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How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner

In which Julie Klausner asks guests how their week was, and also we learn stuff and have fun.
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Sep 5, 2014

On April 7, 2011, JOAN RIVERS was kind enough to appear on episode 5 of this podcast. Here is that interview in full.

In addition to being a small tribute to the enormous legacy of this phenomenal woman, it also features the following exchange: Julie: "What DO dogs know?' Joan: "Oh, the usual crap."

In addition to a remembrance of Joan, this week's podcast also features a story about a candy store in Montauk, a lesson about baths versus showers from Reverend John Waters, a meditation on the rhythm of The Simpsons, some Glenn Hetrick news about his cats and Halloween, a sock-eating Great Dane whose privacy doesn't matter, and extensive rumination about Kevin Spacey's upcoming concert in our nation's capital, which is surely a great idea.

RIP Joan. We miss you already.

Aug 22, 2014

Natasha Lyonne! Natasha Lyonne! Everybody screams for Natasha Lyonne! What a treat, America. NATASHA LYONNE, goddamn movie and television star and wonderful human, is here to chat with us right before the Emmys, kiddos. Enjoy as Natasha explains to us why everything is Hitler's fault, why she hasn't watched OITNB yet in full, how bonobo monkeys are totally passé, the veracity of @UberFacts, whether Diane Keaton could attend an orthodox shul wearing what she usually wears, and that time some girls in sleepaway camp thought she was the devil.

Also- more meditations on disappointment! How you are trapped in the moment when fantastizing just depresses you! The Bourdain-Lite rock 'n' roll anthem that is the HOTEL HELL theme song! What "Soulless" is a synonym for (Unhaunted)! Michelle Williams doing something very weird during CABARET! Ice Water as social media! How the residents of Sweethaven from the film "Popeye" are just big weirdos! And how, if you show your ugly stuff as well as your glittering gold, nobody can "getcha" for being miserable.

Hooray for this show.

Aug 15, 2014

Hi! This week's show is a great show. JOSHUA WOLF SHENK, author of THE POWERS OF TWO, a new book about creative duos, is here to talk to Julie about autonomy and collaboration! And it's truly fucking fascinating, daddy-o. Enjoy this chat about a kind of intimacy that is not in the service of romance, but instead, speaks to ART. This is a good talk that covers the bases of: the balance between being alone and being with others, the myth that ladies are all satisfied with the identity of "the woman behind the man," and the elusive nature of chemistry.

Also, Julie has an article about how we really screwed up by domesticating dogs! When whistling was sexy! Pauley Perrette's horrible Twitter hashtag she created to deal with the passing of Robin Williams! Avocado talk! And a controversial hunch about Koko the Gorilla.

Hallelujah! A great show for you.

Aug 8, 2014

Wonderful news! DAVID REES,host of GOING DEEP WITH DAVID REES, is here to talk to Julie about his awesome new show, and what making it entails, including interviewing grave diggers, dealing with filthy insects, watching a cadaver arm move when triggered, and how planes fly.

Also! Tony Bennett is collaborating with Lady Gaga, and is clearly confused and possibly being exploited, Satsumas and what they are, whether it's persuasive to mention the twin towers when negotiating your rent (it isn't), and exciting news about a woman's COLLEAGUE joining her soon at Pret a Manger!

Enjoy this magic morsel.

Aug 1, 2014

Let's just get right to it: In this week's episode, Julie RANKS FRUIT. Listen to this provocative and controversial ranking of the top 30 fruits in her life and weep! Also, MATT BERMAN is here to talk to us about his new book, JFK Jr., George, & Me. Enjoy the unique POV of Camelot through the eyes of the art director of George Magazine and, in the process, enjoy the chat about: what the 90s were like, how blue Carolyn Bessette's eyes were, the time Barbara Walters AND Barbra Streisand were both difficult cover models if you can believe it, and how once Herb Ritts thought it was funny to stuff a sock in Cindy Crawford's pants.

Plus: Mario Lopez's slippery food slope now that his shoulder has been injured! A serial killer's way with lotion on patients! Nana, from Peter Pan, and how her arc is more important than the casting of its lead! And a man on the street who thought Julie was pregnant and expressed as much.

Also! I can't emphasize this enough: FRUIT WILL BE RANKED IN THIS EPISODE.

Jul 25, 2014

What a show! NATHAN FIELDER, star of "Nathan for You" joins us this week. What a treat! Nathan tells us about how his history of not being able to read people helps him stay in character, why it makes him laugh when people won't say what they're really thinking, and what he and CEO's have in common when it comes to not taking a hint.

Plus! Julie's been watching a ton of bad TV and has a lot to say about NAKED DATING, DEALS FROM THE DARK SIDE, and the dastardly JILL ZARIN EPISODE OF CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP! Plus: why Sherri Shepherd really left THE VIEW. And Pauley Perrette's swollen head.

Enjoy! Hooray!

Jul 18, 2014

Comedy writer and delightful human SCOTT KING joins us this week. Enjoy our discussion of the disadvantages of gay men who grew up without watching DYNASTY on prime time, his serial comedy live show in NYC back in the day starring-ahem-Juliana Margulies, and why everybody should do a goddamn dreamboard.

Also- how to change your ice game! A cookie dough revelation! How much "Weird" Al is too much "Weird" Al? And all hail a chimpanzee named Julie, for fashion reasons.

A great show!

Jul 11, 2014

Happy Ryan "Hot Lips" Houlihan Day! This week's show features TV Critic JAMES PONIEWOZIK, who is here to tell us what to watch this summer.

Also: A street harasser expresses his desire to scratch Julie's summer scalp, an open call for Coen Bros-themed tattoos, Robin Leach's fascinating wife, White Castle and its disgusting food and enigmatic "Hall of Fame," an extensive discussion of Denis Leary's new TV show, how looking back is a thing one does when one is depressed, rejecting the notion of watching a new thing, damnit!

Plus: Welcome back, Rosie O'Donnell's trutherism on The View! CATS: The Musical, now returning to the state with rapping! Why they shoula hired Paul Giamatti for AMERICAN HUSTLE. And Baby Boomers' Terminator vision.

Hey! There are t-shirts for sale now at! That's a bonus thing as well. Enjoy!

Jul 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

This week's episode features a chat with author EMILY GOULD about cats, controversy, and Natalie Merchant!

Then, Julie recaps ALADDIN and encourages you to spread rumors about the hidden swastikas in its set design, explains why FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN is Cannibal Cop's theme song, speculates as to whether Annette Bening came on to her, and mourns the waste of Jenny McCarthy's fake eyeglasses now that she will no longer be on The View.

Salute the Flag!

Jun 27, 2014

Happy Pride!

This week's show is a HIDDEN GEMS medley of delights, featuring never-before-heard tidbit/morsels of chats with MERRILL MARKOE, ANDY KINDLER and BRIAN STACK!

Enjoy those gems, pals! And also, relish some brand new observations about why leather harnesses are the best possible things for society, the luxury of being an aging person over irony who just wants to listen to terrible music, a story about a wonderful insane older gal who screamed things about Bush and Cheney at my show, Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie's insane sex, and why David Bryne's hair just screams to have red wine spilled on it.

Enjoy everything!

Jun 20, 2014

Hola, comrades. This week's show features a talk with comedian and lover of food, MAX SILVESTRI. Max has a new album out called King Piglet, and he's going to be the co-host of a new television show called THE FEED. Enjoy Julie & Max talking about baked goods, Bed & Breakfast murder mysteries, patty melts and Hitler. Actually, I don't think we talk about Hitler at all. My bad!

Also: Thoughts on the new Shep Gordon documentary! The best part of sweet death! (Not promoting live shows) The gross weirdos who click on links that show you what famous babies look like growing up! Roberta at a party! And a lot of thoughts on TAXICAB CONFESSIONS.

Feed my Frankenstein!

Jun 13, 2014

Good morning, Vietnam! This week's show features an interview with comedian and filmmaker JASON NASH, who joins Julie to talk about whether it's harder to want to be in your own stuff, why you probably shouldn't say "black friends," and whether LA is a good or terrible idea.

Also, Julie saw the ALADDIN performance on the Tony's, and it's pretty much all she wants to talk about. That and Hugh Jackman. That and the Carole King musical. And Mickey Mouse. Also, other stuff. You'll love it!

Enjoy this show, pals!

Jun 6, 2014

Guess what? What? Well, good news: TARA ARIANO is the guest on this week's show, and she's terrific. Tara is a television genius and she created and is now behind the mighty Previously.TV. Also, she has a dog who is a Great Dane mix and is "Black and White like a cow." Tara shares with us 5 insane moments from new television shows that have gone down in the past year under our very noses. Also at one point, Julie asks Tara "Take me from the pig-fucking to the suicide." Fantastic!

Plus: The dark truth of what Cookie Monster's sister is like, the Slenderman diet, the only condition in which I would ever buy a ticket to MALEFICIENT, a plea for a Mr. Belvedere-themed correction on, a warning about Paul Williams, and some more rumination on why you shouldn't beat yourself up - now featuring a staircase metaphor!

Meow meow! You're right, kitty! This is a great show.

May 30, 2014


This week's guest is "ASK A CLEAN PERSON" columnist and NYT Best-Selling Author JOLIE KERR! Jolie wrote a book called MY BOYFRIEND BARFED IN MY HANDBAG...AND OTHER THINGS YOU CAN'T ASK MARTHA, but this is a pro-Martha podcast and you don't need to worry about any Martha Stewart bashing. But you SHOULD be worried about being terribly entertained by this conversation about mold, bleach vomit, and other things nobody ever talks about in polite conversation!

Plus! A trip to the Dong Room at the Biennial! Patti Smith's poems and breasts! DiBlasio's pro-weasel policy! And why it's awesome that Deee-lite made RuPaul jealous.

May 23, 2014

Happy Fleet Week! The new episode of HWYW features an interview with the one and only LINDA SIMPSON! Enjoy Linda as she chats with Julie about the 90's drag scene, why drag was considered square for a while, what she wore the first time she did drag, and what RuPaul's style used to be.

Plus! Alec Baldwin's wife and her outrage! Mike Myers and his unfortunate taste in cross-stitchery! A couple of stray Judy Garland factoids! The Normal Heart rubs salt into a wound! And why everybody should leave Hero Cat alone. A fine show! Fine, fine, fine!

May 16, 2014

Ahoy and good salutations!

This week, Mitch Hurwitz joins Julie to discuss the commedia dell'arte influence on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, what Bea Arthur was like, how it's more important to be heard than seen to certain humans, and also there is a lot of joking around and a million tangents.

Plus, Julie celebrates the upfronts, figures out the patriarchal implications of Mothers' Day being a big deal, casts THE MUSIC MAN, eulogizes Barbara Walters, explains what Vietnam was like, and expresses a great deal of sadness over the fact that we will never hear H.R. Giger's beautiful speaking voice again.

May 9, 2014

Hello. This week's show features comedian LIZA DYE, who is a very funny, cool girl who happened to be hit by a motherfucking SUBWAY TRAIN in February. Liza shares what kept her going in intensive care for three months, why she felt the impulse to entertain the passengers on the train before the jaws of life arrived, how much OWN she watched in the hospital, and why people who've been hit by cars are WAY BIGGER DICKS than people who've been hit by trains.

Plus: the Cannibal Cop is making JAIL PIZZA, 90s martyrs Anita Hill and Monica Lewinsky and why we should never stop apologizing to them, Jessica Seinfeld went blonde, and why YouTube makeup "celebrities" need to try harder.

Hey Ho! Let's Go!

May 2, 2014

Hi! Our guest this week SETH ROGEN this week, who is famous and funny and extremely kind. We are happy to host him and talk to Seth about his first staff job on ALI G, whether it was weird in retrospect hanging out with Judd Apatow when he was a teenager, what it's like when his friends forget they met his wife, and why "ordinary dudes in crazy situations" is his and Evan Goldberg's bread and butter.

Also, Julie sincerely wishes you a Happy Carvel Free Cone Day (belated), speculates on what Paul Simon & Edie Brickell were fighting about, wonders out loud why she watched a four-hour long documentary about the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, sniffs her nose at Almost Famous, lauds the Devil, shuts down a straight guy's idea of Hell, and imitates Kevin Kline in "I Love You To Death" for 10 seconds. A wonderful show!

Apr 25, 2014

Ohai folks. This week's show is a cult sensation, but deserves widespread popularity!

Our guest this week is JULIETTE DANIELLE, best known as "Lisa" from the motion picture THE ROOM. Juliette is here to talk to us about what her audition for Tommy Wiseau was like, how she found her church, what she likes about cats, and how she was actually Tommy's third choice for Lisa. What happened to the other two Lisas? Nobody knows and nobody will ever know.

Also, Julie has learned something anagram-related, and it's ABSOLUTELY AWFUL! The best reason to keep an archive! Jimmy and Bernie's forbidden love! And exactly how Aaron Sorkin should apologize for The Newsroom so he makes an impact.

Apr 23, 2014

How Was Your Week presents...a very special Easter-time-ish musical fun Premium thing! Sorry for all the vagueries, we just would prefer Andrew Lloyd You Know Who doesn't sue us.

Enjoy this recording of How Was Your Week Live at The Bell House from 10/30/13 starring:

Ted Leo
Jean Grae
AC Newman
Leslie Kritzer
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
A chorus of professional showbiz children

and JK as your savior.

Photos of the blessed event live here:

Directed by Dickie DiBella
Musical Directed by Jon Spurney.

Hosanna! Enjoy.

Apr 18, 2014

This week's episode features one of our idols, the brilliant BRUCE McCULLOCH. This is a huge deal, because The Kids in the Hall made High School palatable to many weird humans, not excluding your humble pod-hostess.

Enjoy Julie's chat with Bruce about his writing process, what his book will be about, growing up in Calgary with fitness and Deep Purple as the only respites from your shitty family, and how weird it is when random people come up to you when you're famous- not just the cute redheads.

Also! The View on Cyrogenics, Alice Cooper on the Street, a Comedy Awards snub, Sippy the Vape Pen, Jessica Seinfeld's Instagram, and why now is the perfect time to reboot MRS. DOUBTFIRE.

Make this episode last because it's rich and sweet.

Apr 11, 2014
Hello kids! This week we have the the nicest man in comedy, BRIAN STACK. Julie chats with Brian about writing for Conan for 17 years, the dark side of crooners, and the Chicago-produced series, EARLY ADDITION, on which he played a zookeeper.
This episode also marks the triumphant return of Hidey (in song)! Plus, some Wes Anderson rumination and just a skootch of Gaysplaining. RIP Mickey Rooney! You would've hated this episode! 
Apr 4, 2014
Gang! Behind every genius, there's another genius with a vagina. This week's guest is the legendary MERRILL MARKOE, friend to dogs, hilarious novelist and essayist, and the woman who created so many important television comedy things, it's overwhelming. Listen as Julie chats with Merrill about her contributions to the original LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, her new dog Wally, Laugh-In 2, and many more wonderful things you will delight to hearing about from somebody as intelligent as Markoe. Hooray for her! 
Also! Julie went on the HELTER SKELTER death tour while she was still in LA, and she has a very long, extensive story about it. Sorry. A lot of the monologue is just that. But there is also talk about Jim Henson's Creature Challenge on SyFy, Dave Barry's daughter and his desire for her to never be made love to, the latest dumb prop in HOUSE OF CARDS season 2, and how weird it is to get used to not hearing the Doors playing all the time now that Julie is back in NYC. 
Mar 28, 2014

Greetings from the Grave!

This week's show features a talk with the hilarious and inimitable TIFFANY HADDISH. Listen as Tiffany talks about the video she made for Planned Parenthood, how Charles Fleischer changed her life, what plums will eventually be branded as, and what she will say to Arsenio Hall when she wins her Oscar.

Plus: why House of Cards's metaphors are like wearing wrenches for earrings, "sexy librarian" needlepoint patterns and their uncanniness, a story about going to The Magic Castle for the first time, and why Jewish people bring up cemeteries far too quickly whenever the subject of tattoos emerges. Also RIP Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Coldplay. They are happier in the ground.

Mar 21, 2014

Welcome! This week's episode features a long talk about MERYL STREEP! Film critic KARINA LONGWORTH is the author of a new book called MERYL STREEP: Anatomy of an Actor, and together we are going to talk about: What Pauline Kael's problem was with Streep, why, in the late 80s and early 90s, Meryl could not do anything right, what Meryl Streep learned from Jane Fonda and Liza Minnelli, and what role Women's History plays in Streep's oeuvre.

Plus: Kale, and why it should be illegal to massage it! Pie, in general! Matt Lauer's disgusting beard, and how relieved we all are now that it's gone! And the cutting edge duo FX has recently hired to carry over its x-treme brand.

RIP Fred Phelps! You would have hated his week's show.

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