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How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner

In which Julie Klausner asks guests how their week was, and also we learn stuff and have fun.
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Oct 28, 2013

Welcome to our first Premium Extrasode! This wonderful couple of hours or so shines a spotlight on Jeff Guinn's incredible book, MANSON: The Life and Times of Charles Manson. Join Guinn, Julie, Jake Fogelnest and Chris "Spoony" Spooner as we delve into the cultural history of the 1960s and who gets to write it, the context that gave Manson his opportunity, and a lot of stories about Dennis Wilson.

Plus: what our Manson nicknames would be, which (maybe only) part of the book Charles Manson himself probably would have liked, the racism of public transportation, just how bad Manson's music was, the John Waters/Manson connection, and so much more.

Even if you're not a teenager in your "serial Killer phase," I swear, this is essential and fascinating listening. Enjoy it.

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Oct 25, 2013

JULIANNE MOORE! Welcome to the first episode of HWYW that features an interview with an actual goddess. Join us as we chat with legendarily talented and beautiful and cool and sweet and funny and generally just spectacularly awesome actor and human, JULIANNE MOORE, and learn about how she met Paul Thomas Anderson, what her favorite line as Maude Lebowski is, her complicated relationship with birds, and why it's important to admit that you don't eat bread when you don't, and to say hi to other redheads on the street.

Other things happen on the podcast this week, too. We announce the HOW WAS YOUR WEEK APP, for one, and that is something you can buy for yourself if you want access to this Monday's HOW WAS YOUR MANSON extrasode and future premium content. It's super cool and so are you!

Also: Julie painfully recaps the "Stewmaker" episode of THE BLACKLIST, prays to God that she needn't see BAD GRANDPA with a girl, a plea for Halloween costumes at the Oct 30 HWYWLive, and an exciting new way to reach the layer of self-pity and loneliness that is never further than a tiny step away!

Enjoy this wonderful show starring the Queen of The Redhead Hall of Fame.

Oct 18, 2013

Hello! This week's episode of HWYW features CHRIS ELLIOTT and JASON WOLINER, who are here to talk with Julie about the upcoming new season of their television show EAGLEHEART, beard-trimming, the death talk, and The Magic Castle's wonderful brunch.

Also, Julie left her wallet in a cab and has a connection to make between small dogs and little person prostitutes, which is GREAT news. Plus! Why there's never time in a haunted house, the temptation to make a joke off the "Matt and Trey blow their deadline" headline, and the choice every man has to make in his life and which path Alec Baldwin took.

A wonderful show for you to enjoy and celebrate with your loved ones.

Oct 11, 2013

Here it is! One of the best episodes of this thing yet. Writer/DIrector NICOLE HOLOFCENER joins Julie to talk about ENOUGH SAID, James Gandolfini's first day on set, the perfection of MODERN ROMANCE, her oldest friend, watching the dailies of HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, and meeting Catherine Keener at the gym.

A plea for people to feed their dogs Cheerios on film, some observations about cartoon characters and their fuckability, "Stand By Your Man" and its terrible messages, and Julie presents a very special version of the end of "Layla" with her very own Lyrics. Don't miss it!

This show is everything.

Oct 4, 2013

Hello. This week's show features an upbeat and fun interview with former LETTERMAN writer TOM RUPRECHT. Tom has written a fake oral biography of J.D. Salinger and he joins us to discuss that as well as Eric Clapton's various cocaine and non-cocaine related misdeeds, and how not to endear oneself to David Letterman.

Also, Julie is in Los Angeles eating chocolate chip pancakes in the middle of the night after not selling a show to network television! Britney Spears is under the impression that straight guys are watching her mean new video! And a magical fable about a cat named Ron.

Plus: Carrie Keagan's revelatory dating life, why it's okay to be mad at Homeland, an addendum to the "Threeway" vow, and a gross story about a bloody shoe.

Sep 27, 2013

This week's episode of HWYW delves deep into the science of animal behavior, and it should awe and inspire. DR. IRENE PEPPERBERG, author of Alex & Me and the subject of EMILY WICK's new documentary, Life With Alex, joins us to chat about her late, great colleague, Alex the African Grey Parrot. Dr. Pepperberg has more wisdom to impart about animal intelligence than any past guest (SORRY ANDY KINDLER!) and we were thrilled to talk to her about the obstacles she faced starting out as a female scientist in the late 1960s, how Alex the Parrot would be a dick when Dr. Pepperberg went away on vacation, and how the parrot's language center in its brain rivals that of the chimpanzee's.

Plus: a plea to update so it sets apart Chris Spooner from Dee Dee Ramone, some ideas about Melissa Leo's unique Emmy outfit, how a perm can change a life, and what specific incarnation of Jesus Christ Jimmy Jazz the cat would be, if he were that particular messiah.

Sep 20, 2013

Hello, Hello! This week's episode of HWYW features IN THE HEIGHTS star and creator LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA, who joins us to discuss the process of writing the opening musical number from this year's Tony Awards with Neil Patrick Harris, whether Eminem or Sondheim is gayer, and how Antonio Banderas interpreted the Phantom of the Opera vocally.

Also: ruminations about the changing seasons, an unusual way to unwind after this week's episode of BREAKING BAD, things we didn't ask Julie Chen about her face full of secrets, and the thing that guy who designs food animals for CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 tells his friends.

A good show. A FINE show.

Sep 13, 2013



Anyway, hi. This week, there's a lot to say. First, we welcome guest and friend THERESE MAHLER, host of THE THERESE SHOW on WFMU. Therese is here to talk to us about her time at Action Park, an infamously dangerous amusement park in New Jersey, at which she worked as an employee for many summers. There are wonderful stories here, because countless Action Park visitors were injured or died.

Also, THE CITIBIKE PHOTO IS HERE. Yes! Because you tipped us cash money, we made good on our promise to get Julie on a Citi Bike with one brawer strap showing, and boy is this photographic evidence glamorous.

Plus! A summary of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, what to do when Julie starts talking about the "sexy versus beautiful" thing, whether or not one is as racist as Charles Manson if one doesn't demonizes Michael Bloomberg, and why Meryl Streep is beautiful.


Sep 6, 2013

Well, here we are. A new Jewish year and what have we learned? Well, we're about to learn a lot about Barbra Streisand. She, and her bizarre fake basement shopping mall, are the subject of the fantastic play BUYER AND CELLAR, and its playwright JONATHAN TOLINS and its star MICHAEL URIE are our guests for this week's show.

Therefore! This week's show features an examination of: whether or not Barbra truly likes to eat; why it was a blessing that The New Yorker rejected Tollins's idea as an essay originally; what James Brolin must really be like based on the time he tore an ad out of a magazine that one time; how Barbra would sound on the phone if she were applying for a job at Souplantation, and so, so much more.

Furthermore: enjoy the following things, also, which are discussed in cartoonish abundance. The preference of being happy over being healthy! The weird nature-objects that comprise a Sukkos celebration! A lot of talk about Charles Manson and how shitty the '60s must have been if you were black or female! And a major guilt trip concerning the upcoming release of the Citibike photos.

A legendary show studded with Divadom.

Aug 30, 2013

GRUMPY CAT MET LIL' BUB AND EVERYTHING IS MADE OUT OF CHAOS! Hi there. This week's show was recorded in Minneapolis, site of the Internet Cat Video Film Festival and also the State Fair. The good news? Julie has "takes" on both!

The one and only guest on the new HWYW is BEAU WILLIMON, the creator and writer of the Netflix version of HOUSE OF CARDS. He is wonderful, and you will agree. Listen to him tell us about his intentions going into the adaptation of the show, how that Howard Dean scream exploded during pre-meme times, which of Kevin Spacey's to-camera asides ended up on the cutting room floor, and how little he and David Fincher care about unlikeability. We also learn that Beau has a cat named Norbert.

Also: some tantalizing details about the CITIBIKE PHOTO SHOOT, breathing, breaking up and being bad at both, some pressing questions about THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, the time #JoshJazz and I killed a moth together, a call for the violent murder of the think piece, and some confusion around Beetlejuice's sales pitch.

A good show. An IMPORTANT show.

Aug 23, 2013

Cronuts! That's the leading story of this week's podcast. Cronuts are disgusting, and Julie tried one and got sick. But enough about her garbage body! This week, we welcome WFMU DJ and delightful human GAYLORD FIELDS, who talks to us about the difference between a writer and a person who writes, the time a silly woman assumed he was a jazz fan because of the color of his skin, what kind of people used to go to the Mudd Club, and how The Macarena affected him and America.

Also--a fun cable guy told us the premise of SUITS, which we forgot right away! An appreciation of HOUSE OF CARDS starring Robin Wright and a skeptical glance toward the rise of Al Jazeera America! And Hollywood is making the male Laverne and Shirley, thank merciful Christ.

A wonderful late-summer show for your ears and your earbuds!

Aug 16, 2013

Hi! This week's show starts with a lot of food shame and then there are other things that are covered. Such as! Twin brothers RANDY AND JASON SKLAR join us to discuss their enemies, who are also identical twins; growing up watching Seinfeld, Mel Brooks and the Zucker brothers and how that influenced their comedy, and why they never delegated one of themselves as "The Straight Man."

Also, enjoy a longer-than-usual monologue that spans the topics of:

-Why LOVELACE was horrible

-How there is no such thing about too much dog-talk

-What happens when Julianne Moore retweets you

-Whether the Today Show got a new social media person

-Why Michael Pollan can go suck on eggs

-That time Julie made a dubious sexual choice during the NYC blackout of 2003

And many more things!

Enjoy this week's show, please. Do me a favor.

Aug 9, 2013

Hi guys. This week's episode of #HWYW is very heady and there is also a lot of talk about dogs.

We have one and only one guest, and her name is Tami Sagher, and she is terrific. Tami and Julie talk about Tami's dogs and the time she did stand-up with one, being a math major and how that made her a Second City superstar one time, and why Reagan ruined everything.

Then, Julie waxes poetic about whether folksy is the new whimsy, that time we let Scarlett Johanssen do whatever she wanted, why HuffPo columnists start with a faulty premise, and how sandwich cookies affect the writer body.

Plus: Cheers to the Colbert content from this week and jeers to its Mumford and Sons video! The sadness of realizing you want to be an outdated fictional character from another time! And the rejected tagline from LOVELACE. Plus, a lot more! It's a long monologue this week.

Aug 2, 2013

Ahoy! This week's episode of HWYW features one guest because that's all we need! DANNY ZUKER is here to discuss writing for Arsenio Hall, wearing Burt Reynolds's actual shoes, dealing with his cocaine problem during his stint on JUST SHOOT ME, Twitter-feuding with Donald Trump, and, thank Christ, debunks the legendary "Who Jackie?" story/myth.

Also: An exciting encounter with Gloria Steinem! A harrowing tale about a broken curling iron! An insight into Jim Steinman's probable writing process! And a horrible thing we all now know about Brett Butler.

Plus: Much more stuff! A great show for you.

Jul 26, 2013

Hello! This week's show couldn't be more delicious.

First, the delightful HALLE KIEFER is here to discuss growing up on a farm, the miseducation of youngsters who think they can become pregnant from silly things, and the difference between funny and fun.

Then, chef, author, restauranteur and goddamn wonderful human being PICHET ONG joins Julie to talk about what white sugar does, which actress a chocolate chip cookie would be, what his last meal would be, and why he watched GREEN CARD on Hulu the other night.

Plus: When The Today Show became Rocky & Bullwinkle, the time Dane Cook needed diarrhea medicine, the possible ulterior motive behind ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, the horrors of Zog Sports, and a reprise of the We Are All Monica Lewinsky sermon.

Enjoy this wonderful summer show!

Jul 19, 2013

Hot enough for you? Haha! This week's podcast features one of God's Earth's funniest comedians, BRENT WEINBACH, who joins Julie to discuss how he got the lead actor in his comedy video, ULTIMATE DRUMMING TECHNIQUE, to keep an erection, how urban youths taught him the phrase "You doin' too much," and more. Then, they sample candy together.

Also, GABE DURHAM, the author of FUN CAMP: A Novel in Shorts, joins us to read from his new book. It is a great book and it takes place in a week-long sort of Christian-y kind of summer camp. I know that's not a great description, but the book is really truly great and you should purchase it for your brain and eyes.

Plus: Why people who grow up in different countries are fundamentally unloveable, the elusive phenomenon of a child-like imagination, how dumb it is to be surprised by a women's prison show with hot lezzie action, the overwhelming Paul Rudnickiness of The Stepford Wives remake, and why it is unacceptable to ever use the search bar on a porn site. Oh, and--PLATYPUSSES! And why they are funny.

Jul 12, 2013

Hi Guys!!!!!! This week's HWYW features a musical legend playing his purty songs in my kitchen, and a lot of other fun stuff as well.

First and foremost, FREEDY JOHNSTON is here to play a few songs and tell us some stories within petting distance of Jimmy Jazz. Enjoy Freedy's beautiful renditions of BAD REPUTATION, THE MORTICIAN'S DAUGHTER, SEVENTIES GIRL, and his cover of THE LOOK OF LOVE, plus a haunting version of the first song he ever wrote--SPARKY THE HEROIC DOG.

Also, after watching THE SOURCE FAMILY documentary, Julie throws her hat in the ring to become the first-ever female cult leader, and sets the criteria for what will be expected from her followers.

Plus: why WICHITA LINEMAN is such a haunting song (it's UNFINISHED!), how those post-feminist vibrator parties actually make us feel, the quandry of porn, the sensitivity of The Long Island Princesses when it comes to 9/11 heroes, and what it must be like to be Robin Thicke.

A wonderful and very special show for you to enjoy! Viva la Freedy!

Jul 5, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday, America! This week's HWYW is a family affair for sure, and not just because MRS. SPOONY IS IN THE FAMILY WAY!!

Join us as we meet friends of the show and join hands with our lifelong relatives.
First of all, MARRILEE WILSON, the pioneer of an email meme and so much more, is here to tell us how she came to reach out with the subject header "Greetings from a Black Woman in Halifax, Nova Scotia," and who she is, exactly. This is a fabulous story from a wonderful woman! And what a nice opportunity to get to know a character from our universe as a human being. She is a gem!

Then, HWYW patriarch and dog-loving rock star TED LEO joins Julie to interview dog trainer and TV personality ANDREA ARDEN, who used to be on the world's best show, UNDERDOG TO WONDERDOG. Together, Julie and Ted get to the bottom of what it's like to spend one day a week hanging out with puppies, what it says about you if you have a cocker spaniel, why huskies are hard to train, and what the deal is with horse people.

Plus: Australians and MDMA and how they impacted this year's Pride, how Tim Minchin's godlessness made MATILDA perfect, what kind of dog Garrison Keillor would be, how overwhelming Julianne Moore is and how a Twitter birthday greeting from her can shake you to your core, Pepa's inevitable prowess in the sack, and the pull of the slightly unfamiliar as it compares to the terror of change.

What a show!

Jun 28, 2013

God Bless America! This week's episode of HWYW is bursting with PRIDE.

GILLIAN JACOBS is here to discuss what precisely Alexander Technique is, her no-good neighbors, the challenges of studying acting around photos of Patti LuPone in THE BAKER'S WIFE, and her and her mom's contrasting vacation styles.

Then, LOUIS VIRTEL joins Julie to emphatically discuss the Sandy Dennis versus Sandy Duncan situation, what color a wheat thin is, how John Mayer is our generation's Adam Huritz, and whether Alice Walker and Tracy Chapman dated.

Also: how Wendy Davis's hair is like a Nine Inch Nails single, the coolest way to commit suicide, why this one Black Crowes song we once found acceptable is actually completely dumb, the peril of not knowing when to eat spaghetti when you are unemployed, and what is "a bit much" to hear in your OB-GYN's office.

Happy Pride Show! And Independence Day show too!

Jun 21, 2013

This week's episode of HWYW features two lovely ladies who like cats a lot. KAT DENNINGS is here to lend her charm, vim, smarts, wit and general all-over appeal to the proceedings! Join the fabulous Kat as she tells Julie about the disturbing art in her mom's foyer, getting the Norovirus in France, what it's like to own a haunted piano, why her boyfriend calls her "Richard Lewis," and how THIS VERY PODCAST kept her company overseas!

Also, CHIARA ATIK is here to explain what dating is! She writes about dating for and wrote a book, and she shares with us a story about a horror date at Starbucks, a definition of the term taco-crawl, a theory about why celebrities enjoy going to SLEEP NO MORE, and whether you should text, call or email the person you're sleeping with when various circumstances arise.

Plus: A premature eulogy for the Nicholson of the TV age, an out-loud musing about whether I should excercise more, a strong judgment against adventure in general, some pre-Newsroom Season 2 man-ticipation, and an introduction to a new character named Kathy. She dates online!

Enjoy this episode.

Jun 14, 2013

How do you do? This week's episode of HOW WAS YOUR WEEK features HARRIS WITTELS, a funny person you enjoy from his work on Parks & Recreation and on his Phish-themed Earwolf podcast. Harris and Julie have a good time meeting each other for the first time in person and talking about drugs and why Harris does them and how, masturbating at a slumber party with friends in a room, and the folly of rivalry with a man who is basically your comedy brother.

Then, author BENJAMIN NUGENT joins us to talk about his fascinating non-fiction book, AMERICAN NERD, and his new novel, GOOD KIDS. This is an interesting conversation, I swear! Topics covered include: the time people in Wiliamsburg thought it was a good idea to snort VCR head cleaner, the subconscious racism of our perception of nerds in this country, the history of the Boy Scouts, and whether it's a better goal to think more about the parent you do not necessarily identify with.

Also! Some strong feelings about Neil LaBute, some Tony Award fashion observations, a celebration of Panera Bread's cookies, concern and appreciation for Millennial sex attitudes, a command concerning women and eyeliner in the summer months, and a bold taking of sides in the Franzen versus Cats debacle. Hooray, hooray, a podcast for you today!

Jun 7, 2013

Ahoy! This week's episode of HWYW features two lovely lady guests and their lady lumps.

First, Twitter sensation and very funny comedian SHELBY FERO is here to talk to Julie about being 19, growing up with the Internet, emulating Mike Birbiglia, and whether or not her Grandpa is gay.

Then, cabaret superstar BRIDGET EVERETT joins us to talk about what her mom calls breasts, the time Richard Simmons came to her work, how French swimmers are in bed, and what position she plays on her softball team.

Plus--a visceral reaction to hearing about the "Red Weddings" episode of "Games of Thrones"! What we now think about when we think about Michael Douglas! The inevitable consequences of being Sting's daughter! And a silly scene from the Kardashian show, recapped for your pleasure.

A summery sensation of a show for you! Enjoy it

May 31, 2013

Hot enough for you? Haha! Hello. This week's episode of HWYW is a "Hidden Secrets/Lost Footage/Outtakes/Clip Show/'Best of'/Gems" episode! Which means it contains the trimmin's from some of your favorite interviews, as well as some of your favorite things from the past! There is also a new monologue, so you needn't worry whether THE LIBERACE MOVIE IS WEIGHED IN ON.

Therefore enjoy....

-DANIELLE HENDERSON, who has positive things to share about making your own clothing from scratch!
-JON RONSON, who tells us about visiting Stanley Kubrick's home for the first time!
-EMILY HELLER & LISA HANAWALT, who have prison pen pal and pet bird stories, respectively!
-RACHEL LICHTMAN, who shares with Julie their mutual desire to be pals with Shelley Duvall!
-and TOM SCHARPLING, who has pearls of wisdom to dispense about the Winter Doldrums, and how they relate to business and diet books!

Also in this episode, Julie discusses how BEHIND THE CANDELABRA has changed her, issues an ultimatum to female millennials who sleep in the same bed with their besties, expresses an attitude of gratitude toward the new ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT episodes, and a late-in-the-episode acknowledgement of James Lipton's gross old job.

A fun episode for fans of the show both new and old!

May 24, 2013

Welcome! This week's episode of HWYW features an interview with EMILY BAZELON, the author of STICKS AND STONES: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy. Enjoy Emily's brain as she engages with Julie on the topics of growing up with the internet, commenter culture, what Facebook could be doing to protect kids, and how empathy is taught in schools.

Then, comedienne ABBI CRUTCHFIELD joins Julie to tell her about the Pink Collar Comedy Tour, what it was like modeling for a socialite in her community when she was a teen, coming to comedy from a place of wanting to make people happy, and what her mom texts her.

Also! Julie is IN LOS ANGELES AND FEELS FAT! Quit talking about Oklahoma, CNN! This is the REAL tragic breaking news. Boi-yoi-yoi-yoing. In all seriousness, please give in hefty amounts to the Red Cross.

Plus: a confession about Daft Punk and not knowing what they are, a harrowing experience in the Glendale Galleria, Julie's hunch about Joe Francis's literary inclinations, reminiscin'' about dishwashing liquid, and some serious concerns about Gary Sinise's memorial day and whether we can help make it his best one ever.

What a show!

May 17, 2013

Holy Crap! DAVID SEDARIS is on this episode!!!!!!!

Oh, hello. Sorry. I just got right into it, didn't I. Anyway. This episode of How Was Your Week is so exciting, none of us can handle it.

As mentioned, DAVID SEDARIS is on the show to discuss his new book LET'S EXPLORE DIABETES WITH OWLS, and to surprise Julie with the revelation that HE has questions for HER! That's right! David Sedaris is a fan of this very podcast! I know. I know. So, once that fact is dealt or not dealt with, David and Julie have lots to talk about. Eating steak during signings, renting cats with poopy butts, reading books about pederasty, writing about doing it, and having the good fortune to be friends with David Rakoff.

Also: Julie counts down to the Liberace movie, contemplates the new crop of network shows, briefly mourns Dr. Joyce Brothers, explains the source of her recent panic attack, speculates about Al Pacino's headspace, and directs young men who wish to be sexy toward Don Draper's hotel room shenanigans.


Enjoy this.

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