oct 7, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the fierce, gorgeous, iconic, and straight-up fabulous SANDRA BERNHARD talks to Julie about the audacity of acoustic guitars in synnagogues, hovering helicopters, the influence of "The King of Comedy," and her stint as a honor student at the Charles Ross School of Beauty.

Then, JEFFERY SELF joins us to discuss his encounter and follow-up email with his idol, BRETT BUTLER. It is a memorable and deeply funny story full of birds, cigars, loony turns of phrase, and regret.

Also, Julie speculates about the ghosts that invariably haunt Billy Bush's day-to-day life, discusses why it doesn't matter whether Nancy Grace farted on television the other day, and enjoys a special snack on a plane that was previously served to a famous actress.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Sandra Bernhard, Jeffrey Self
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Sandra Bernhard photo by Lawrence Ferber
Music by Ted Leo

Sep 30, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the wonderful SUSIE ESSMAN talks to Julie about her wardrobe on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," how menopause helped her write her book, and what breeds of dogs she and her fellow "Curb" castmembers would be if they were dogs.

Then, Videogum's GABE DELAHAYE joins Julie with two, count them (COUNT THEM, I SAID!) two lists: one of celebrities whose work he loves, but is certain he would not get along with, and one of celebrities whose work Gabe hates, but with whom he imagines he would make the fastest of friends.

Also, Julie makes an ominous prediction about Nancy Grace's even more intimate anatomy than what she recently exposed on television, lays the seeds for a "Proz-cast" spinoff (a podcast in which only prostitutes are interviewed), and speculates about the different kinds of reptiles that Patti Stanger is made of, in addition to snakes, which we have already established comprise the majority of her body and soul.

A sweet miracle of Rosh Hashanah entertainment!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Susie Essman, Gabe Delahaye
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Sep 23, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, PATTON OSWALT is back (!!) to talk to Julie in depth about the movie SPLASH. Subcategories of that conversation include: Whether the sexism of fucking an illiterate mermaid was subtle or blatant! Which scenes John Candy was drunk during and which he was merely hungover for! And the wonderful, Garry Marshall-ian DVD commentary of Babaloo Mandel's writing partner, Lowell Ganz.

Then, Chicago's finest son DANIEL KIBBLESMITH talks to Julie about his experience of being set up by Patti Stanger on the television show THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER, and how his life has changed since it aired. An honest and super-interesting account of what it's like to be on a reality show and have no control over your fate at all.

Also, Julie explores her Sofia Vergara crush, regrets downloading The Best of the Doors while drunk, and gets touched by The Countess and lives to tell the tale.

Plus: Patton on his new album, FINEST HOUR, and the movie he's shooting with kind-of gay icon, Johnny Knoxville. Daniel isolates the very moment in which Patti Stanger stopped being maternal toward him on the TV shoot. And the return of wishing we weren't giving Charlie Sheen attention, again.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Patton Oswalt, Daniel Kibblesmith
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Sep 16, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, legendary author JACKIE COLLINS talks to Julie about her new book, THE GODDESS OF VENGEANCE, and her opinions on the Entourage finale, firm vs mushy hotel pillows, Jacqueline Susann, and what sort of ethnic person she will likely be reincarnated as.

Then, comedian AMY SCHUMER joins Julie to discuss her gig on the Charlie Sheen Roast, whether there's such a thing as a "Boys' Girl," and the most effective way to hurt the feelings of a lady in comedy.

Also, Julie ponders the REVELATION in Maya Angelou's Wikipedia page about her writing process, collapses under the pressure of all the Real Housewives news from this week, and premieres her fantastic Anna Wintour impression.

Plus: Anderson Cooper's new daytime show: a hit or a miss? Glenn Close as a man: is there anything more redundant? And more ruminations on Trudie Styler, because you asked for those (you didn't).

A fabulous, epic show featuring interviews with two of the most gorgeous women alive today.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Jackie Collins, Amy Schumer
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Sep 9, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, author, actor and proud Negateer DAVID RAKOFF talks to Julie about his book Half-Empty, as well as other important issues such as: which cake is the least Jewish kind of cake, what about the musical RENT made him angry, and how New York has changed in his almost thirty years of living here.

Also, Julie ponders the lessons learned after picking a fight on Twitter about Mario Lopez and circumcision, thinks way too much about Nancy Grace's upper body, and describes the contents of a superb Snack Nest.

Plus: Things people are still telling women that they need! Kelly Ripa's giant head! A celebration of defensive pessimism! And the obscurity of Chester A. Arthur.

A pleasant, funny, and occasionally poignant show that happens to coincide around the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Which we didn't want to make a whole thing about, but is true. So, give somebody you love a hug after you listen to this episode, and buy David's book, because it's wonderful. Thank you.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: David Rakoff
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Sep 2, 2011 0

This episode of How Was Your Week? features Village Voice gossip columnist, author and bon vivant MICHAEL MUSTO, who joins Julie to discuss the MTV Video Music Awards, when Madonna was a C-word to him even back in the day, his love of Suzanne Somers's beautiful poetry, other New Yorkers on bikes, and his new book, "Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back."

Then, Sirius XM radio host and MTV/UCB/ StickAM/SquirtTV Internet superstar JAKE FOGELNEST comes on the show to talk about Sinead O'Connor's twitter, when exactly your "Old Guy interested in Zappa" self kicks in, why Billy Joel is funny, and his most beloved SNL sketches.

Plus: Chaz Bono and Nancy Grace and Margot Kidder and Daryl Hannah! Things you didn't even know were offensive about Sting that you can add to the list of things that are already SO offensive about Sting! The "Bull from NIGHT COURT" puppet! Rocky Horror's plot holes! And why Julie is a little suspicious about the upcoming Charlie Sheen Roast being a big set-up.

A terrific, post-storm COMEDY STORM of podcast gold.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Michael Musto, Jake Fogelnest
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Aug 26, 2011 0

It's a clip show-palooza this week, also known as a "best of" show! The 25th episode of How Was Your Week features all-new content from Julie, who is still recovering from her summer cold, and does not wish to infect new interview subjects with it, because she is a nice and civilized person.

Plus, old favorites and never-before heard footage from some of the best guests on the show so far, including JOAN RIVERS, PATTON OSWALT, HOLLY SCHLESINGER, NEKO CASE, BILLY EICHNER and JAMES URBANIAK! This is a treat for newcomers to How Was Your Week and old-timey HWYW veterans alike. A "Trial and Travel" aisle grab-bag of comedy entertainment.

Also in this episode, Julie discusses Gloria Steinem's joyless tap dancing, Rose MacGowan's arc from cult baby to Boston Terrier owner, how nobody is prepared for the Video Music Awards at all, the difference between certain baboons, and what celebrity she associates with the term "Moon Face."

Plus, Patton Oswalt on the hubris of niche stand-ups! Joan Rivers on the desirability of Martin Mull! Neko Case on masturbating walruses! Billy Eichner on Oprah's arms! James Urbaniak on Alec Guiness's attitude toward Tarot cards! And Holly Schlesinger on French Stewart's break-out role on "Private Practice."

And! Mario Lopez's baby! The premiere episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, uncut! And another Geena Davis-related plea.

Aug 19, 2011 0

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, America's Gentleman, PAUL F. TOMPKINS, discusses with Julie the horrors of the sea, the delights of podcasting, and the suits Steve Buscemi is forced to stand behind on the HBO program, "Boardwalk Empires." 

Also! The delightful and hilarious JAMIE DENBO (Terriers, Ronna & Beverly) brings us an enchanting list of her three favorite musicals, and talks about exactly which scene in "Godspell" will chill you to your meat-bones. This conversation will charm you, whether or not you are willing to be charmed. Beware!

Plus: Julie is high on sizzurps for most of this podcast, because she is sick! And in this state, the following topics are discussed by her: Beverly D'Angelo's haunted house, the Dice-Man's cat, Paste Magazine's preference for Ruth Buzzi over Julie Klausner when it comes to assembling lists, Bruce Vilanch's "blind item" talk, Judith Regan's hair, and not much else that doesn't have to do with celebrities or television, sadly because Julie has not left her apartment in a week due to her being sick, as previously mentioned.

But! This fact should not deter you from listening from this episode at once--and not as charity! It is a bowtie-spinning blockbuster of an hour-and-change of comedy.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Paul F. Tompkins, Jamie Denbo
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

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