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How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner

In which Julie Klausner asks guests how their week was, and also we learn stuff and have fun.
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Jun 14, 2018
"BUY YOURSELF A HIGHLIGHT MAGAZINE!" – Goofus, Gallant, and Jubees
This week Julie has a certain anti-vaxx goth lady to roast – and how! On a similar note, where are all the smart people? Why cannot we keep them around?
There's also some horrible pedophiles, Jerry Springer's money pile, and some thoughts on why the Tonys should be on PBS.
As a final note: Bake cakes for gay people you fucking losers. Enjoy episode 224!
May 25, 2018
This week we discuss having Shabbat dinner at a Wendy's DRILLLLLLL! get a few goth updates DRILLLLLLL! debate home births on Instagram DRILLLLLLL! and see a Branson Beauty. DRILLLLLLL!
Finally, we stop in with a lovesick pal and discover just how he learned to dance and if you can watch him now.
May 14, 2018
Well Jubees has some breaking news for you regarding a several goths (including the world's oldest), DJ Khaled's inability to freestyle a taco, and the dark twisted history of Goofus and Gallant.
Will we have time for a line reading from Marisa Tomei? You bet your ass we will. There is also a very sexy poem about a very good boy. Please, enjoy episode 222 and recycle it to your friends.
May 4, 2018
Pick up your phone, a beautiful redhead has THINGS TO SAY.
First we need to talk about dangerous nonsense like 90s gender dynamics, Jilly Juice, Charles Manson, and the musical Frozen.
Then we're going through Cool Dog Gear, the Murphy Brown reboot, and an excellent idea I had at my doctor's office.
Don't worry, there will be time for Garry Shandling sex dreams!!!
Apr 19, 2018
Stop pulling that antenna off that car and get over here, there's a new How Was Your Week! Julie is fresh from glamorous LA where she had been seen hobnobbing with Ted, the dirty teddy bear, and every single Minion. Don't worry there's also some very stupid dogs, Jesus, and Rojo Caliente. See you in the recording studio for Over the Hedge!
Mar 6, 2018
Ooohhh, I love the pods and the pods love me!
Hello to you and welcome to this week's discussion of Oscar films, lead paint, and Victor Mature.
There is also a bit of sex, a dab of polka, and some musings on the personalities of hounds and their owners.
You're the pudding mix in my salad, Twisty!
Feb 24, 2018
Hello my little horse chestnuts, 'tis I, the queens of whole foods (not the store).
This week we have an emotional journey through a dog's magnificent and necessary birthday party, my potential allergies, Anthony Weiner, and a cake that aspires to be more famous than Rihanna.
Slide into this baby like a bare foot into an Ugg boot!
Feb 14, 2018
Is that a death mask you're wearing or did you just get some micro-blading done? Either way, it looks scabby!
Miss Julie has returned to you and boy does she has some piping hot takes on Valentine's Day, human torture, and RuPaul's Drag Race! Does she have one on Star Wars? Yes, the old one because of Carrie Fisher and no other one.
There is also a very busy mouse you're going to have to deal with and that's just the way it is, pal.
Sep 12, 2017
Guess who it is! A globetrotting Jubee with tales of dudes and foods. Only one of those was worth the airfare to Yurope, can you guess which?
Plus: We dissect the plot of Rosemary’s Baby... also full of disappointing men!
It’s okay, Jimmy learned some new opera skillz – which is the main thing. Stick around for episode 216 and watch Difficult People on Hulu, ya dopes!
Jul 24, 2017
This week, while other cats want to fly, fold, and make bouquets, Jimmy wants to brandish his knife.
Meanwhile, we discuss David Lynch, German hotel managers, the goyim, and the 7 deadly sins (such as bird dancing, water parks, and chewing gum).
You are not dying. Watch Watch Difficult People season 3!
Aug 1, 2016
Gather round and hear the tale (or should we say TAIL) of Julie's recent emotional reckoning with the musical Cats (and also real cats)!
Then we'll deal with the cavalcade of stars at the DNC, this Pikachu character, and Margot Robbie – who is NOT basic anymore, as the posters for her new movie are aggressively telling us.
Can you wear a white suit if you're not Steve Martin in the 70's? You'll find out in episode 214.
Jul 25, 2016

Well, we've got what you've been waiting for: JULIE DISSECTS THE 1990 EROTIC DRAMA WHITE PALACE!

Also, Brian De Palma has some thoughts! What are you waiting for, a split screen?

Cher's the best, but episode 213 is pretty great too!

More desserts? I'll pray for you.

Jun 21, 2016
Hello there, How-Was-Your-Weeklies! Guess who's back? It's your pal Julie reporting live from the streets of New York Cit-ay.
Here's some things we need to discuss: Daddy issues, The OJ Simpson doc, The Tony's, and the patriotism of jury duty.
Are you a bodega cat? We love your work. Are you a bodega cat owner? Doubly so.
Also: Be sure to take notes on everything that is clarified in part one before part two, it is crucial information.
May 29, 2016
Julie found an Israel that isn't controversial, AT ALL!!!
In other news: Her neighbor is weirded out, she saw some amazing docs about an assortments of great characters (and Jeremy Scott is NOT one of them).
We find the exact recipe for a raising a good comedian, so be careful with that.
Julie also has some thoughts about which podcasts are good... keeping in mind this one is the best.
Why is there a glove? If you're a politician, you're about to find out!
May 14, 2016
Hey there, podcast loyalists! Julie saw the American Psycho musical (almost) 4 times, so you know what that means...
After a discussion of how it was great/why you shouldn't slice up ladies, we've got some thoughts on who understood the theme of the Met Gala. Double the carnage!
Are you a cartoon? Yes. Do you know how to correctly eat your hat? Probably not.
Look out Wendi & Jerry! It's Michael Stipe's beard AND IT'S GOT ZIKA!
A special note before we close out for the week: The world lost a very special person recently – and in her honor we're re-releasing an extended cut of Julie's interview with Michelle McNamara from 2011. Her genius is missed, but never forgotten.
Nov 6, 2015
Hello fellow podcast lovers, this week we discuss the 666 continuing reasons that P***** P******* is a scourge on this earth.
THEN! We'll breakdown American Horror Story and the equally terrifying and humorous fleece at REI.
Donna Karan has some thoughts about 9/11 and body suits, if you can handle it.
All of this and we've all lost 40lbs. Unless that invokes the patriarchy or something TAWDRY.
Don't be your own Eugene Landy!
Oct 17, 2015

Hello pals! James, are you reading this? How does it feel to be a garbage monster from theater hell, James?

Anyway there’s HamilTONS to discuss before it’s time for the annual “Oh, American Horror Story is a big expensive mess.”

The hits just keep on coming, as we discuss a date I went on with a man who skipped the flowers in lieu of a bouquet of opinions on women and comedy.

Then there’s some documentaries and cocaine we need to plow through before we bring it on home.

Spooky boo! 

Sep 4, 2015

A much less beloved jew may or may not be living in my building! GAAAAH!


Anyway this week we talk about my blood sugar, defensive writers, cats, Cats: The Musical, Tim Burton, and other pressing topics.


There is also Difficult People commentary for episodes 5 and 6 with none other than Scott King!


Faeries and cogs for each of you. Gadzooks!

Aug 21, 2015

Shelley Winters! Fudge! Ben Harper!

This week The Fat Jewish steals my bit about not being able to pronounce “Cathy Guisewite."

We then discuss two very well documented sets of debates: The Gore Vidal/William F. Buckley Jr. debates of ’68 AND The first Real Housewives of New York reunion episode.

All this and two episodes of Difficult People commentary with Scott King? YUP.

Aug 8, 2015
Are you a DJ listening to this podcast at your local HEROIN MCDONALD’S? One can only hope.
This week we explore the delicacy of eggs, the lack of a limit on sensitivity, and you get commentary on TWO episodes of DIFFICULT PEOPLE.
A tip of the bangs to the fine people (and geese) at Planned Parenthood!
Jul 17, 2015

This week we have a post-birthday discussion of GRACE & FRANKIE & SKINNY COWS!

In other news, Billy Joel took a new virgin sacrifice for his very own use. Mazel Tov!

Hey, do you watch Celebrity Family Feud? You do now.

And finally.. do cats like the saxophone? "Not really."

Ariana Grande hates America!

Jul 3, 2015


Today we discover the FLAVOR of loneliness!

We also discuss the importance of Larry Kramer and other things on HBO GO, most of which are terrifying to all humans.

Happy birthday, me!

Jun 19, 2015

This week we sit with my baby Jimmy Jazz (or "Jerry") as he recovers from a big visit to the dentist. Don't worry, he's HIGH AS A KITE.

We also discuss the inner "we" and visit the world's least intuitive clairvoyant for a SPELL.

Our guest this week is the fabulous and fantastic Robin Lord Taylor from GOTHAM. Arms and legs inside the car at all times, kids!

May 29, 2015

This week your old pal Julie is grappling with the super relatable problems of a person with their own TV SHOW!

Can a person get a service dog to help manage their social anxiety?

There is also some musings on spa culture and the psychological cost of dieting.

Come with me ladies, it's time for lunch. Bring your hat!

May 22, 2015

We made it to show number 200! Hurray!

This week we said goodbye to Letterman. Not Hurray! We also said goodbye to Mad Men! Eh.

We’ll talk to Chris “Spoony” Spooner about our thought crimes about Thought Crimes (the Cannibal Cop movie) and Thomas Middleditch about his show Silicon Valley.

So get on your Robin Wright sleepwear and pack the cucumber water for episode 200!

Apr 24, 2015

This week we discuss the upcoming unveiling of DIFFICULT PEOPLE and exactly how Krave cereal fits into that.

We also cement our collective hatred of Frank Sinatra and his lazy brand of terrible humanity.

On a similar note, we touch on the Cannibal Cop's current goings on and Phyllis Schlafly, both of whom are terrifying.

Hurray for Pig! (Rihanna's animated cat, not the other kind.)

Apr 10, 2015

This week we tear through piss culture, pig culture, and piss-pig culture through FX’s THE COMEDIANS. Then Julie is attacked over some tweets about all-around-bad-president Ronald Reagan by TWITCHY conservatives.

Marvin Hamlisch is an American Master who was a real HAM and whose friends also describe him through food. Also, Penn Jillette's on a tricycle-starvation diet and it’s just is bad for science.

Congratulations on your Mark Twain Award, Eddie Murphy.

Apr 3, 2015

Hallelujah! She has risen!

We're back AGAIN! Your ol' pal Julie & Co., here to celebrate Zabar's and mourn all fallen Fashion Police officers.

Guilana Rancic kicks off spring cleaning by revealing all her victimhoods and my bulding keeps it going by bidding farewell to my old idiot neighbor and his racist dog and stupid classic rock band.

Next we touch on the excess of comedy journalism and how embarrassing HOBBIES truly are. All in all a great week! A good Friday to you, indeed!

Mar 27, 2015
It's 2015 now! Time flies when you're on hiatus making a TV SHOW! This week we're playing catch up on all the events that have transpired since we last spoke. There is so much.
Robert Durst's star has risen.  Into the Woods gave us musical splendor and Lady Gaga cleared her throat. We also clarify the single exciting and new thing about Going Clear and the important distinction in scale between Kat Von D and a California forest fire.
Then some questions from you people! The listen-airs! Don't call it a comeback, call it The Comeback.
Dec 27, 2014

Happy Jew Year! We’re back with an episode starring JOHN SAFRAN, whose book God’ll Cut You Down is a True Crime blockbuster, and an official selection of the HWYW Book club!

Also-tales of a very big blender, a review of the ANNIE REMAKE, Julianne Moore’s Christmas Party and why she will win an Oscar, and why you should never take a break.

Nov 28, 2014

Gobble gobble! This week's guest is our pal JODI LENNON! Enjoy as two old pals catch up about everything under the sun.

Plus: why Julie has been a little MIA, when do be worried about Cher, Mazel Tov to Star and Chuckles Manson, giving up on the RHOBH and a lot about Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Happy Black Metal Friday! Hail satan.

Nov 14, 2014

AMAZING NEWS! Our pal KATIE NOTOPOLOUS is back! Katie, newly-initiated member of The Guest Hall Of Fame, is here to explain GamerGate, be over Bronies, and talk about the time she made the adult baby community angry at her.

Plus, Julie has a revelation about Ryan Murphy and his indecisiveness, Jamie Jazz is on strike!,people who were very angry about Julie’s stupid “Mail Chimp” joke and how it was apparently xenophobic, Kim Kardashian’s disproportionately tiny little mossy swamp mound, and the nostalgic horrors of The Wiz. Plus: Nazi Porn curiosity and why it’s not ladylike to use a porn site’s search engine! And HOW TO HIDE UNDER A BOWL! 

Nov 7, 2014
Hi! This week’s guest is SADIE STEIN, who is here to talk to us about how fucked up it is that dolls can’t get decent medical care in Manhattan anymore, the plot of ANNABELLE, amazing things she has overheard on the street from weirdos, and a CRUCIAL story about an older man who finally got to live his dream. And it’s not a common dream, but it’s something everybody needs to hear and think about. 
Also! Julie has seen BODY DOUBLE and she’s very upset, and don’t even get her started about THE TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE! Plus: What a talk show hosted by Twisty the Clown would sound like, how Brett Ratner directed actors in his cult movie, HANNIBAL, this new cereal podcast everyone is yammering about, introducing Jamie Jazz, and the last of Spoony’s Bored-walk Empirezzzzzzz recaps! 
A fine show! 
Oct 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! This week's spookily fabulous guest is CAITLIN MORAN, who joins us to discuss her new book HOW TO BUILD A GIRL as well as: how many miles of foreskin she's likely witnessed in her years on the planet, her start in the music journalism world, Robbie Coltrane's doability, and how Jimmy Jazz is "eligible".... plus FEMINISM / REVOLUTION STUFF like: why rape needs to be REBRANDED as a penetrative attack, how women need to be able to start their days without thinking of themselves as a problem, what her kids say when they fall down, how culture can do what politics can't in terms of affecting change, and how the makeover scene in her book is different and better than what we are all used to.

Oh- also, Caitlin and Julie are very glad that Margaret Thatcher is dead.

Plus! Alice Cooper and his wonderful concert, the chief demo of this show and why it’s important for them to know that I’m on new meds, Meep/Taylor Swift saturation, the shade thrown at box springs, Chelsea Handler’s great ideas about sexism as it pertains to her own bare breasts, and the winner of the Halloween Costume Contest that we didn't even know was a contest until a genius woman sent in a photo of her dog dressed up as Ann Rule.

Oct 24, 2014

Hi! This week's show grapples with that irritating commercial for Special K that replaces women's sizes with patronizing adjectives, talks about why Renee Zellweger's face is actually important to discuss, tries to deal with how stupid American Horror Story is, reviews dog costumes and makes Redhead Hall of Fame inductee, the "It's a Fact" girl from KITH, a bona fide countess.

Plus- LOUIS PEITZMAN is here, and we are going to talk about the internet, gay stuff, growing up in California, and why it's very important to have a gay male shrink when you're a gay male going to a shrink, damn it!

Hare Krishna, Hare Hare.

Oct 17, 2014

This week's show featuring a delightful chat with the hilarious COLE ESCOLA! Enjoy as Julie & Cole discuss the tension the two of them got past due to them both being Bossy Bottoms, the different kind of moms represented on commercials these days, the origin of one of Cole's characters, Lorraine, and what she has to do with one of the daughters of an author being interviewed on NPR, and what Patti LuPone said to him while getting out of an elevator one time.

Plus: On The Town and the dread of having to go to a second location whilst you are intoxicated! Twisty the Clown and why he is better than Michael Chiklis! Jay Leno's stupid and obnoxious decision to not have Joan Rivers on The Tonight Show, and why it is based in insanity. Gamergate's humiliating concession that someone who does a webseries is actually, not-sarcastically brave! And why it's fun to do an accent when you are running errands.

Enjoy, enjoy!

Oct 10, 2014

This week's show features the stars of the new documentary, ADVANCED STYLE, a film about the movement of women over 50 looking fucking fabulous and loving life and having incredible taste in style and fashion. Enjoy this chat about: how to never be boring, where you can wear something you were afraid you wouldn't be able to wear, why hats are important, and how come enough with the t-shirts and jeans.

Plus: Julie went to see the Chuck Jones exhibit and The Jerk at the Museum of the Moving Image, and she has things to say about Bernadette Peters's hair and Coyote & Roadrunner's questionable appeal, Aaron Spelling's unique "Fuck You" approach to creativity, how Mickey and Minnie Mouse would, as a human couple, be the worst people to ever have to endure a dinner with, and a dramatic reading of the most misguided and self-centered passages of Ann Rule's book about Ted Bundy.

Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin!

Oct 3, 2014

Ring the bells! Wake the kids! This week's show features the legendary ANDREA MARTIN, who is just so fabulous I can't even think about it without hurting my head. Andrea tells Julie about her new book, LADY PARTS, how she auditioned for Second City, why Marty Short is not neurotic,  what she thinks about when she stops the show in PIPPIN, and the origin story of Libby Wolfson.

Also: what Elvira wears for her Knott's Scary Farm appearances, having a panic attack at Lena Dunham's book party, more of Spoony's BOREDWALK EMPIREZZZ recaps, and a turn of phrase from THE STAIRCASE that is very helpful if you ever needed to know about the sexual history of one particular man. And: a dog costume contest!

Sep 26, 2014

Hi, guys. This week's show opens with a hilarious Ben Folds song parody, and it's all downhill from there. Kidding! JOHN EARLY is here, and he's a yummy butter cookie. Join us as we discuss Toni Collette, how he came out to his Minister mom, why gay men like funny women, and why he is not sick of Beyonce.

Plus! What is on the Top 40 tracks these days and whether or not Nicki Minaj is good (Nobody knows), what it might be like to eat McDonald's Apple Slices, how Taylor Swift writes, more Tony Bennett and Gaga thoughts, and Glenn Hetrick's cats.


Sep 19, 2014

HWYW Book Club! HWYW Book Club! Welcome back to HWYW Book Club. CHARLES GRAEBER is this week's guest. He wrote the fabulous True Crime book THE GOOD NURSE, and he's here to tell Julie about the banality of evil, and how bureaucratic failure is scarier than a lone psychopath, how sex stuff can make murderers confess, why his book was originally called THE PRESSURE SUIT, and how, to the man who killed around 400 people, the story could be best described as a "dark comedy."

Plus: Finally appreciating PIPPIN, and how it's about choosing disappointment over death; a nosy dog named Ringo; Bridget Everett as Iggy Pop; and the return of Spoony's BORED-walk Empirezzzzz recaps!

Sep 15, 2014
A treat! Enjoy this recording of the live show we did at The Bell House on June 1 of this very year. Featuring guests Jake Fogelnest, Danielle Henderson and Nellie McKay? Yes Please!

Plus: Spoony sings "Garbage Dump," Danielle is inducted -and KNIGHTED!- into the Guest Hall of Fame, a story about weasels, and Ted & Julie duet on "If I Were a Carpenter." You'll love this show so much, you'll leave saying "Boy Am I Glued." 
Sep 12, 2014

This week's episode features artist STEVEN HAMMEL! Enjoy this chat about design influences, the 1940s, tiered cakes, the bicentennial, and FARM WIFE magazine.

Also! A disturbing thing to hear mid-massage, what Joan Rivers's funeral was like, a theory about audience participation and dancing at parties, The Big Chill, and how it is the most horrible movie, and a tie between Nev Schulman and the employees of AREA 51 TATTOOS for worst living humans. Plus- why French women don't get fat. Hint: It's because they're the opposite of Jewish!

Enjoy, enjoy.

Sep 5, 2014

On April 7, 2011, JOAN RIVERS was kind enough to appear on episode 5 of this podcast. Here is that interview in full.

In addition to being a small tribute to the enormous legacy of this phenomenal woman, it also features the following exchange: Julie: "What DO dogs know?' Joan: "Oh, the usual crap."

In addition to a remembrance of Joan, this week's podcast also features a story about a candy store in Montauk, a lesson about baths versus showers from Reverend John Waters, a meditation on the rhythm of The Simpsons, some Glenn Hetrick news about his cats and Halloween, a sock-eating Great Dane whose privacy doesn't matter, and extensive rumination about Kevin Spacey's upcoming concert in our nation's capital, which is surely a great idea.

RIP Joan. We miss you already.

Aug 22, 2014

Natasha Lyonne! Natasha Lyonne! Everybody screams for Natasha Lyonne! What a treat, America. NATASHA LYONNE, goddamn movie and television star and wonderful human, is here to chat with us right before the Emmys, kiddos. Enjoy as Natasha explains to us why everything is Hitler's fault, why she hasn't watched OITNB yet in full, how bonobo monkeys are totally passé, the veracity of @UberFacts, whether Diane Keaton could attend an orthodox shul wearing what she usually wears, and that time some girls in sleepaway camp thought she was the devil.

Also- more meditations on disappointment! How you are trapped in the moment when fantastizing just depresses you! The Bourdain-Lite rock 'n' roll anthem that is the HOTEL HELL theme song! What "Soulless" is a synonym for (Unhaunted)! Michelle Williams doing something very weird during CABARET! Ice Water as social media! How the residents of Sweethaven from the film "Popeye" are just big weirdos! And how, if you show your ugly stuff as well as your glittering gold, nobody can "getcha" for being miserable.

Hooray for this show.

Aug 15, 2014

Hi! This week's show is a great show. JOSHUA WOLF SHENK, author of THE POWERS OF TWO, a new book about creative duos, is here to talk to Julie about autonomy and collaboration! And it's truly fucking fascinating, daddy-o. Enjoy this chat about a kind of intimacy that is not in the service of romance, but instead, speaks to ART. This is a good talk that covers the bases of: the balance between being alone and being with others, the myth that ladies are all satisfied with the identity of "the woman behind the man," and the elusive nature of chemistry.

Also, Julie has an article about how we really screwed up by domesticating dogs! When whistling was sexy! Pauley Perrette's horrible Twitter hashtag she created to deal with the passing of Robin Williams! Avocado talk! And a controversial hunch about Koko the Gorilla.

Hallelujah! A great show for you.

Aug 8, 2014

Wonderful news! DAVID REES,host of GOING DEEP WITH DAVID REES, is here to talk to Julie about his awesome new show, and what making it entails, including interviewing grave diggers, dealing with filthy insects, watching a cadaver arm move when triggered, and how planes fly.

Also! Tony Bennett is collaborating with Lady Gaga, and is clearly confused and possibly being exploited, Satsumas and what they are, whether it's persuasive to mention the twin towers when negotiating your rent (it isn't), and exciting news about a woman's COLLEAGUE joining her soon at Pret a Manger!

Enjoy this magic morsel.

Aug 1, 2014

Let's just get right to it: In this week's episode, Julie RANKS FRUIT. Listen to this provocative and controversial ranking of the top 30 fruits in her life and weep! Also, MATT BERMAN is here to talk to us about his new book, JFK Jr., George, & Me. Enjoy the unique POV of Camelot through the eyes of the art director of George Magazine and, in the process, enjoy the chat about: what the 90s were like, how blue Carolyn Bessette's eyes were, the time Barbara Walters AND Barbra Streisand were both difficult cover models if you can believe it, and how once Herb Ritts thought it was funny to stuff a sock in Cindy Crawford's pants.

Plus: Mario Lopez's slippery food slope now that his shoulder has been injured! A serial killer's way with lotion on patients! Nana, from Peter Pan, and how her arc is more important than the casting of its lead! And a man on the street who thought Julie was pregnant and expressed as much.

Also! I can't emphasize this enough: FRUIT WILL BE RANKED IN THIS EPISODE.

Jul 25, 2014

What a show! NATHAN FIELDER, star of "Nathan for You" joins us this week. What a treat! Nathan tells us about how his history of not being able to read people helps him stay in character, why it makes him laugh when people won't say what they're really thinking, and what he and CEO's have in common when it comes to not taking a hint.

Plus! Julie's been watching a ton of bad TV and has a lot to say about NAKED DATING, DEALS FROM THE DARK SIDE, and the dastardly JILL ZARIN EPISODE OF CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP! Plus: why Sherri Shepherd really left THE VIEW. And Pauley Perrette's swollen head.

Enjoy! Hooray!

Jul 18, 2014

Comedy writer and delightful human SCOTT KING joins us this week. Enjoy our discussion of the disadvantages of gay men who grew up without watching DYNASTY on prime time, his serial comedy live show in NYC back in the day starring-ahem-Juliana Margulies, and why everybody should do a goddamn dreamboard.

Also- how to change your ice game! A cookie dough revelation! How much "Weird" Al is too much "Weird" Al? And all hail a chimpanzee named Julie, for fashion reasons.

A great show!

Jul 11, 2014

Happy Ryan "Hot Lips" Houlihan Day! This week's show features TV Critic JAMES PONIEWOZIK, who is here to tell us what to watch this summer.

Also: A street harasser expresses his desire to scratch Julie's summer scalp, an open call for Coen Bros-themed tattoos, Robin Leach's fascinating wife, White Castle and its disgusting food and enigmatic "Hall of Fame," an extensive discussion of Denis Leary's new TV show, how looking back is a thing one does when one is depressed, rejecting the notion of watching a new thing, damnit!

Plus: Welcome back, Rosie O'Donnell's trutherism on The View! CATS: The Musical, now returning to the state with rapping! Why they shoula hired Paul Giamatti for AMERICAN HUSTLE. And Baby Boomers' Terminator vision.

Hey! There are t-shirts for sale now at! That's a bonus thing as well. Enjoy!

Jul 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

This week's episode features a chat with author EMILY GOULD about cats, controversy, and Natalie Merchant!

Then, Julie recaps ALADDIN and encourages you to spread rumors about the hidden swastikas in its set design, explains why FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN is Cannibal Cop's theme song, speculates as to whether Annette Bening came on to her, and mourns the waste of Jenny McCarthy's fake eyeglasses now that she will no longer be on The View.

Salute the Flag!

Jun 27, 2014

Happy Pride!

This week's show is a HIDDEN GEMS medley of delights, featuring never-before-heard tidbit/morsels of chats with MERRILL MARKOE, ANDY KINDLER and BRIAN STACK!

Enjoy those gems, pals! And also, relish some brand new observations about why leather harnesses are the best possible things for society, the luxury of being an aging person over irony who just wants to listen to terrible music, a story about a wonderful insane older gal who screamed things about Bush and Cheney at my show, Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie's insane sex, and why David Bryne's hair just screams to have red wine spilled on it.

Enjoy everything!

Jun 20, 2014

Hola, comrades. This week's show features a talk with comedian and lover of food, MAX SILVESTRI. Max has a new album out called King Piglet, and he's going to be the co-host of a new television show called THE FEED. Enjoy Julie & Max talking about baked goods, Bed & Breakfast murder mysteries, patty melts and Hitler. Actually, I don't think we talk about Hitler at all. My bad!

Also: Thoughts on the new Shep Gordon documentary! The best part of sweet death! (Not promoting live shows) The gross weirdos who click on links that show you what famous babies look like growing up! Roberta at a party! And a lot of thoughts on TAXICAB CONFESSIONS.

Feed my Frankenstein!

Jun 13, 2014

Good morning, Vietnam! This week's show features an interview with comedian and filmmaker JASON NASH, who joins Julie to talk about whether it's harder to want to be in your own stuff, why you probably shouldn't say "black friends," and whether LA is a good or terrible idea.

Also, Julie saw the ALADDIN performance on the Tony's, and it's pretty much all she wants to talk about. That and Hugh Jackman. That and the Carole King musical. And Mickey Mouse. Also, other stuff. You'll love it!

Enjoy this show, pals!

Jun 6, 2014

Guess what? What? Well, good news: TARA ARIANO is the guest on this week's show, and she's terrific. Tara is a television genius and she created and is now behind the mighty Previously.TV. Also, she has a dog who is a Great Dane mix and is "Black and White like a cow." Tara shares with us 5 insane moments from new television shows that have gone down in the past year under our very noses. Also at one point, Julie asks Tara "Take me from the pig-fucking to the suicide." Fantastic!

Plus: The dark truth of what Cookie Monster's sister is like, the Slenderman diet, the only condition in which I would ever buy a ticket to MALEFICIENT, a plea for a Mr. Belvedere-themed correction on, a warning about Paul Williams, and some more rumination on why you shouldn't beat yourself up - now featuring a staircase metaphor!

Meow meow! You're right, kitty! This is a great show.

May 30, 2014


This week's guest is "ASK A CLEAN PERSON" columnist and NYT Best-Selling Author JOLIE KERR! Jolie wrote a book called MY BOYFRIEND BARFED IN MY HANDBAG...AND OTHER THINGS YOU CAN'T ASK MARTHA, but this is a pro-Martha podcast and you don't need to worry about any Martha Stewart bashing. But you SHOULD be worried about being terribly entertained by this conversation about mold, bleach vomit, and other things nobody ever talks about in polite conversation!

Plus! A trip to the Dong Room at the Biennial! Patti Smith's poems and breasts! DiBlasio's pro-weasel policy! And why it's awesome that Deee-lite made RuPaul jealous.

May 23, 2014

Happy Fleet Week! The new episode of HWYW features an interview with the one and only LINDA SIMPSON! Enjoy Linda as she chats with Julie about the 90's drag scene, why drag was considered square for a while, what she wore the first time she did drag, and what RuPaul's style used to be.

Plus! Alec Baldwin's wife and her outrage! Mike Myers and his unfortunate taste in cross-stitchery! A couple of stray Judy Garland factoids! The Normal Heart rubs salt into a wound! And why everybody should leave Hero Cat alone. A fine show! Fine, fine, fine!

May 16, 2014

Ahoy and good salutations!

This week, Mitch Hurwitz joins Julie to discuss the commedia dell'arte influence on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, what Bea Arthur was like, how it's more important to be heard than seen to certain humans, and also there is a lot of joking around and a million tangents.

Plus, Julie celebrates the upfronts, figures out the patriarchal implications of Mothers' Day being a big deal, casts THE MUSIC MAN, eulogizes Barbara Walters, explains what Vietnam was like, and expresses a great deal of sadness over the fact that we will never hear H.R. Giger's beautiful speaking voice again.

May 9, 2014

Hello. This week's show features comedian LIZA DYE, who is a very funny, cool girl who happened to be hit by a motherfucking SUBWAY TRAIN in February. Liza shares what kept her going in intensive care for three months, why she felt the impulse to entertain the passengers on the train before the jaws of life arrived, how much OWN she watched in the hospital, and why people who've been hit by cars are WAY BIGGER DICKS than people who've been hit by trains.

Plus: the Cannibal Cop is making JAIL PIZZA, 90s martyrs Anita Hill and Monica Lewinsky and why we should never stop apologizing to them, Jessica Seinfeld went blonde, and why YouTube makeup "celebrities" need to try harder.

Hey Ho! Let's Go!

May 2, 2014

Hi! Our guest this week SETH ROGEN this week, who is famous and funny and extremely kind. We are happy to host him and talk to Seth about his first staff job on ALI G, whether it was weird in retrospect hanging out with Judd Apatow when he was a teenager, what it's like when his friends forget they met his wife, and why "ordinary dudes in crazy situations" is his and Evan Goldberg's bread and butter.

Also, Julie sincerely wishes you a Happy Carvel Free Cone Day (belated), speculates on what Paul Simon & Edie Brickell were fighting about, wonders out loud why she watched a four-hour long documentary about the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, sniffs her nose at Almost Famous, lauds the Devil, shuts down a straight guy's idea of Hell, and imitates Kevin Kline in "I Love You To Death" for 10 seconds. A wonderful show!

Apr 25, 2014

Ohai folks. This week's show is a cult sensation, but deserves widespread popularity!

Our guest this week is JULIETTE DANIELLE, best known as "Lisa" from the motion picture THE ROOM. Juliette is here to talk to us about what her audition for Tommy Wiseau was like, how she found her church, what she likes about cats, and how she was actually Tommy's third choice for Lisa. What happened to the other two Lisas? Nobody knows and nobody will ever know.

Also, Julie has learned something anagram-related, and it's ABSOLUTELY AWFUL! The best reason to keep an archive! Jimmy and Bernie's forbidden love! And exactly how Aaron Sorkin should apologize for The Newsroom so he makes an impact.

Apr 23, 2014

How Was Your Week presents...a very special Easter-time-ish musical fun Premium thing! Sorry for all the vagueries, we just would prefer Andrew Lloyd You Know Who doesn't sue us.

Enjoy this recording of How Was Your Week Live at The Bell House from 10/30/13 starring:

Ted Leo
Jean Grae
AC Newman
Leslie Kritzer
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
A chorus of professional showbiz children

and JK as your savior.

Photos of the blessed event live here:

Directed by Dickie DiBella
Musical Directed by Jon Spurney.

Hosanna! Enjoy.

Apr 18, 2014

This week's episode features one of our idols, the brilliant BRUCE McCULLOCH. This is a huge deal, because The Kids in the Hall made High School palatable to many weird humans, not excluding your humble pod-hostess.

Enjoy Julie's chat with Bruce about his writing process, what his book will be about, growing up in Calgary with fitness and Deep Purple as the only respites from your shitty family, and how weird it is when random people come up to you when you're famous- not just the cute redheads.

Also! The View on Cyrogenics, Alice Cooper on the Street, a Comedy Awards snub, Sippy the Vape Pen, Jessica Seinfeld's Instagram, and why now is the perfect time to reboot MRS. DOUBTFIRE.

Make this episode last because it's rich and sweet.

Apr 11, 2014
Hello kids! This week we have the the nicest man in comedy, BRIAN STACK. Julie chats with Brian about writing for Conan for 17 years, the dark side of crooners, and the Chicago-produced series, EARLY ADDITION, on which he played a zookeeper.
This episode also marks the triumphant return of Hidey (in song)! Plus, some Wes Anderson rumination and just a skootch of Gaysplaining. RIP Mickey Rooney! You would've hated this episode! 
Apr 4, 2014
Gang! Behind every genius, there's another genius with a vagina. This week's guest is the legendary MERRILL MARKOE, friend to dogs, hilarious novelist and essayist, and the woman who created so many important television comedy things, it's overwhelming. Listen as Julie chats with Merrill about her contributions to the original LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, her new dog Wally, Laugh-In 2, and many more wonderful things you will delight to hearing about from somebody as intelligent as Markoe. Hooray for her! 
Also! Julie went on the HELTER SKELTER death tour while she was still in LA, and she has a very long, extensive story about it. Sorry. A lot of the monologue is just that. But there is also talk about Jim Henson's Creature Challenge on SyFy, Dave Barry's daughter and his desire for her to never be made love to, the latest dumb prop in HOUSE OF CARDS season 2, and how weird it is to get used to not hearing the Doors playing all the time now that Julie is back in NYC. 
Mar 28, 2014

Greetings from the Grave!

This week's show features a talk with the hilarious and inimitable TIFFANY HADDISH. Listen as Tiffany talks about the video she made for Planned Parenthood, how Charles Fleischer changed her life, what plums will eventually be branded as, and what she will say to Arsenio Hall when she wins her Oscar.

Plus: why House of Cards's metaphors are like wearing wrenches for earrings, "sexy librarian" needlepoint patterns and their uncanniness, a story about going to The Magic Castle for the first time, and why Jewish people bring up cemeteries far too quickly whenever the subject of tattoos emerges. Also RIP Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Coldplay. They are happier in the ground.

Mar 21, 2014

Welcome! This week's episode features a long talk about MERYL STREEP! Film critic KARINA LONGWORTH is the author of a new book called MERYL STREEP: Anatomy of an Actor, and together we are going to talk about: What Pauline Kael's problem was with Streep, why, in the late 80s and early 90s, Meryl could not do anything right, what Meryl Streep learned from Jane Fonda and Liza Minnelli, and what role Women's History plays in Streep's oeuvre.

Plus: Kale, and why it should be illegal to massage it! Pie, in general! Matt Lauer's disgusting beard, and how relieved we all are now that it's gone! And the cutting edge duo FX has recently hired to carry over its x-treme brand.

RIP Fred Phelps! You would have hated his week's show.

Mar 14, 2014

Well, well, well. Here we are! This week's episode of HWYW features a chat with comedy writer (THE HEAT, PARKS & RECREATION) Katie Dippold! Enjoy this chat, during which you will learn about go bags, this one weird German guy, talking babies, how the floor is your friend, and "seeming gay" was enough of a joke for 80s and 90s movies and television.

Also, a still-forming list of GROOVY PEOPLE! The debut of a new character named "Hidey"! What never to say to a woman! A pressing question about Dottie Sandusky's intimate area! And when one trades in one's "perfect" card.

Mar 7, 2014

Oh, yes, hi.
This week's show features a conversation with your new favorite human, AISHA MUHARRAR. She is a writer for television's PARKS AND RECREATION, and she's also who you want to be your best friend, but she might be too busy for that? Aisha talks to Julie about seeing Britney Spears in Las Vegas, what a perfect book club would be like, and what to do in an earthquake (nobody knows).

Also- Julie is furious at Ellen for hurting Liza, why it's passé to judge people for being unhappy, and what exactly Cameron Diaz is getting away with in that new Annie trailer (murder).

Enjoy this show please.

Feb 28, 2014

Hello, members of the Academy and others! This week's episode mostly grapples with how Cate Blanchett will acknowledge Dylan Farrow in her Oscar acceptance speech. But also, our great pal JAKE FOGELNEST is here! Join Julie and Jake as they (we) talk about FORBIDDEN ZONE, HEARTBLEEPS, and Plato's Retreat. And that's just for starters! There are so many more things that this conversation covers. You will love it! Or you won't, I don't know you.

Also - What Lupita Nyong'o's voice sounds like, the great comedy duo of Bukowski and Waits, what is terrifying about The Moth, and Andie MacDowell's magnificent essay about the late, great Harold Ramis.

Feb 21, 2014

Hi! Here is a new episode of HOW WAS YOUR WEEK featuring comedienne MORGAN MURPHY! Join us and listen while Morgan tells us about her experience on Crank Yankers, what mean things mean people say to her online, what her tattoos mean, and how lovely Kat Dennings is.

Plus: Valentine's Day and its aftermath! A celebrity encounter in the elevator! News about Jerry the Labradoodle! And welcome to the Redhead Hall of Fame, Craigslist Killer!

Enjoy this show. Soon February will be over!

Feb 14, 2014

Happy valentine's day, lover! This week's episode features the talented, beautiful and extremely delightful MARIA THAYER who played Tammi Littlenut on Strangers with Candy, Susie Wagner on Eagleheart, and, oh, she also went to Juilliard and has done Broadway plays and Shakespeare in the Park and what have you. Join Maria as she and Julie discuss Woody Allen, red hair, bee farms, magic and camping.

Plus: An eyelash person describes THE NOTEBOOK! Shirley Temple Black's legacy and mysterious death! Nathan the Bloodhound's disgraceful and upsetting snub! And Elaine Stritch for Pistachios. What a show for you!

Feb 7, 2014

R.I.P Jay Leno! Now our healing can begin.

This week's HWYW features some brand new complaints about Los Angeles! But it's okay because the delightful NICOLE BYER is here to regale us with tales of her working for Lane Bryant, witnessing a bottomless nugget of a man in a completely inappropriate setting, and what her sister exclaims when Nicole's one short leg gets in the way of her journey.

Plus! What to do for a twitchy eyeball! Lights that shut off on their own accord! The time NBC actually killed a woman! And the cost of being able to talk to people who read.

A wonderful pre-Valentine's Day treat!

Jan 31, 2014

February ahoy! This week's episode of How Was Your Week forges ahead like a fearless warrior with a full afternoon.

Our guest, Dana Gould, joins Julie to talk about an insane nutritionist, a competent acting teacher, a stunning muse of Ed Wood's, and other characters the west coast created.

Plus: an essay about what happens when black women take yoga! Observations about the television show BONES! And what it would be like for a dog to find a corpse.

Enjoy the show before the groundhog does!

Jan 24, 2014
Ahoy, Captain Phillips!
This week's episode features the great KAREN KILGARIFF!  It's a fun chat that encompasses topics such as: why casting directors will be like "Could you be less angry?"; Sister Wendy's appetite for sexuality in art, how Irish peopledon't ask for help, and how Terry Sweeney looked like Nancy Reagan with no makeup on. 
Plus! A fun elevator encounter with a labradoodle, how Gallagher and Charles Manson are basically the same person, Bill deBlasio's earlobes and how he's handling the cold, Camp Ramah and its scary stories, and why a relative would not write me a check on Passover. 
Enjoy this show!
Jan 17, 2014
This week, Julie checks in from her new apartment in Los Angeles, where thoughts of suicide are as ubiquitous as shameless dum-dums. But, boy is it sunny!
Also, it's a gems/ lost footage episode, so kindly enjoy never-before heard clips from interviews with BRENT WEINBACH, RACHEL LICHTMAN & FREEDY JOHNSTON.
Also: some musings on LA pizza & an interaction with Paz DeLaHuerta! Happy 150th episode, chums!
Jan 10, 2014
How do you do? This week, the great AIMEE MANN joins Julie in Los Angeles to discuss advertising, beavers, Gelson's and the Dark Shadows-ness of The Magic Castle.
Plus: a facialist's favorite comedienne! How cars are basically made to cry inside of! The grossest way for sheets to get soft! A question about Ariel Castro! And a masseur drops an unusual name.
Jan 3, 2014

A bittersweet episode. Here is Chris "Spoony" Spoonair's final show before he passes the producer torch to Ryan "HotLips" Houlihan. The good news: Spoony is having a baby! And also, Ted Leo wrote him a song. Furthermore, Spoony submitted a wonderful statement of resignation, so you can listen to that while you cry your fucking eyes out.

Furthermore, James "@lawblob" Wilson is here! We are going to talk to him about growing up Mormon, being a lawyer, and the time he was held up by gunpoint. James is a wonderful human being, and we are delighted to host him.

Also: Eminem's offensive Zombies sample, why you want to pick a muse with a big fat face, Mickey Rooney and how he's always stunk, and Jeff Daniels's songwriting.

Dec 27, 2013

Merry Over-mas! This week's show features an essential chat with comedian Sasheer Zamata about the year in pop music, which basically means the year in Beyoncé's new album. We also talk about Sasheer's web series, THE PURSUIT OF SEXINESS, how commenters expect all black comics to be all things to all black people everywhere, and how an actor plaing "White Jesus" interacted with Kanye on stage at the Barclay Center one time.

Also: the difference between cat and dog models, how nice it is to finally be able to happily do nothing, how Britney Spears describes sharks, and why shoplifting is awesome.

The last show of 2013 is the best show of the RIGHT NOW. Enjoy it!

Dec 20, 2013

Xappy Xmas! This week's show features professor LIZ WOLLMAN, author of the book Hard Times: The Adult Musical in 1970s New York City. Dr. Wollman will entreat us to a discussion about all of the sexy, dirty, nudie musicals created in this great city in response to Oh, Calcutta alone. Learn about the shows LET MY PEOPLE COME, THE FAGGOT and GAY COMPANY.

Also: Julie has an idea for a middling Holiday song, some new ideas about suicide, how lame it is to brag about stuff you don't know, what a bummer it is that Hugh Hefner outlived Al Goldstein, how fucked up FUNNY GIRL is. and why I am seriously done with HOMELAND this time for real.

Plus! It turns out that a documentary about a crack house is disturbing! Reasons to Hate New York! Possums and their useless pouches! And some Beyonce stuff.

Holy Jingle Bells, Batman!

Dec 13, 2013

Brrr! It's a chilly episode for your ears and ear muffs! Comedian ADAM CONOVER is here to discuss with Julie the notion of dogs licking our human faces, all of the interiors we will never see, and how disgusting fleece is.

Also, Julie has strong feelings about the patriotism of that Pearl Harbor Spaghetti-O, is very angry about this Gwyneth Vanity Fair thing, has an embarrassing Candy Crush story, and watched a video starring one Roger Bacon.

Plus: a lesson about the flammability of clothes! Winter, and what it does to your face-skin! And what Rachael Ray's end-game is.

Oh, and there's a thing about a kangaroo.

Dec 6, 2013
Happy Holidaze! This week's episode of How Was Your Week is an early Christmas Miracle. JAMALA JOHNS is here to talk to Julie about upping her blouse game, natural hair and her blog le coil, Susan Sarandon, and why a high waist is better than a boat neck, unless you're Geena Goddamn Davis.

Also, Julie has thoughts about gradual patriarchy-toppling, a story about a name-dropping masseuse, a eulogy for selfies, and a bunch of ideas about Lady Gaga (sorry.)

Plus: artisanal chocolate bar browsing! The tyranny of Vanity Fair in regards to its efforts to keep that Paltrow article out of our reach! And a beardless Mandy Patinkin.
Nov 29, 2013

Blackest of Fridays to you, pilgrims. This week's episode of HWYW features a truly fascinating interview with STEVE YOUNG, Letterman writer and co-author of EVERYTHING'S COMING UP PROFITS: THE WORLD OF INDUSTRIAL MUSICALS. Steve is here to explain to us exactly what Industrial Musicals are and were, and to share and explain a few songs that illustrate some important concepts from that genre, including "My Bathroom," "Tires to Sell," and "Kinney Manager's Song."

Also, Julie has some ideas about Disney, fatherhood, post-WW2 America, and the jingoistic notions that fuel our patriarchial society! Seth MacFarlane flexes his power muscles! And why Baby Boomers's stories abou where they were when JFK was shot are only getting more predictable. 

Gobble it up, pals! 

Nov 25, 2013

Happy almost Thanksgiving! Today you are thankful for this exclusive premium extra-sode, featuring an incredible interview with the great KATHLEEN HANNA. Kathleen is the subject of a new doc called THE PUNK SINGER, and she is also a legend and perfect.

Join Julie and Kathleen as they chat about how weird it is to promote a film you didn't make, the feminism of taking care of yourself, what she thought when she first saw Ad-Rock, and precisely how hard Lyme disease can go fuck itself.

A heart warming episode for you and your brain.

Nov 22, 2013

Good November Day. This week features two guests: DENNY TEDESCO, who made a documentary about The Wrecking Crew, has a personal connection to that iconic troupe of '60s studio musicians because his dad, Tommy Tedesco, was one of the greatest guitarists of all time in that group. Julie chats with Denny about Cher, the Three's Company theme song, and the woman who came up with the bass line for WICHITA LINEMAN: Her name is Carol Kaye and she's a badass.

Then, JILL SOLOWAY is here to chat about her various television, film and web projects, strippers and prozzies, what it's like to be a "food Jew" and to have a gay sister, and what kind of tweets make her jealous.

Also: Julie is coming for Alec Baldwin's job! Charles Manson is getting married! Two ladies who love Sandra Bullock and what Julie wants from them! And Happy JFK Assassination Day to all.

A heady show full of suds and studs and iconic things with which you need to grapple.

Nov 15, 2013

Hi everybody! This week's show features the DELIGHTFUL Emily Altman, who is hilarious, smart, interesting, beautiful, and just generally wonderful. Emily is a comedy writer and a PROFESSOR OF ITALIAN LANGUAGE, and she is here to tell us about her Bulgarian roommate, the time she passed out at a Halloween party, and why old people sing like birds.

Also, Julie has become addicted to Candy Crush, despite its unacceptable aesthetic; Lars Ulrich and his art-buying ways; The most obnoxious thing a couple at a Brooklyn party said recently, why Jeff Koons stinks, and why editing TOO CUTE: PUPPIES would be the worst job.

Enjoy this show like it's the last thing you'll ever do before you expire!

Nov 8, 2013

Hi pals. This week's episode is chockfull of things, ideas and notions that will put a bee in your bonnet! That's because CAMILLE PAGLIA, firestarter supreme, is a guest on the show, and she's got stuff to say about Real Housewives, Rhianna, the death of style, feminism, sex, porn, millennials, art history, and her book GLITTERING IMAGES, which is now available in paperback. We do not agree with everything Professor Paglia has to say, but we sure enjoyed chatting and listening. She is a spark plug and a genius, goddamn it!

Also: Julie is in Los Angeles, and a moving billboard is hypnotizing her! Thoughts about lingerie and foreplay, and how we needed both things in the 1980s in order to go through with intercourse, apparently! What Meat Loaf's music sounds like! How the "Swan Lake" song goes! Who America's Most Famous Sex Slave was! My cat's ophthalmologist is on vacation! And precisely what Europe does NOT need, Woody Allen.

A controversial, crackling episode for your brain and ears and soul

Nov 1, 2013

Hi! This week's podcast features an interview with legendary cartoonist PETER BAGGE (Hate, Apocalypse Nerd), who wrote a new graphic novel about Margaret Sanger called WOMAN REBEL. This is a lovely interview with a wonderful man!

Also, Julie tells Banksy to not let the door hit his tush on the way out of New York City, complains about Turner Classic Movies and Drew Barrymore's undereducated introduction of some of the films on that there channel, half-recaps THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN, and explains the depths of procrastination that one has to get to in order to put a bowtie on one's cat.

Plus: popsicle tangents! Lysol as a reasonably safe douching method, if you use the right proportions! And the presumed personality traits behind a man with a law degree who holds a full time job at DC Comics.

Enjoy this show, because we could all get hit by cars tomorrow and die.

Oct 28, 2013

Welcome to our first Premium Extrasode! This wonderful couple of hours or so shines a spotlight on Jeff Guinn's incredible book, MANSON: The Life and Times of Charles Manson. Join Guinn, Julie, Jake Fogelnest and Chris "Spoony" Spooner as we delve into the cultural history of the 1960s and who gets to write it, the context that gave Manson his opportunity, and a lot of stories about Dennis Wilson.

Plus: what our Manson nicknames would be, which (maybe only) part of the book Charles Manson himself probably would have liked, the racism of public transportation, just how bad Manson's music was, the John Waters/Manson connection, and so much more.

Even if you're not a teenager in your "serial Killer phase," I swear, this is essential and fascinating listening. Enjoy it.

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Oct 28, 2013

Welcome to our first Premium Extrasode! This wonderful couple of hours or so shines a spotlight on Jeff Guinn's incredible book, MANSON: The Life and Times of Charles Manson. Join Guinn, Julie, Jake Fogelnest and Chris "Spoony" Spooner as we delve into the cultural history of the 1960s and who gets to write it, the context that gave Manson his opportunity, and a lot of stories about Dennis Wilson.

Plus: what our Manson nicknames would be, which (maybe only) part of the book Charles Manson himself probably would have liked, the racism of public transportation, just how bad Manson's music was, the John Waters/Manson connection, and so much more.

Even if you're not a teenager in your "serial Killer phase," I swear, this is essential and fascinating listening. Enjoy it.

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Oct 25, 2013

JULIANNE MOORE! Welcome to the first episode of HWYW that features an interview with an actual goddess. Join us as we chat with legendarily talented and beautiful and cool and sweet and funny and generally just spectacularly awesome actor and human, JULIANNE MOORE, and learn about how she met Paul Thomas Anderson, what her favorite line as Maude Lebowski is, her complicated relationship with birds, and why it's important to admit that you don't eat bread when you don't, and to say hi to other redheads on the street.

Other things happen on the podcast this week, too. We announce the HOW WAS YOUR WEEK APP, for one, and that is something you can buy for yourself if you want access to this Monday's HOW WAS YOUR MANSON extrasode and future premium content. It's super cool and so are you!

Also: Julie painfully recaps the "Stewmaker" episode of THE BLACKLIST, prays to God that she needn't see BAD GRANDPA with a girl, a plea for Halloween costumes at the Oct 30 HWYWLive, and an exciting new way to reach the layer of self-pity and loneliness that is never further than a tiny step away!

Enjoy this wonderful show starring the Queen of The Redhead Hall of Fame.

Oct 18, 2013

Hello! This week's episode of HWYW features CHRIS ELLIOTT and JASON WOLINER, who are here to talk with Julie about the upcoming new season of their television show EAGLEHEART, beard-trimming, the death talk, and The Magic Castle's wonderful brunch.

Also, Julie left her wallet in a cab and has a connection to make between small dogs and little person prostitutes, which is GREAT news. Plus! Why there's never time in a haunted house, the temptation to make a joke off the "Matt and Trey blow their deadline" headline, and the choice every man has to make in his life and which path Alec Baldwin took.

A wonderful show for you to enjoy and celebrate with your loved ones.

Oct 11, 2013

Here it is! One of the best episodes of this thing yet. Writer/DIrector NICOLE HOLOFCENER joins Julie to talk about ENOUGH SAID, James Gandolfini's first day on set, the perfection of MODERN ROMANCE, her oldest friend, watching the dailies of HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, and meeting Catherine Keener at the gym.

A plea for people to feed their dogs Cheerios on film, some observations about cartoon characters and their fuckability, "Stand By Your Man" and its terrible messages, and Julie presents a very special version of the end of "Layla" with her very own Lyrics. Don't miss it!

This show is everything.

Oct 4, 2013

Hello. This week's show features an upbeat and fun interview with former LETTERMAN writer TOM RUPRECHT. Tom has written a fake oral biography of J.D. Salinger and he joins us to discuss that as well as Eric Clapton's various cocaine and non-cocaine related misdeeds, and how not to endear oneself to David Letterman.

Also, Julie is in Los Angeles eating chocolate chip pancakes in the middle of the night after not selling a show to network television! Britney Spears is under the impression that straight guys are watching her mean new video! And a magical fable about a cat named Ron.

Plus: Carrie Keagan's revelatory dating life, why it's okay to be mad at Homeland, an addendum to the "Threeway" vow, and a gross story about a bloody shoe.

Sep 27, 2013

This week's episode of HWYW delves deep into the science of animal behavior, and it should awe and inspire. DR. IRENE PEPPERBERG, author of Alex & Me and the subject of EMILY WICK's new documentary, Life With Alex, joins us to chat about her late, great colleague, Alex the African Grey Parrot. Dr. Pepperberg has more wisdom to impart about animal intelligence than any past guest (SORRY ANDY KINDLER!) and we were thrilled to talk to her about the obstacles she faced starting out as a female scientist in the late 1960s, how Alex the Parrot would be a dick when Dr. Pepperberg went away on vacation, and how the parrot's language center in its brain rivals that of the chimpanzee's.

Plus: a plea to update so it sets apart Chris Spooner from Dee Dee Ramone, some ideas about Melissa Leo's unique Emmy outfit, how a perm can change a life, and what specific incarnation of Jesus Christ Jimmy Jazz the cat would be, if he were that particular messiah.

Sep 20, 2013

Hello, Hello! This week's episode of HWYW features IN THE HEIGHTS star and creator LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA, who joins us to discuss the process of writing the opening musical number from this year's Tony Awards with Neil Patrick Harris, whether Eminem or Sondheim is gayer, and how Antonio Banderas interpreted the Phantom of the Opera vocally.

Also: ruminations about the changing seasons, an unusual way to unwind after this week's episode of BREAKING BAD, things we didn't ask Julie Chen about her face full of secrets, and the thing that guy who designs food animals for CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 tells his friends.

A good show. A FINE show.

Sep 13, 2013



Anyway, hi. This week, there's a lot to say. First, we welcome guest and friend THERESE MAHLER, host of THE THERESE SHOW on WFMU. Therese is here to talk to us about her time at Action Park, an infamously dangerous amusement park in New Jersey, at which she worked as an employee for many summers. There are wonderful stories here, because countless Action Park visitors were injured or died.

Also, THE CITIBIKE PHOTO IS HERE. Yes! Because you tipped us cash money, we made good on our promise to get Julie on a Citi Bike with one brawer strap showing, and boy is this photographic evidence glamorous.

Plus! A summary of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, what to do when Julie starts talking about the "sexy versus beautiful" thing, whether or not one is as racist as Charles Manson if one doesn't demonizes Michael Bloomberg, and why Meryl Streep is beautiful.


Sep 6, 2013

Well, here we are. A new Jewish year and what have we learned? Well, we're about to learn a lot about Barbra Streisand. She, and her bizarre fake basement shopping mall, are the subject of the fantastic play BUYER AND CELLAR, and its playwright JONATHAN TOLINS and its star MICHAEL URIE are our guests for this week's show.

Therefore! This week's show features an examination of: whether or not Barbra truly likes to eat; why it was a blessing that The New Yorker rejected Tollins's idea as an essay originally; what James Brolin must really be like based on the time he tore an ad out of a magazine that one time; how Barbra would sound on the phone if she were applying for a job at Souplantation, and so, so much more.

Furthermore: enjoy the following things, also, which are discussed in cartoonish abundance. The preference of being happy over being healthy! The weird nature-objects that comprise a Sukkos celebration! A lot of talk about Charles Manson and how shitty the '60s must have been if you were black or female! And a major guilt trip concerning the upcoming release of the Citibike photos.

A legendary show studded with Divadom.

Aug 30, 2013

GRUMPY CAT MET LIL' BUB AND EVERYTHING IS MADE OUT OF CHAOS! Hi there. This week's show was recorded in Minneapolis, site of the Internet Cat Video Film Festival and also the State Fair. The good news? Julie has "takes" on both!

The one and only guest on the new HWYW is BEAU WILLIMON, the creator and writer of the Netflix version of HOUSE OF CARDS. He is wonderful, and you will agree. Listen to him tell us about his intentions going into the adaptation of the show, how that Howard Dean scream exploded during pre-meme times, which of Kevin Spacey's to-camera asides ended up on the cutting room floor, and how little he and David Fincher care about unlikeability. We also learn that Beau has a cat named Norbert.

Also: some tantalizing details about the CITIBIKE PHOTO SHOOT, breathing, breaking up and being bad at both, some pressing questions about THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, the time #JoshJazz and I killed a moth together, a call for the violent murder of the think piece, and some confusion around Beetlejuice's sales pitch.

A good show. An IMPORTANT show.

Aug 23, 2013

Cronuts! That's the leading story of this week's podcast. Cronuts are disgusting, and Julie tried one and got sick. But enough about her garbage body! This week, we welcome WFMU DJ and delightful human GAYLORD FIELDS, who talks to us about the difference between a writer and a person who writes, the time a silly woman assumed he was a jazz fan because of the color of his skin, what kind of people used to go to the Mudd Club, and how The Macarena affected him and America.

Also--a fun cable guy told us the premise of SUITS, which we forgot right away! An appreciation of HOUSE OF CARDS starring Robin Wright and a skeptical glance toward the rise of Al Jazeera America! And Hollywood is making the male Laverne and Shirley, thank merciful Christ.

A wonderful late-summer show for your ears and your earbuds!

Aug 16, 2013

Hi! This week's show starts with a lot of food shame and then there are other things that are covered. Such as! Twin brothers RANDY AND JASON SKLAR join us to discuss their enemies, who are also identical twins; growing up watching Seinfeld, Mel Brooks and the Zucker brothers and how that influenced their comedy, and why they never delegated one of themselves as "The Straight Man."

Also, enjoy a longer-than-usual monologue that spans the topics of:

-Why LOVELACE was horrible

-How there is no such thing about too much dog-talk

-What happens when Julianne Moore retweets you

-Whether the Today Show got a new social media person

-Why Michael Pollan can go suck on eggs

-That time Julie made a dubious sexual choice during the NYC blackout of 2003

And many more things!

Enjoy this week's show, please. Do me a favor.

Aug 9, 2013

Hi guys. This week's episode of #HWYW is very heady and there is also a lot of talk about dogs.

We have one and only one guest, and her name is Tami Sagher, and she is terrific. Tami and Julie talk about Tami's dogs and the time she did stand-up with one, being a math major and how that made her a Second City superstar one time, and why Reagan ruined everything.

Then, Julie waxes poetic about whether folksy is the new whimsy, that time we let Scarlett Johanssen do whatever she wanted, why HuffPo columnists start with a faulty premise, and how sandwich cookies affect the writer body.

Plus: Cheers to the Colbert content from this week and jeers to its Mumford and Sons video! The sadness of realizing you want to be an outdated fictional character from another time! And the rejected tagline from LOVELACE. Plus, a lot more! It's a long monologue this week.

Aug 2, 2013

Ahoy! This week's episode of HWYW features one guest because that's all we need! DANNY ZUKER is here to discuss writing for Arsenio Hall, wearing Burt Reynolds's actual shoes, dealing with his cocaine problem during his stint on JUST SHOOT ME, Twitter-feuding with Donald Trump, and, thank Christ, debunks the legendary "Who Jackie?" story/myth.

Also: An exciting encounter with Gloria Steinem! A harrowing tale about a broken curling iron! An insight into Jim Steinman's probable writing process! And a horrible thing we all now know about Brett Butler.

Plus: Much more stuff! A great show for you.

Jul 26, 2013

Hello! This week's show couldn't be more delicious.

First, the delightful HALLE KIEFER is here to discuss growing up on a farm, the miseducation of youngsters who think they can become pregnant from silly things, and the difference between funny and fun.

Then, chef, author, restauranteur and goddamn wonderful human being PICHET ONG joins Julie to talk about what white sugar does, which actress a chocolate chip cookie would be, what his last meal would be, and why he watched GREEN CARD on Hulu the other night.

Plus: When The Today Show became Rocky & Bullwinkle, the time Dane Cook needed diarrhea medicine, the possible ulterior motive behind ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, the horrors of Zog Sports, and a reprise of the We Are All Monica Lewinsky sermon.

Enjoy this wonderful summer show!

Jul 19, 2013

Hot enough for you? Haha! This week's podcast features one of God's Earth's funniest comedians, BRENT WEINBACH, who joins Julie to discuss how he got the lead actor in his comedy video, ULTIMATE DRUMMING TECHNIQUE, to keep an erection, how urban youths taught him the phrase "You doin' too much," and more. Then, they sample candy together.

Also, GABE DURHAM, the author of FUN CAMP: A Novel in Shorts, joins us to read from his new book. It is a great book and it takes place in a week-long sort of Christian-y kind of summer camp. I know that's not a great description, but the book is really truly great and you should purchase it for your brain and eyes.

Plus: Why people who grow up in different countries are fundamentally unloveable, the elusive phenomenon of a child-like imagination, how dumb it is to be surprised by a women's prison show with hot lezzie action, the overwhelming Paul Rudnickiness of The Stepford Wives remake, and why it is unacceptable to ever use the search bar on a porn site. Oh, and--PLATYPUSSES! And why they are funny.

Jul 12, 2013

Hi Guys!!!!!! This week's HWYW features a musical legend playing his purty songs in my kitchen, and a lot of other fun stuff as well.

First and foremost, FREEDY JOHNSTON is here to play a few songs and tell us some stories within petting distance of Jimmy Jazz. Enjoy Freedy's beautiful renditions of BAD REPUTATION, THE MORTICIAN'S DAUGHTER, SEVENTIES GIRL, and his cover of THE LOOK OF LOVE, plus a haunting version of the first song he ever wrote--SPARKY THE HEROIC DOG.

Also, after watching THE SOURCE FAMILY documentary, Julie throws her hat in the ring to become the first-ever female cult leader, and sets the criteria for what will be expected from her followers.

Plus: why WICHITA LINEMAN is such a haunting song (it's UNFINISHED!), how those post-feminist vibrator parties actually make us feel, the quandry of porn, the sensitivity of The Long Island Princesses when it comes to 9/11 heroes, and what it must be like to be Robin Thicke.

A wonderful and very special show for you to enjoy! Viva la Freedy!

Jul 5, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday, America! This week's HWYW is a family affair for sure, and not just because MRS. SPOONY IS IN THE FAMILY WAY!!

Join us as we meet friends of the show and join hands with our lifelong relatives.
First of all, MARRILEE WILSON, the pioneer of an email meme and so much more, is here to tell us how she came to reach out with the subject header "Greetings from a Black Woman in Halifax, Nova Scotia," and who she is, exactly. This is a fabulous story from a wonderful woman! And what a nice opportunity to get to know a character from our universe as a human being. She is a gem!

Then, HWYW patriarch and dog-loving rock star TED LEO joins Julie to interview dog trainer and TV personality ANDREA ARDEN, who used to be on the world's best show, UNDERDOG TO WONDERDOG. Together, Julie and Ted get to the bottom of what it's like to spend one day a week hanging out with puppies, what it says about you if you have a cocker spaniel, why huskies are hard to train, and what the deal is with horse people.

Plus: Australians and MDMA and how they impacted this year's Pride, how Tim Minchin's godlessness made MATILDA perfect, what kind of dog Garrison Keillor would be, how overwhelming Julianne Moore is and how a Twitter birthday greeting from her can shake you to your core, Pepa's inevitable prowess in the sack, and the pull of the slightly unfamiliar as it compares to the terror of change.

What a show!

Jun 28, 2013

God Bless America! This week's episode of HWYW is bursting with PRIDE.

GILLIAN JACOBS is here to discuss what precisely Alexander Technique is, her no-good neighbors, the challenges of studying acting around photos of Patti LuPone in THE BAKER'S WIFE, and her and her mom's contrasting vacation styles.

Then, LOUIS VIRTEL joins Julie to emphatically discuss the Sandy Dennis versus Sandy Duncan situation, what color a wheat thin is, how John Mayer is our generation's Adam Huritz, and whether Alice Walker and Tracy Chapman dated.

Also: how Wendy Davis's hair is like a Nine Inch Nails single, the coolest way to commit suicide, why this one Black Crowes song we once found acceptable is actually completely dumb, the peril of not knowing when to eat spaghetti when you are unemployed, and what is "a bit much" to hear in your OB-GYN's office.

Happy Pride Show! And Independence Day show too!

Jun 21, 2013

This week's episode of HWYW features two lovely ladies who like cats a lot. KAT DENNINGS is here to lend her charm, vim, smarts, wit and general all-over appeal to the proceedings! Join the fabulous Kat as she tells Julie about the disturbing art in her mom's foyer, getting the Norovirus in France, what it's like to own a haunted piano, why her boyfriend calls her "Richard Lewis," and how THIS VERY PODCAST kept her company overseas!

Also, CHIARA ATIK is here to explain what dating is! She writes about dating for and wrote a book, and she shares with us a story about a horror date at Starbucks, a definition of the term taco-crawl, a theory about why celebrities enjoy going to SLEEP NO MORE, and whether you should text, call or email the person you're sleeping with when various circumstances arise.

Plus: A premature eulogy for the Nicholson of the TV age, an out-loud musing about whether I should excercise more, a strong judgment against adventure in general, some pre-Newsroom Season 2 man-ticipation, and an introduction to a new character named Kathy. She dates online!

Enjoy this episode.

Jun 14, 2013

How do you do? This week's episode of HOW WAS YOUR WEEK features HARRIS WITTELS, a funny person you enjoy from his work on Parks & Recreation and on his Phish-themed Earwolf podcast. Harris and Julie have a good time meeting each other for the first time in person and talking about drugs and why Harris does them and how, masturbating at a slumber party with friends in a room, and the folly of rivalry with a man who is basically your comedy brother.

Then, author BENJAMIN NUGENT joins us to talk about his fascinating non-fiction book, AMERICAN NERD, and his new novel, GOOD KIDS. This is an interesting conversation, I swear! Topics covered include: the time people in Wiliamsburg thought it was a good idea to snort VCR head cleaner, the subconscious racism of our perception of nerds in this country, the history of the Boy Scouts, and whether it's a better goal to think more about the parent you do not necessarily identify with.

Also! Some strong feelings about Neil LaBute, some Tony Award fashion observations, a celebration of Panera Bread's cookies, concern and appreciation for Millennial sex attitudes, a command concerning women and eyeliner in the summer months, and a bold taking of sides in the Franzen versus Cats debacle. Hooray, hooray, a podcast for you today!

Jun 7, 2013

Ahoy! This week's episode of HWYW features two lovely lady guests and their lady lumps.

First, Twitter sensation and very funny comedian SHELBY FERO is here to talk to Julie about being 19, growing up with the Internet, emulating Mike Birbiglia, and whether or not her Grandpa is gay.

Then, cabaret superstar BRIDGET EVERETT joins us to talk about what her mom calls breasts, the time Richard Simmons came to her work, how French swimmers are in bed, and what position she plays on her softball team.

Plus--a visceral reaction to hearing about the "Red Weddings" episode of "Games of Thrones"! What we now think about when we think about Michael Douglas! The inevitable consequences of being Sting's daughter! And a silly scene from the Kardashian show, recapped for your pleasure.

A summery sensation of a show for you! Enjoy it

May 31, 2013

Hot enough for you? Haha! Hello. This week's episode of HWYW is a "Hidden Secrets/Lost Footage/Outtakes/Clip Show/'Best of'/Gems" episode! Which means it contains the trimmin's from some of your favorite interviews, as well as some of your favorite things from the past! There is also a new monologue, so you needn't worry whether THE LIBERACE MOVIE IS WEIGHED IN ON.

Therefore enjoy....

-DANIELLE HENDERSON, who has positive things to share about making your own clothing from scratch!
-JON RONSON, who tells us about visiting Stanley Kubrick's home for the first time!
-EMILY HELLER & LISA HANAWALT, who have prison pen pal and pet bird stories, respectively!
-RACHEL LICHTMAN, who shares with Julie their mutual desire to be pals with Shelley Duvall!
-and TOM SCHARPLING, who has pearls of wisdom to dispense about the Winter Doldrums, and how they relate to business and diet books!

Also in this episode, Julie discusses how BEHIND THE CANDELABRA has changed her, issues an ultimatum to female millennials who sleep in the same bed with their besties, expresses an attitude of gratitude toward the new ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT episodes, and a late-in-the-episode acknowledgement of James Lipton's gross old job.

A fun episode for fans of the show both new and old!

May 24, 2013

Welcome! This week's episode of HWYW features an interview with EMILY BAZELON, the author of STICKS AND STONES: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy. Enjoy Emily's brain as she engages with Julie on the topics of growing up with the internet, commenter culture, what Facebook could be doing to protect kids, and how empathy is taught in schools.

Then, comedienne ABBI CRUTCHFIELD joins Julie to tell her about the Pink Collar Comedy Tour, what it was like modeling for a socialite in her community when she was a teen, coming to comedy from a place of wanting to make people happy, and what her mom texts her.

Also! Julie is IN LOS ANGELES AND FEELS FAT! Quit talking about Oklahoma, CNN! This is the REAL tragic breaking news. Boi-yoi-yoi-yoing. In all seriousness, please give in hefty amounts to the Red Cross.

Plus: a confession about Daft Punk and not knowing what they are, a harrowing experience in the Glendale Galleria, Julie's hunch about Joe Francis's literary inclinations, reminiscin'' about dishwashing liquid, and some serious concerns about Gary Sinise's memorial day and whether we can help make it his best one ever.

What a show!

May 17, 2013

Holy Crap! DAVID SEDARIS is on this episode!!!!!!!

Oh, hello. Sorry. I just got right into it, didn't I. Anyway. This episode of How Was Your Week is so exciting, none of us can handle it.

As mentioned, DAVID SEDARIS is on the show to discuss his new book LET'S EXPLORE DIABETES WITH OWLS, and to surprise Julie with the revelation that HE has questions for HER! That's right! David Sedaris is a fan of this very podcast! I know. I know. So, once that fact is dealt or not dealt with, David and Julie have lots to talk about. Eating steak during signings, renting cats with poopy butts, reading books about pederasty, writing about doing it, and having the good fortune to be friends with David Rakoff.

Also: Julie counts down to the Liberace movie, contemplates the new crop of network shows, briefly mourns Dr. Joyce Brothers, explains the source of her recent panic attack, speculates about Al Pacino's headspace, and directs young men who wish to be sexy toward Don Draper's hotel room shenanigans.


Enjoy this.

May 10, 2013

Happy May, pals! This week's episode of HWYW features both learning AND feeling.

Our one and only celebrity guest is the brilliant and fabulous JEAN GRAE, who joins Julie to chat about Sephora, dating, goat cheese, power tools, the first song she ever co-wrote with her brother, and growing up in the Chelsea Hotel. cod liver oil, and the billion projects she is working on currently.

Also! An important message a from GLAAD is at the top of the show, because you can and should make a difference in the upcoming vote to, hopefully, overturn the ban on gay leadership and troops in the Boy Scouts. Click here for more information, and ways to take action.

Plus! A story about a science teacher with stupid pants who hates Madonna, a cautionary tale about tweeting links to headshots, the Punkness of the Met Gala, and the best Jay Leno impression you will ever hear. A wonderful pre-Upfronts week show for your ears and hearts and...FEET??? Sure. Enjoy!

May 3, 2013

Greetin's, Granny-O! The new episode of HWYW features two comedians who've written books, and a lot of talk about whether enough straight white guys have talk shows right now.

First, JIM GAFFIGAN is here to discuss his new book, DAD IS FAT, grapple with the concept of jogging, ponder the influence of Disney and McDonald's on American child-rearing, and comment on the Asian Belle he saw in the BEAUTY & THE BEAST musical.

Then, NPR hostess, comedienne and author OPHIRA EISENBERG chats with Julie about her book, SCREW EVERYONE, expresses horror at insect eggs, how shitty internet commenters are, and the difference between her podcast's audience and this podcast's audience.

Plus--A trip to the botanical garden, and what we can and can't get from trees! Jenny McCarthy Versus Amanda Bynes, and how unfair that match-up is! One World Trade Center's literal sky-cock measurements! Different ways to metaphorically poison yourself! And the latest hurtful thing Mad Men has done to black people.


Apr 26, 2013

Good day, sir. This week's episode of HWYW begins with a meditation on God, and ends with a plug for a cabaret show. In between, Julie speaks to the hilarious and brilliant RACHEL "DJ ROTARY RACHEL" LICHTMAN about The Monkees, how Baby Boomers ruin everything, the counterintuitive artifice of The Ramones, and whether the retro cycle is broken. Oh, and also Rachel imitates Joe Pesci's Bee-Gee's cover, and that is just perfect.

Then, comedian JENA FRIEDMAN joins us to discuss preceisely how Long Island she is, how AIDS shaped her hook-up patterns, her attitude toward small dogs, and the anatomy of the New Jersey Devil.

Plus--the guilty part of the female brain! Whether super foods can adequately supplement eating off the children's menu! Fleetwood Mac's medicinal properties! And a LOT of talk about Amanda Palmer and whether she can possibly be for real.

A fun and frenetic show!

Apr 19, 2013

What a week, huh? This new episode of How Was Your Week will not heal wounds, but, ideally, it will provide a whimsical distraction while the world burns.

First, CRAIG ROWIN, from the new TV show YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL is here to tell Julie what he sees when he looks down at himself in a Speedo, precisely how he'd like to be conned, where he is reading Arnold Schwarzenegger's memoir, and why you needn't be a dad to enjoy the works of Dave Barry.

Then, CHRISTINA GAUSAS joins Julie to discuss her dislike of Gayle King, the hazards of the Anthropologie sale rack, the misdeeds of Isaac Mizrahi, and whether David Foster has ever eaten a human finger.

Plus! Julie recounts the tale of her Eye Irritation. The notion of "dating and mating" is straight-up ADDRESSED! The kind of man Charlie Rose may be is fearlessly speculated upon! And comfort dogs are honored.

Enjoy this show. Love to Boston.

Apr 12, 2013

This episode of How Was Your Week Live was recorded live on April 5th at The Bell House in New York City!

Join Julie as she interviews SIGGY FLICKER, cooks with TED LEO and chef PICHET ONG, talks to MAX SILVESTRI about Woody Harrelson's band, and welcomes special surprise guests AIMEE MANN, CHRIS & BRIDEY ELLIOTT, VARSITY INTERPRETIVE DANCE SQUAD and TOM SCHARPLING and ZACH GALIFIANAKIS, whom we did not have time for.

Regret not being there live to see and hear our first ever shout-out to music show! Marvel at what you have to believe was a flawless showing of dance from VIDS! Enjoy songs from RAM, EXILE IN GUYVILLE, HEDWIG, and the East Coast debut of #BOTH--the Aimee Mann/ Ted Leo collaboration. And just know that Chris Elliott chugged Wesson oil on stage that night. It was a beautiful night.

Oh, would you were there. Here are photos!

  • The Guests:
  • Siggy Flicker
  • Pichet Ong
  • Max Silvestri
  • Chris Elliott
  • Bridey Elliott
  • VIDS
  • Aimee Mann
  • The Band:
  • Ted Leo
  • Chris Wilson
  • Daniel Ralston
  • The Dream Team:
  • Marianne Ways (Live Show Producer)
  • Jack Ferry (Director, ROCK IT LIKE A REDHEAD SHORT)
  • Melissa Schneider (Producer, ROCK IT LIKE A REDHEAD SHORT)
  • Brian Mann (Editor, ROCK IT LIKE A REDHEAD SHORT)
  • Alex Scordelis (Writer)
  • Chris Spooner (Podcast Producer, Graphic Designer)
  • David Hart (Slides)
  • Alex Gaylon (Sound Recording)
  • Mindy Tucker (Photos)
  • Gibson (Guiar Loaner)
  • Alex Gaylon (audio recording)

Thanks to the Bell House for hosting us!

Apr 5, 2013

Ahoy! This week's show is the LIVING END.

First, NICOLE J. GEORGES is here to talk to us about the story behind her graphic novel, CALLING DR. LAURA. This is a sad and funny tale about family, lies, love, and loss. It fascinates and I recommend listening to it. You will learn things!

Then, MARC SPITZ joins Julie to chat about his new memoir, POSEUR, as well as his impression of living in NYC since he was a teen, the kind of "Drugs and Daddy" book he did NOT want to write, the challenges of keeping your bitterness in the professional sphere only, and what his deal is with Richard Hell.

Also, some thoughts about EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and its bizarre ideas about women in pastel-hued environments, an avian revelation about the Real Housewives of Miami, some exciting foreshadowing in regards to tonight's HWYW Live, what Helena Bonham Carter would order at brunch, and an inevitable, No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency-fueled insight.

Plus, a hair angel named Kyle! A brunchmate named Siggy Flicker! Kim Richards's enigmatic shit pillow! And the unacceptable darkness of INK MASTERS.

Mar 29, 2013

Heeeeeere's Julie!

It's ROOM 237 week on How Was Your Week, as this episode is all about THE SHINING and the kooky theorists that form the backbone of the aforementioned documentary.

Julie spends the hour or so talking to ROOM 237 director Rodney Ascher and producer Tim Kirk about why THE SHINING might be about, among other things: the faking of the moon landing, the Holocaust, the massacre of Native American people, and how phalluses can lurk anywhere and everywhere, including in letterboxes.

Plus, how Whole Foods is an enemy to Passover, the challenges of dressing and feeding oneself, a dumb thing to say to cat-chatting Construction Workers, Tilda Swinton's box-napping, Optitex memories, and a salute to Richard Jeni.

Mar 22, 2013

This week's episode of How Was Your Week comes in like a lamb and out like a lady. First, UCB comedian and writer/performer CHAD CARTER joins Julie to talk about gene therapy, dog brains, and whether all massage is erotic.

Then, author, writer and generally funny and wonderful guy TED TRAVELSTEAD is here to promote his new book, THE PETRAEUS FILES, , and tell us what it was like pretending to be a hostage-taker for criminology students, how he deals with his OCD, and why "pimp stuff" isn't cute anymore.

Plus: What the Cannibal Cop likely does and doesn't know about from pop culture right now, what SMASH has become, the hierarchy of frozen yogurt, what is most chilling about a particular British Humanzee, and a very stupid and pointless anecdote about Fancy Feast.


Mar 15, 2013

This week's episode of HWYW features two bodacious blondes and a lot of talk about the Cannibal Cop's recent conviction. First, CAROL SUE GERSHMAN, authoress of HERE COMES AMAZING YOU and THE JEWISH LADY, THE BLACK MAN AND THE ROAD TRIP is here to talk to Julie about becoming a writer later in life, what a sexy thing to do to your partner might involve, the time she went to South America for plastic surgery and then was like, "no thanks," and the night she quit drinking after she upset her cousin at a Passover Seder.

Then, CLAUDIA LONOW, creator of the new series HOW TO LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS (FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE) talks to Julie about her show biz family, her experience as a child actor on KNOTS LANDING, the joke she wrote for Sarah Silverman, and what it was like being in LA during the comedians' strike before she became a successful showrunner, which she is! This is a fascinating interview with a fascinating woman!

Also, exactly how old the Pixies makes one feel, a confession about exercise videos and their chosen accompaniment, a story about going to the vet, and AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT MY FUCKING HAIR AND HOW GREAT IT LOOKS EVEN THOUGH I DID SOME CRAZY SHIT TO IT. Whatever. What harm does it do in these troubling times? Precisely none.

Enjoy this show!

Mar 8, 2013

This week's episode of How Was Your Week is a dazzling jewel nestled in the bosom of a neverending winter. First, DAVID WAIN is here to talk to us about magic tricks, Cheryl Ladd, the tuba, and why Anjelica Huston might be the Original Suicide Girl.

Then, AMERICA FERRERA joins Julie to chat about her adorable dog, her relationship with Sonia Sotomayor, her experiences on stage, and Ruby Foo's sushi.

Also: Udon noodles are traded in for regular-width noodles, the baby cured of HIV is inevitably cut down to size, catalogs and Glenn Hetrick's website are pondered to point of dangerous excess, and an important realization about clowns comes to its grease paint-streaked surface.

A terrific and important phase of our journey together. Take the step.

Mar 1, 2013

This week's post-Oscars episode of HOW WAS YOUR WEEK begins with a sad thing and ends on a high note. First, DC PIERSON joins Julie to discuss the types of people one will meet in high school Drama Club, what one does in Los Angeles to pass the time, and whether Donald is a normal name. 

Then, theatre director and handsome man ALEX TIMBERS talks to Julie about why history is a funny topic to explore in theatre, what it's like working with David Bryne, why Germany was a perfect place to launch ROCKY: The Musical, and the time he sort of faked his friend's death.

Also: Catherine Zeta Jones and her skin tagging-vocal abilities, a sad story about making Udon Hallway Noodles saltier, some new revelations about Glenn Hetrick, and an announcement for the April 5th HOW WAS YOUR WEEK LIVE with Siggy Flicker and Max Silvestri! Buy tickets now, friend.

Feb 22, 2013

Howdy, Captain!

This week's podcast is a special episode, HOW WAS YOUR EXORCIST, and in it, we discuss America's most Catholic gross-out film, The Exorcist. Joining Julie to talk about Regan and her afflictions are TED LEO and JESSE MURRAY, both of whom grew up playing with Ouija boards, interacting with priests, and fearing the crapola out of the shit in this movie.

Join us as we delve into the text of THE EXORCIST and figure out:

>Where the hell is Regan's dad?

>How does one keep track of all of these priests?

>How gay is Father Dyer?

>Why does Ted Leo love Detective Kinderman so much?

>Is William Friedkin like an exhausting uncle?

>Was that mother-daughter relationship EVER normal?

>Is D.C. a devilish place in general?

>What is CRASH COURSE about?

>Should we all read LEGION, as Ted wants us to do?

>Was James Earl Jones dressed up like the girl from the Blind Melon videos in the film sequel?

>Who would Ellen Burstyn's character be if she was an actress from real life current times?

>Is this the ultimate MANSPLAINING movie? (Yes)

Grab your holy water and your heart medications and join us in this nightmarish journey!

Feb 15, 2013

Hi-ho! This week's episode of HWYW starts off with a new Jenny McCarthy rant, then seamlessly segues into two great interviews. First up, it's fellow Scarsdale native PETER GROSZ, who joins Julie to discuss how great it is to hear from your rep that your friend has "buzz" or "heat," why the Cannibal Cop story was poorly timed, what Sonic has on its menu, and how weird it is that our parents are friends.

Then, actor CRAIG BIERKO is here to tell us about auditioning for THE MUSIC MAN, loving The Monkees, keeping company with his dog, Boo, and why Matthew Perry is a tough act to follow.

Plus: a Carmen Electra metaphor that will make you go "hmmm"! An observation about the new Best Week Ever! A new disturbing memoir recommendation! A sad story about a party in my apartment building! And a disgusting realization about Crocs and their Croc-holes.

A delicious Valentine's Candy Heart of a show!

Feb 8, 2013

This week's episode of How Was Your Week is a celebration of friendship, anger and genius. First, Julie introduces you to DAVID OZANICH, a brilliant playwright and dear friend who tragically passed away this week, way too soon. In an interview recorded two years ago, David talks to Julie about his favorite roles of the fabulous Karen Black, and it's wonderful to hear his voice in the present tense.

Then, hilarious cartoonist MICHAEL KUPPERMAN is here to chat with Julie about their post-9/11 friendship, his landscaping shenanigans, a cartoon about Humpty Dumpty, and an encounter with Peter Tork.

Also: A call to cancel SMASH! A tirade against CATFISH: THE TV SHOW and Jenny McCarthy! A plea for understanding in the realm of errant rage in the face of grief! And whether THE SHINING would have been better if Karen Black were in it instead of Shelley Duvall.

Thank you for dealing with my emotions this week. I hope this show brings you some joy and insight. Life is short, love your friends like it's your job.

Jan 31, 2013

OH HAPPY DAY! It's our 100th Episode!

This week, we're letting down YOUR hair with the hundredth ever episode of HOW WAS YOUR WEEK. First, TOM SCHARPLING is here to talk to Julie about the landmark occasion, that gross pig in the Geico commercial,, and the only sausage you can find in the Miramax section of your grocery freezer.

Then, JESSE THORN is here to interview Julie about the show and its ins and outs! It's a heady, pleasant chat that touches on the show's origins and delves into the emotional journey only ethnic people can chart, why it is straight guys don't get Bravo, and the theraputic benefits of broadcasting.

Also, thanks are doled out like so many cups of pre-school juiceboxes! And introspection is experienced. Happy Hundredth, gang! Onward and Upward.

Jan 25, 2013

Ahoy! The 99th episode of How Was Your Week features comedienne and adorable relative of Chris and Abby Elliott, BRIDEY ELLIOTT! She is extremely charming and funny in her own right, and we are delighted that she stopped by to discuss the time Ryan Gosling checked out her heiney, what she tells people her favorite TV show is, how she sleeps when her sister is in town, and what a sewing teacher told her to do when she toppled a coatrack.

Then, actor and playwright COLMAN DOMINGO is here to tell us about booking a part in LINCOLN, what it was like working with Don Johnson on Nash Bridges (it was not so great!), and what his experience was when he collaborated with Julie on BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW together.

Also, Julie has a hunch about what the new season of SMASH will specifically be, recaps the latest episode of FACE OFF, contemplates folk art as a metaphor, and offers cat magazine decorating tips for a new office of one's own.

Plus: an artful cover of the Intervention song! A new theory about The View! Some thought about DC and its wonks! And the debut of a new character called Annoying Woman At A Restaurant. A 99th episode fit to be paired with 99 bottles of beer you should imbibe while listening to it, after taking them down from the wall and passing them around!

Jan 18, 2013

This week's episode of How Was Your Week features RICHARD KIND and ISSA RAE. That's a lineup you can write home to your mother about--and put some perfume on the envelope while you're at it!

First of all, the great character actor RICHARD KIND is here to talk to Julie about which roles Jewish people recognize him from and which roles kids recognize him from; how Sondheim took a suggestion of his, and why it's frustrating doing THE PRODUCERS in front of tourists.

Then, the fabulous ISSA RAE joins Julie to discuss how her character in AWKWARD BLACK GIRL has changed, how her life got better after she cut her hair, and what it is about quirky comedy that isn't stereotypically black.

Plus: A confession about burrito bowls, some talk about what Jodie Foster probably thought her Golden Globes dress looked like, a recap of the television show Face Off, and a couple of observations about the motion picture Mrs. Doubtfire.

Listen to this show! What a show!

Jan 11, 2013

Let's get right to it: This week's HWYW episode is legendary. CARRIE BROWNSTEIN is here to discuss PORTLANDIA, her dogs' defective sense of time, how many times she cried during BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, and the time she hung out with Mick Jagger while he wore sweats and watched cricket.

Plus! The fabulous DANIELLE HENDERSON joins us to tell us about the origin of her website and book, FEMINIST RYAN GOSLING, her horror movie-loving grandma, and why she's a little wary about DJANGO UNCHAINED.

And! The underrated benefits of grudge-holding! The Al Roker Situation, and how we must never forget it! Hope Springs, and how it was snubbed! And a humiliating story about drinking a glass of milk.

Jan 4, 2013

Happy New Year! This week's episode of HWYW is smart, fun and sexually attractive. First, NOAH GARFINKEL joins Julie to swap horror stories about Rent-A-Wreck, discuss using a crazy person voice to beckon a dog, and share an upsetting way to parody a Big Bopper song.

Then, STARLEE KINE swings by to chat about movies she claims are her favorites that she hasn't seen recently enough to remember, whether a big vocabulary can give you new ideas, and what a Cryptogram is.

Plus, Kubrick Talk! An upsetting Acu-Massage Encounter! Jimmy Jazz does something really stupid! The Plot of Eating Raoul! And a new Ricky Gervais speculation for 2013 that will cause you to hide your loved ones.

A Big Deal 2013 Thing!

Dec 28, 2012

Happy New Year, almost! This week's episode of How Was Your Week is completely wonderful. There is only one guest on the show, because that is all you and I need. The great and powerful HUNTER BELL joins us to talk about his creative process when crafting works such as [TITLE OF SHOW], NOW. HERE. THIS. and SILENCE! THE MUSICAL, the puppet-lined path he could have taken in his career, and which Rattlesnake-themed garbage shows are on his DVR.

Also, fleeting Julie-reviews of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, LES MIZ, THE GUILT TRIP, ZERO DARK THIRTY and a million other movies I saw over Christmas break, plus a quick preview of coming attractions around and concerning THE EXORCIST, about which there will be a special extrasode, because that shit needs some discussion. Plus: a confession about Yummie Tummie shirts and how they affect my silly body! A suggestion for paranoid people that might help them turn their frowns upside downs! And an astute hypothesis about Linda Blair's "Regan" character. A marvelous final show to bury along with 2012 in its sweet-ass casket.

Dec 21, 2012

This week's Christmas edition of How Was Your Week is our Jewish-est yet! First, JACKIE HOFFMAN joins us to discuss the medications she is on, the crazy things her mother has said out loud, and her new show, A CHANUKAH CHAROL, which you should go and see.

Then, BILL PERSKY, author of MY LIFE IS A SITUATION COMEDY talks to Julie about the time Carl Reiner threw a guy's shoe out the window, what happens when you take an upper and a downer at the same time before pitching A special to Goldie Hawn, what it's like being the guy at the party who used to write for THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW, and other exciting things that have happened to him during his career in television.

Also, Julie deconstructs the Olivia Newton-John/ John Travolta cover of BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE until your blood turns to red ice! A story about being spit on! And things about Ricky Gervais, and the devil being real. Merry Christmas and enjoy the show!

Dec 14, 2012

Seasons greetings! This episode's HWYW is better than Christmas. MICHAEL IAN BLACK is here to talk to us about his new book, his relationship with hard liquor, how stupid words are, and the time he used delicious, delicious LSD.

Also, WILL HINES discusses with Julie the DVD commentary track from THE EXORCIST, Spy magazine, the hubris of Michael Stipe, and what ROSEMARY'S BABY has in common with RUSHMORE.

Plus: Roger Daltry's wig and Billy Joel's chin girth, the Jewishness of sleepaway camp, the 2012 celebrity death that stings the most, a fun thing for one gay guy to say about another gay guy whom he finds attractive, and a slightly tipsy recap of a holiday party attended in the RECENT PAST.

Ho-ho-enjoy it!

Dec 7, 2012

Hi guys. This episode is a good 'un! First up, BETH HOYT (My Damn Channel Live) is here to tell us about Toaster Strudel and what it tastes like, why she connects in a sexually powerful way to Channing Tatum, and all about this one video of her hands that a creep made.

Then, KYLE DUNNIGAN, an extremely funny stand-up comic, joins us to share an embarrassing story about becoming excited at an inappropriate time and the follow-up costume party that made it all somehow worse.

Also, dogs can drive now! The New York Post is guilty of murder! Diving for Tootsie Rolls! The sadness of Ellen and her talk show! And how Rock Star Dads are different than you and me.

A beautiful show for you this holiday season. Enjoy it, RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT!

Nov 30, 2012

Ahoy! This week's episode of HWYW stars the one and only SIGGY FLICKER! Can you believe she's here? Well, she is! After a lifetime of HWYW chatter and hype over DATING EXPERT SIGGY FLICKER, we finally got her on the show. And her personality is so big; her very SIGGY FLICKERNESS too towering, that we couldn't fit another guest on the show. We would have been fools to even try!

Anyway, yes. DATING EXPERT SIGGY FLICKER is here to tell us about her life story, growing up in Israel, what women can learn from her and why she doesn't respect Patti "made out of snakes" Stanger's methods when it comes to matchmaking.

There is also talk of Siggy's beautiful name and how fellow children mangled it! Why she doesn't THINK she gives the best advice! And what Siggy really likes to do when she goes into her favorite restaurant.

Plus, Kathie Lee Gifford's friend and the good cause her jewelry goes toward, the problem with holiday gift guides, my new love affair with The Real Housewives of Miami, what Animal Practice was about, and an embarrassing story involving Joy Behar and guinea pigs.

Nov 23, 2012

The blackest of Black Fridays to you! This week's episode of HOW WAS YOUR WEEK kicks off with a talk with the very funny DAVID REES (How To Sharpen Pencils, Get Your War On) about his career path from cartoonist to artisanal pencil sharpening, and how the census and his divorce played a part in that unique journey.

Then, Tony-winner and fabulous actress LAURA BENANTI (Gypsy, Go On) is here to tell us about why she thinks cats are face-eaters, the time she got wasted with Patti LuPone and woke up in the shower, and what it's like to have a womanly face.

Also, humidifiers and why/how they frustrate! Stuffing's status as a fine holiday food! The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and its wan offerings! And a treatise about boy-puss. A fine, non-turkey of a show!

Nov 16, 2012

Gobble Gobble! Go away, turkey! It's not your time yet.

This week's episode of How Was Your Week is jim jam-pick packed! TIM HEIDECKER is here to talk about his role in the new film The Comedy, and the time he went to a taping of Russell Brand's BRAND X television show and almost got kicked out by Brand himself.

Then, LISA HANAWALT and EMILY HELLER, the hosts of the podcast Baby Geniuses, are here to tell Julie about Lisa's affinity for birds, the time a roommate froze a possum in Emily's freezer, and why MRS. DOUBTFIRE stands up to repeat viewings.

Plus: some choice sentences from Stephen King's THE SHINING! How the Petraeus thing is like HOMELAND, but skeevier! A new section of the show called Kompliment Korner, and how Anne Hathaway's giant pretty face fits into it! And some pressing questions about Henry Rollins.

A fantastic show not worthy for the stupid drunk loud idiots in my courtyard who woke me up the other night.

Nov 9, 2012

Happy Post-Election Day! This week's episode of HOW WAS YOUR WEEK features talented designer, pop culture icon & all around wonderful and handsome gentleman TODD OLDHAM, who talks to Julie about Grey Gardens, Amy Sedaris, La-Z-Boys, House of Style, John Waters, animal rights, kindred spirits, and what it was like to work in fashion before the whole thing changed.

Then, NIKKI GLASER discusses her partnership with Sara Schaefer, with whom she hosts the podcast YOU HAD TO BE THERE, then tells a harrowing story about an ex who made up a "funny rap" about her bad breath and how she reacted to the pain. This is a therapeutic conversation you are fortunate to be privy to! Enjoy it, then live your best life.

Plus: a special about animal friendships that uses an iconic theme song in a thrilling manner, then chokes you up until you can't breathe! A condemnation of Savannah Guthrie and her makeup choices! Phaedra's new spin-off vocation! A question posed about Megyn Kelly which must not be answered! What NOT to watch on the elliptical! And how to procrastinate in an unproductive way, so your eyes still burn from computer rays and your body feels like an angry tree.

A diverse and dynamic show for your ears and your soul. Who needs chicken soup????

Nov 2, 2012

Greetings from Hurricaneville, USA! Here is a special episode of How Was Your Week exclusively about Hurricane Sandy, a horrible disaster that has fucked up so much shit.

So you know: Julie walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, past makeshift soup lines and through apocalyptic Chinatown, and up ten flights of stairs, just to retrieve podcasting equipment. This doesn't make her a hero! It makes her a PODCASTER. Hooray for this. Give to the Red Cross. ANYWAY.

This show features two guests in physical and emotional proximity to Julie, both of whom speak about the storm at length, and what their experience with Sandy has taught them. First up, CHRIS 'SPOONY' SPOONER is here to talk about volunteering at the Armory, feeding his work fish, naming his machete, experiencing survivor's guilt, catching the most recent episode of Boredwalk Empirezzzz before the lights went out, and how you can help.

Then, JACK FAGAN, who is Julie's boyfriend, talks about the ordeals of the past week, watching Julie inhale ravioli from a can, missing Halloween, enjoying a hot shower, sharing a cab with strangers, being wary of Radio Shack things, drinking earlier than usual, having a fight half an hour into the lights being out, and freaking out over the possibility of having to use a payphone.

Plus: What makes Chris Christie cry consistently, who Roz Chast is and where her legs went, what NOT to post on Facebook during a crisis, why you mustn't go to a second location with a Japanese businessman, and the stealth show tunes that Ben Folds writes. 

A very special episode during a horrible time in NYC history. I hope you love it.

Oct 26, 2012

This SPECIAL SPOOKY HALLOWEEN episode of How Was Your Week Live --HOW WAS YOUR SHRIEK-- was recorded live on October 17th at The Bell House in terrifying New York City!


Regret not being there live to see a surprise--and spooky--appearance by GENE SIMMONS, kind of! Marvel at the Halloween Costume Contest, which admittedly might not translate well to audio! Enjoy Ted & Julie's SPOOKY SONG-OFF! And gird your loins for CATS fan fiction and Tawny Kitaen's geniunely horrifying Twitter feed.

Plus--the lyrics to FRANKENSTEIN, finally! Spangles The Cat! The five things that scare Gabe! What slutty thing John Lithgow once said to Kristen on the set of 3RD ROCK! A man named Cheryl Morgan! And Gary Tha Squirrel's favorite candies. Oh, would you were there. Here are photos!

What a show! What a memory-maker! Best Halloween Ever!

The Guests:

Kristen Johnston
Tom Scharpling
Jon Wurster
Gabe Liedman
Gary Tha Squirrel

The Band:

Teddy Leo
Chris Wilson
James Canty

The Dream Team:

Marianne Ways (Live Show Producer)
Jess Coppa (Makeup, Wigs, Costumes)
Jack Ferry (Director, WHISKEY & WHITTLING SHORT)
Melissa Schneider (Producer, WHISKEY & WHITTLING SHORT)
Brooklyn Brainery (Location, WHISKEY & WHITTLING SHORT)
Alex Scordelis (Writer)
Chris Spooner (Podcast Producer, Graphic Designer)
Jack Fagan (Consultant; Muse)
David Hart (GIFs)
Alex Gaylon (Sound Recording)
Mindy Tucker (Photos)
Merge Records (Giftbags for the Costume Contest)

Thanks to the Bell House for hosting us!

Oct 19, 2012

Here's your October Surprise! A fantastic episode of How Was Your Week.

This week's show features MIKE BIRBIGLIA, here to discuss the process of adapting his one-man show, Sleepwalk With Me, into his new film-- in theatres now! We also talk about why he goes by "Matt" in the movie, the feedback he got being shirtless on-camera, and how Ira Glass's constant rejection of his pitches helped make him a better storyteller.

Then, San Francisco's drag practitioner of the Halloween arts PEACHES CHRIST talks to us about Meryl Streep in "Death Becomes Her," how he created his spooky drag persona, his relationship with Elvira, and working with Sharon Needles in "Silence of the Trans."

Plus: How one dog reacted to Annie's understudy, Pauley Perrette's latest dastardly deed, Bleeding from the face at Duane Reade, whether Sally Jessy should have tweeted the debate, and how to react to a vase of roses if you are a legend.

Also! What Tura Satana orders at brunch! How a Google Alert can ruin your day! Getting aliens out of your throat the hard way! And an annoying thing to say during a Barbra Streisand concert to a stranger.

A spooky and fun show for the ages!

Oct 12, 2012

This week's episode of How Was Your Week digs deep, hits rock, then gets out the Sheetrock drill!

First, FRANK CONNIFF is here to talk about Turner Classic Movies, Mystery Science Theater 3000, the title of that new movie where Helen Hunt plays a sexual surrogate, and the scariest part of The Wizard of Oz.

Then, one of Julie's biggest crushes of all time, ANDREW McCARTHY joins her to discuss his new book, The Longest Way Home: One Man's Quest for The Courage To Settle Down. Enjoy this chat about the Amazon and its elixirs, the curse of being known as a Brat Packer no matter what you accomplish, how to be alone when you're away, and what one does when traveling when one is not a food person.

Plus: an overheard remark from a subway putz in regards to what a book is NOT about, how Queen Latifah ruined everything, Tweeting Purina, and what the guy who plays FDR in Annie: The Musical is in store for.

Plus: Mannequin fur coat feelings, what a campaign platform in 1964 might include, and having no idea what the hell Homeland is about.

A show awash in nostalgia and amorous thrills!

Oct 5, 2012

Spooky tidings, gents and misses! This week's episode of How Was Your Week has two fantastic lady guests, and a lady host too. Don't make a big deal out of it. First off, Jessica Grose (Slate, Jezebel) is here to tell us about her new novel, Sad Desk Salad and to discuss a few nutty posts from lady blogs she reads and enjoys.

Then, writer/director/performer/documentarian and friend Jodi Lennon joins us to talk about her new devious habit, what her cats are like, making new friends, and how great NY1 is.

Also: what meeting Coco was like and how cream cheese should be, where Seth McFarlane is right now and where he actually thinks he is, what to expect from your parents when you tell them you're a prostitute, facts about Tuxedo Cats that are ridiculous, and why you should never act next to Michael Shannon.

Plus: Skorts! Spangles! And SHOPLIFTING? An October Surprise of a show. BOO!

Sep 28, 2012

Well, hi! This week's episode of How Was Your Week features author, radio host, documentary filmmaker and wonderful, brilliant British person JON RONSON. And this is great news because he is the best! Listen and enjoy as Julie and Jon discuss some of the new mental disorders that will be included in the new edition of the DSM, which Kubrick film is Jon's favorite, the plot of Mr. Death, why conspiracy theorists always have to annoyingly embelish the unbelievable, and what precisely The Bilderberg Group is.

Also--gnats and the disruptive horror they inflict in our night lives, Honey Boo Boo and what the Emmys can learn from her family, the bizarre piñata-related email friends may or may not have signed Julie up for, the time it rained chicken bones, and a new, cross-eyed fuzz-mush has stolen America's heart.

Plus! Why you should be buying canned instead of boxed soup! An exciting announcement about the next How Was Your Week Live on Oct 17th! Live-snarking, and its consequences! And a new affectation is born, and it tastes like Maker's Mark!

Bottoms up! This show is as sweet as an Old-Fashioned and as modern as a Sex on the Beach.

Sep 21, 2012

This week's episode of HWYW is very exciting and glamorous!

First of all, FRAN DRESCHER is here! This is incredibly amazing because Fran Drescher is a huge star whom everybody loves! Fran talks to Julie about her audition for This is Spinal Tap, her "Trash Cancer" project, reading 50 Shades of Grey, speaking at the DNC, marrying three gay couples, and why she doesn't really like to shop.

Then, Gawker's ADRIAN CHEN is here to tell us about why a lady named Chen got sent a bunch of boxes after Adrien pissed off 4Chan & Reddit, what the Horse_ebooks guy's deal is, the erotic illustrator whose work is all over Wikipedia, Swag Babies, and Foreign Social Networks.

Note: This conversation is, on occasion, sexually explicit. Warn or shoo the kiddies!

Also, the difference between Italian and Spanish dogs! Ottavia Bourdain's classy Twitter retort! A funny name for a baby! The physical equivalent of a whisper! And Patti Stanger proves once more she is made out of snakes.

HWYW is the podcast in red when everybody else is wearing tan!

Sep 14, 2012

Happy Shmashion Week! This week brings a new installation of the HWYW book club, and you are very excited about it. Because you believe reading is fun-damental!

Our one and only guest on this episode of How Was Your Week is David Sirota, author of the incredible book Back To Our Future: How the 1980s Explain the World We Live in Now--Our Culture, Our Politics, Our Everything. It is a marvelous read, and David and Julie discuss the following interesting things together:

>Why Ronald Reagan is ine-fucking-scapable
>What "The Huxtable Effect" is, and how it relates to our handsome president
>How The Army got a makeover
>Rambo 2, The Big Chill, Back to the Future and other HUGELY IMPORTANT 80s films  that say so much more than you think they do about the ideology of their time
>What you used to not be able to advertise to kids and how that changed what we know as TV
>Why the 1950s came back in the 1980s, and what Vietnam had to do with it

Also, Julie has one complaint about Spanx, continues to battle guh-nats, sees Poltergeist for the first time and has some pretty important questions about whether Zelda Rubenstein was lying or sexy.

Plus! A new Twitter account that confusingly promotes not harming oneself! Something only Andre Leon Talley can see! And some creepy ideas about Dr. Oz. A fascinating and terrific episode for you right now. Enjoy it!

Sep 7, 2012

Hello! Would you like to sit here? Great! That's your table, then.

The new episode of How Was Your Week is brimming with quality goodness. First, Wayne White and Neil Berkeley, the subject and director of the new documentary, Beauty is Embarrassing, are here to talk about Wayne's career as an artist who helped shape the visual direction of Pee-Wee's Playhouse, which rock star Chicky Baby was based on, why Randy scared the shit out of people, and how to work through a creative block.

Then, W. Kamau Bell, host of the FX show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, is here to talk about how his mom embarrassed him as a kid, his evolving love affair with the Obamas, what Chris Rock sounds like when he's angry, and whether he's ever seen a Tyler Perry movie.

Also, Julie's apartment is riddled with guh-nats! What it's like to see JAWS for the first time! Fashion's Night Out and its horrible consequences! And an abundant use of the C-word. This is an edgy and interesting podcast program!

Aug 31, 2012

Happy Labor Day! Even you, Jerry Lewis.

This episode of How Was Your Week is edu-taining and enter-cational! First off, comedian KURT METZGER is here to talk to Julie about approaching Prince, how news people differentiate the Amish, what he believes to be the scariest scene in "The Shining," and whether Rogaine works.

Then, Gawker editor, Internet superstar and general goddamn delight MAX READ joins us to discuss a few online subcultures that desperately need your attention, including ASMR people! Otherkin! Wikipedia authoresses! The Illuminati! And those who are soul-bonded to dead grunge artists. This conversation will shake your core and change your worldview, and at the very least, the ASMR "whispering" stuff will straight-up give you the creeps!

Also: Dad Broth! The ongoing digit-related saga of Honey Boo Boo! Paul Ryan's place in the Jonathan Franzen-verse! The world's dumbest idea for a tattoo! And a tender recollection of a perfectly-timed text from Julie's friend Nate during one dark night.

A show for you and yours. Enjoy it!

Aug 24, 2012

Oh, Heavenly Dog! This week's episode features two terrific comics and is otherwise delightful and fantastic. First of all, the hilarious ANDY KINDLER is here to make Julie cry off her eye makeup with laughter. Learn what Andy's mom said about Joe Paterno, what Andy said in Montreal this year that ruffled comedy feathers, and how Todd Solondz's last name is pronounced.

Then, ADIRA AMRAM, curly-tressed musical comedic dyamo is here to tell us what it was like growing up on a farm, selling cheese, gravitating toward leotards, and naming a cat something very special.

Also, Billy Bush's stupid vacation story, the dumb lady who brought her kid to yoga, a spooky story about a haunted hotel, and Allison Pill's herky jerky acting choices on THE NEWSROOM.

Plus--Hitler! Sausalito! The Jets! Scientology! And the pros of being A Plain Girl. What a wonderful show for you and me...and baby makes three!

Aug 17, 2012

It's a clip show-palooza this week, also known as an outtakes or "lost footage" episode! The 76th episode of How Was Your Week features all-new content from Julie, and things that you loved from past episodes as well as things you never heard from these wonderful guests! Therefore enjoy....

-PATTON OSWALT, who has things to say about THE GRADUATE!
-CAROLE RADZIWILL, who tells us about Sonja Morgan's Little Edie impression!
-EDDIE PEPITONE, who shares his ideas about a blue collar guy's acid trip!
-NATE HARRIS, who reminisces with Julie about the time they watched a video about female ejaculation together!
-SARA SCHAEFER, who has a disturbing story about an encounter with an actor whose work only children enjoy!
-and DAVE CULLEN, who has pearls of wisdom to dispense about Columbine and beyond.

Also in this episode, Julie discusses an ambiguous and unusual experience she had on the subway with a guy who may have been a pick-up artist, shares a story about an upsetting thing she learned about a self-help author way too late into her book, threatens with something gross, ponders "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and the politically incorrect thing all TLC stars have in common, and reviews Hope Springs.

A fun episode for fans of the show both new and old!

Aug 11, 2012

Here is a special minisode Spoony and I put together after hearing the news that David Rakoff died last night, far too young.

It's a brief introduction and the full-length interview he and I did in September. Losing David is a huge tragedy. I hope this long-form piece gives some comfort, or at least more time with him.

Note: the photo credit of David as Hotchkiss the butler from WASP COVE, the play I wrote with Rachel Shukert, is by Kent William Albin.

Goodbye, David. I already miss you so much.



Aug 10, 2012

Ahoy! And a robust August to you. This week brings the return of the HOW WAS YOUR WEEK BOOK CLUB! Woo-hoo! YEAH! Books!!!!!!!

The one and only guest on the show is Alex Stone, the author of Fooling Houdini: Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks & the Hidden Powers of the Mind. Strap on your nerd helmet, fasten its padded chin-strap, and get ready to learn...

  • Why people STILL play Three Card Monte
  • What the term "in-attentional blindness" means and how it applies to getting your watch stolen
  • The difference between magic and comedy
  • And why there aren't a lot of lady magicians.

Plus, Julie posits a disturbing hypothetical about Mr. Rogers, ponders Stephen King extensively, asks after Billy Joel, discloses an embarrassing decision she made in a movie theater recently, condemns ventriloquist dummies, and recaps Puppetry of the Penis, which may or may not have been a dream we all had.

Also: why it's sometimes tougher to trick children than adults, who Julie has decided the blind Kenny Rogers of magic is, Jack Black's performance in "Robert" Linklater's BERNIE and what a "Hype" is, in the magic lingo world.There's a lot going on in this week's episode.

This is a fascinating show for your face.

Aug 3, 2012

Hello, friend-os! This episode of How Was Your Week is a humdinger. Returning delight GABE LIEDMAN is here to regale us with stories about working at Barney's and which celebs were jerks to him, whether hunks are more funny than sexy, the possibility that he has too many teeth, and what Primal Fear is about. Gabe is delicious. He could talk about nothing for an hour and you would be thrilled.

Then, ALISON RICH is here to have a conversation...about a show called THE CONVERSATION! Hahaha! Do you see that thing I just did? Anyway, Alison Rich, with whom Gabe and Julie recently wrote on Billy on the Street and who is in a web series called INCOGNITO, watches a show on Lifetime called The Conversation so you and I needn't. But after this chat, you might want to! It features bare-footed talks with smart and interesting ladies like Sarah Silverman, Melissa McCarthy, Glenda Bailey, and...Olivia Wilde?!?!?!

Plus, Julie recalls an experience with an unpleasant pie vendor in Brooklyn, realizes something intimate and spicy about Kenneth Branagh, ponders specific instances of "ball-bags" and "pissy pants," explains Kristen Stewart's appeal and what she expects to be Robert Pattinson's weakness, recommends a new documentary, and reassures everybody that, because that Vince Vaughn is at the wheel of a 70's reboot, everything will be okay.

A fun and fabulous show for you and your ears.

Jul 27, 2012

The new episode of How Was Your Week begins with gratitude and progresses, ideally, with generosity! Consider it a gift, because we are so appreciative that the #TipSpoony campaign was such a success. Thank you, seriously, so much.

First on the show is British comedian and star of Grandma's House SIMON AMSTELL, who's in New York doing his one-person show, Numb, and has things to tell us about cats, Peru, apples, thoughts and feelings. Also, he went on The View this week and has stories about what that was like! Simon is brilliant and you must see his show if you can.

Our second guest is BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT, who is simply wonderful. He has lots to say about his new film, God Bless America, what his mom used to say about homely people in church, what it was like having a dad who did magic tricks, what the Merchant Ivory guys had to say about making a film look more expensive, whether Save the Cat's theory of making characters suffer is a bit much, and how he would rewrite Shakes the Clown if he were to make it today.

Also: how to turn into a cat, why hookers have to work harder now, how Hoop Dreams could have been better, whether I'm more like a tomato or the stuff in a oven that can only be cleaned with dangerous poisons, how money matters can be like surprise obesity, and the difference between Ruby and Rudy, both of which are, apparently, movies.

This is a great show, and we made it just for you. 

Jul 20, 2012

Oh, hi! How are you doing? Okay!

This week's episode of How Was Your Week features two fascinating and intelligent guests, plus a long ramble from Julie at the top of the show about the tautological and downright Jeff Foxworthian lyrics of the opening number from CATS: The Musical. Where are you going? There's more!

First, Steve Kandell, the Editor-in-Chief of SPIN Magazine is here to tell a great story about the time Bono blessed his unborn child. Then, Tig Notaro joins Julie to talk about her recent terrifying hospital visit, Butterflies and whether they bite, and the extreme highs and lows she's experienced in the last few months alone.

Also--Jason Alexander's impassioned pleas, a warning to take pro-biotics all the damn time. what C-Diff is, the last line of "Beasts of the Southern Wild," why bacon needs to pack it in, what pretension really means, dogs wearing bandannas, and a sad story about Tig's loss and resilience.

And finally, in a bid to stay economically viable and (as of now) ad and network-free, we're asking for PayPal donations to klausnerama (at) gmail (dot) com, if you are so inclined. It's called "Tip Spoony," and all the cash will go to me and Chris Spooner, so we can continue to give you Class-A entertainment week to week. Plea over! Anyway.

This is an important and thought/feeling-provoking show! I hope you love it.

Jul 13, 2012

This week's episode was recorded live on June 27th at The Bell House in beautiful New York City! Isn't that exciting? It is very exciting.

Join Julie as she interviews MARTHA PLIMPTON, JIM GAFFIGAN and KATIE NOTOPOULOS live on stage, while TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS watch! Enjoy a special, unannounced guest appearance by MIKE DAISEY, who joined us for a mid-show recap and consequent retraction! Regret not being there live to see the dance stylings of VIDS, who were incredible! And marvel in cherished, quintessential HWYW Live moments, like when Martha couldn't concentrate because she was distracted by the man in the giant cat mascot costume sitting to her left! When Ted Leo had to defend his affinity for the son on SMASH! When Jim Gaffigan disclosed the reason for his affinity for sea mammals! And when Katie Notopoulous introduced us all to her good pal, Mr. Eggs.

Plus--S. Epatha Merkerson has some interesting ways to use the hashtag feature on Twitter, Martha explains why she can not longer pull off the catowner look, Jim and Julie ponder dolphins and sunscreen, Katie and Ted dive into their mutual fascination about the furry community, and songs from RENT are sung, as is a balls-out medley that featured accordant choreography and a gigantic dancing cat. Oh, would you were there. Here are photos!

What a show! What a memory-maker!

The Guests:

Jim Gaffigan
Martha Plimpton
Katie Notopolous
Mike Daisey
Varsity Interpretive Dance Squad

The Band:

Teddy Leo
Danny Leo
Chris Wilson
James Canty


Dickie DiBella
Daiva Deupree
Phillip Taratula
Joanna Simmons

Jimmy Jazz:

Chris Sullivan

The Dream Team:

Alex Scordelis (Writer)
Marianne Ways (Live Show Producer)
Chris Spooner (Podcast Producer, Graphic Designer)
Jack Fagan (Consultant; Muse)
Rob Hatch Miller & Puloma Basu (Filmmakers)
Alex Gaylon (Sound Recording)
Mindy Tucker (Photos)

Thanks to the Bell House for hosting us!

Jul 6, 2012

Happy Belated Independence Day! The new How Was Your Week is blazing with freedom, fireworks and perfectly-cooked weiners. 

First off, we're delighted to host the third Real Housewife of New York City on the show and the first Princess! CAROLE RADZIWILL is here to discuss what it was like meeting her late husband's aunt, Jackie O, for the first time, how she ended up as a Real Housewife, and why the term "open relationship" doesn't apply to her and Russ from Aerosmith.

And then, KEVIN ALLISON is here to talk about his evolution from sketch performer with The State to storyteller, shares a disturbing story from his Cincinnati kindergarten days, reveals his Sun-In addiction, and tells us in detail about the time he almost prostituted himself.

Also, Julie has a story about going to a male strip club with Katie Notopoulos, how things tend to generally be all about the people who say them out loud, The God Particle and the Period Rock, and the tale of a sexy Cat Ophthalmologist with legs for days.

A show that will make you swell with patriotism and rock back and forth with general delight!

Jun 29, 2012

Hello, Summerinos! How's your summer going?

On this week's show, the marvelous ROB SHEFFIELD is here to discuss the three Rod Stewart-based stages of a man's life, his experience seeing Neil Diamond two nights in a row, and the magnificent Dollyness of Dollywood.

Then, MICHAEL MCMILLIAN, who plays Steve Newlin on True Blood, joins Julie to talk about how E.T. changed his life, what glamoring is exactly, and shares an awesome and terrifying ghost story that will curl your toes and straighten your lashes!

Also--Julie reviews the new Fiona Apple album and discusses what it really means to eat your feelings! Britny Fox liberates women of their confining shirts! Pencil erasers are considered as substitute chocolate chips! And Julie learns something about Star Wars that she would have preferred not to know.

A spooky, heartfelt, heartening and interesting show, all at once!

Jun 22, 2012

Is it hot enough for ya? The podcast, that is!

Happy Summer Solstice! This week's episode of How Was Your Week begins with a review of Rock of Ages, and segues into an important realization about Hannibal Lecter. There is also talk of a ghost hunter's caffeine addiction, a gynecologist's affection for a Comedy Central show, and how to integrate a hot summer color into your life, EVEN IF YOU ARE AFRAID. 

And the guests! The guests are sublime. First, JESSI KLEIN joins Julie to talk about body image stuff, Maine, Adam Carolla, her beloved guinea pig and her fantastic idea for a Paul McCartney-ish song called "Maybe I'm Disgusting."

Then, TAVI GEVINSON (Rookie) is here to talk about young people and inspiration, John Waters, her favorite character on Girls, and the part of musicals where old ladies lift up their skirts and do a little dance!

Plus: How the name Tavi is more predictive, personality-wise than Emily, who Julianne Hough is, the excess of peach eyeshadow in the 1990s, the, when to mention attachment parenting at a party, and what "The Andy Cohen edit" of a movie entails. A fun and fancy show!

Jun 15, 2012

Hi everybody! Happy Father's Day, almost! And happy Bunheads Premiere Week. This week, Julie is not ready to talk about Bunheads, then talks about Bunheads. She also welcomes two fantastic guests!

First, Eric Drysdale, a comedian, friend and television writer (Colbert Report, Daily Show) joins Julie to talk about Canadian things, 3-D photography, his first job, and other things that float his boat. He also does us all the TREMENDOUS favor of recapping the Queen musical for us! This is an unmissable summary. 

Then, Adam Pally, the charming, funny and handsome gentleman best-known for playing Max on Happy Endings (the gay one), is here to pick apart his Wikipedia page and tell us what is true and what is false. He also has stories about David Duchovny and Mischa Barton, and reminiscences about improv class with Julie! And what's more, he sports a red beard and has sired an adorable infant. Are you on board yet?

Also! Julie ponders the depressing phrase that is "One for Dark Horse, please," explains who Kelly Bishop is and finds out what Supermanning can be, Diet Mountain Dew is tasted, The Belz is Belzified, and other things are considered and celebrated as well.

Enjoy this show, featuring three fine Jews, if you include Julie, which of course you must do!

Jun 12, 2012

Welcome to the second-annual How Were Your Tonys!

On this special extrasode, Julie recaps the 2012 Tony Awards for you, bemoaning the lack of magic on Sunday's broadcast even with Ben Vereen present. Then, she gets confused about cruises and why they are now being televised, celebrates Candace Bergen's brave commitment to wearing absolutely everything, reads a tweet from a man named @Falsettoland, pleads for Nina Arianda to gain 500 pounds, envies the amazing penis-vagina sex Hugh Jackman and his female wife must have all the time and ponders Jessica Chastain in a deep way.

Then, the fabulous Ana Gasteyer is here to talk with Julie and Seth Rudetsky about their favorite moments from this year's show. Learn things from two theater people who have theater-y insights into theater's biggest night!

Plus: The commerce of intimacy! Leslie Uggams! Raul Esparza's grudge-singing! Ellen Barkin's face and forehead! Patti's perfect pitch! How Amanda Seyfried's name is pronounced! And so much more conversation about this year's award show. An important talk!

Jun 8, 2012

Lights, Camera, Podcast!

This episode of How Was Your Week is mostly about movies. Take your seats and pop your corn! First up, KURT LODER (MTV, is here to share a list of his favorite films that nobody else has really seen, including The Saddest Music in the World, The Midnight Meat Train, and The Fountain. You may know Kurt from MTV, but his film criticism is top-notch. Buy his book, The Good, the Bad and the Godawful: 21st Century Movie Reviews, here!

Then, NATHAN RABIN (My Year of Flops, The AV Club) joins Julie to talk in depth about two terrible Beatles movies: Paul McCartney's Give My Regards to Broad Street and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, starring The Bee Gees. An important conversation about how great the Beatles are and how insane these movies turned out to be, mostly for reasons having to do with folly, hubris, and Tracy Ullman.

Also: A treatise on Crispin Glover and fresh-pressed vegetable juice! A jazz musician's cat-related toilet project! Fiona Apple's long sweater and Francis Ford Coppola's nipples! Fancy chickens and why you shouldn't fight with theater ushers! And a hunch that Soon-Yi Previn watched the last season of Entourage.

Plus: A call for redheaded ladies coming to the June 27th How Was Your Week Live who want makeovers, Colin Firth naked, what Paul McCartney's movie self dreams about, what Kurt Loder does and doesn't like about Quentin Tarantino, and when to listen to the White Album.

Enjoy this!

Jun 1, 2012

Ahoy! The new episode of How Was Your Week is a trifle in the dessert-y sense, not in the trivial way!

First, SNL writer and Twitter superstar Paula Pell is here to discuss the nudist vacations she has taken, ways to avoid summer chafe, how to prank your friend at lunch, and the logistical challenge of procuring sizzurps.

Then, bitter Buddha and national treasure Eddie Pepitone joins Julie to talk about performing to prison audiences, trying to stay vegan, the apocalypse, avoiding dark documentaries, and how to go off one meds.

Also! Gary Sinise's awesome band and how it relates to Men in Black 3, why tomatoes are sometimes marvelous, the world's worst YOLO-themed twitter, why, according to a very well-realized internet article, "People hate Jews," and the continuing ballad of Jimmy Jazz, object of slow burning infatuation.

A boisterous and life-affirming show. Download it yesterday, with the assist of time travel and initiative!

May 25, 2012

Hello! This episode's How Was Your Week is wonderful.

First of all, PATTON OSWALT, one of our favorite guests and friends, is back! This is always a treat. This week, Patton is here to discuss his Webbys hosting gig and how Internet Commenters have evolved from standard trolldom into conversational tangent-bringers, the importance of being comfortable with silences, and then--BAM! BOOM!--discusses two great Robin Williams movies at length: THE BIRDCAGE and WORLD'S GREATEST DAD.

Then, RETTA, who plays Donna on Parks & Recreation and is a hilarious standup, is here to talk to Julie about sexting, GIRLS, 9/11, French Guys, and why we are both worried about Ellis not returning to SMASH.

Also! Julie takes a trip to the Genius Bar and survives to tell the tale, her cat explores the "Say it with Urine" style of communication that is so very popular in that particular community, Anthony Bourdain says some crazy shit, Becky Ann Baker is awarded a well-deserved honor, and library water fountains are reconsidered in the bottled water age.

Hooray for this show!

May 18, 2012

Oh, hello! On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, Choire Sicha is here! He is one of the editors of The Awl and the author of an upcoming book you must read, plus a very good-looking person with stunning eyes who also happens to loves cats. Choire joins Julie to talk about his life story and how he ended up a gay married person after working and living in different places and doing different things and generally living an interesting life!

Then, comedian, actor, writer and DEAR FRIEND Curtis Gwinn joins Julie to talk extensively about Carl Jung, ventriloquists, horror movies, and what lessons we can learn from The Purple Rose of Cairo. It is a good talk that contains many tributaries that flow into the darker corners.

Also, Julie has a triumphant proclamation to make about Jimmy Jazz, Marilu Henner tweets the ultimate Marilu Henner thing on Mothers' Day, Michael Caine does or does not get trapped in an attic, Dark Shadows is appreciated as a modern-day Touchtone joint, and what not to say to a redhead when she tries something on at your store.

Plus: How not to be mean on the internet! Why to be concerned when Julie resorts to bed for a turkey burger and Kubrick movie marathon! Anne Heche's fillers are explored! And what would happen if Johnny Depp and Daniel Tosh played strip poker together.

A meeting of the minds and souls. And a fine show to boot!

***Please note: In this week's show, Julie mis-attributes Shipoopi as being from The Pajama Game. She is incorrect and regrets saying so: it is from The Music Man.

May 17, 2012

Fade in on a show...with a focus on Smash...

HEY GUYS! It's the first episode ever of How Was Your Smash!

On this special Extra-Sode (it's not a minisode because, bitch, it's LONG), Julie talks at length to three guests about the best television of all time, Smash! First up it's Nate Harris, and he shares his five and a half favorite moments from the show after chatting before and after the season finale about whether the show is too straight, why the term and the concept of hate-watching must be destroyed, and what the best thing to say is when somebody gives you a massive sum of money.

Then, Smash season one writer Jason Grote is here to discuss the show alongside with Vulture Smash recapper Rachel Shukert! Learn what Julia was meant to be eating in bed instead of peanut butter! How the show could have made more sense if Katherine McPhee had played Katherine McPhee instead of Karen Cartwright! And why Derek will never not be likeable.

Also! Julie asks some How Was Your Week friends/ Smash fans what their favorite moments from season one were and therefore, there are cameos in this episode from Morgan Murphy! Jackée Harry! Retta! Scott Brown! Holly Schlesinger! My Gentleman friend, Jack! And Billy Eichner.

Finally, the Smash Twitter accounts are finally discussed. An easter egg! To say nothing of the Joan Didion anecdote that takes place at Anjelica Huston's house. I know! Yikes.

Let this podcast be your star.

May 11, 2012

Oh boy, oh boy! This episode of How Was Your Week is so good, it will curl your pretty lashes.

First and foremost, Julie went with Billy Eichner to see Rita Wilson perform at Joe's Pub last night, and there is an extensive recap at the top of the show of that blessed and sacred evening of song and magic. Nora Ephron and Wendi Deng were both in the audience? I mean. I can't.

And then, there are the guests. The guests! And what guests! In time for Mothers' Day, the charming and attractive SARA SCHAEFER (You Had To Be There) is here to tell a touching, funny and insane story about the time her mom invited a homeless man to live with her family for 6 months. Learn about chicken strips, Christmas Eve and Rwanda through the prism of a man named Harold.

Then, wonderful gentleman writer WILL LEITCH (New York Magazine, Gawker, Deadspin) joins Julie for the latest installation of How Was Your Week Movie Club. This week, we discuss the sublime Fargo. Subtopics of our fun, fascinating chat include:

>Whether Tarantino's '90s blood legacy holds up with the woodchipper gag (and it IS a gag, right?)
>If Harve Presnell was indeed Fargo's high-status stand-in for the "bellowing heavy" in the Coen Bros' cabinet of archetypes
>What Lt. Columbo and Marge Gunderson have in common
>A theory about how Walter White, Carl Showalter and Jerry Lundegaard are the trinity of failed virility
>Mike Yanagita, Mike Yanagita, Mike Yanagita

Also, more details are revealed about Jimmy Jazz, including some extremely intimate details about his intimacy parts! Julie accepts her Comedy Awards defeat graciously, then goes on to renew her vow to crush absolutely everybody on her way to where she--and we--need to be! Sean Bean is discovered and considered for who he is and not who he could be! And Julie watches, then recaps, Duck Dynasty and Tanked, because there is nothing better than never leaving the house.

A show that is so wonderful, even Rita Wilson would stop singing "Angel in the Morning" to complement it!

May 4, 2012

Ahoy! The new episode of How Was Your Week is a bonanza of learning, laughter, folks & fun.

First, Broadway composer (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Full Monty, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown), songwriter and musician DAVID YAZBEK is here to discuss his stint as a writer on Late Night with David Letterman, how the scores of films influence his musical adaptations, and why he doesn't think of Patti LuPone as a diva. She's just Patti!

Then, standup comic and general delight DAMIEN LEMON (The Guy Code, Hip Hop Squares) is here to talk about his worst-ever job and the degrading hat he had to wear whist working it, the whitest event he ever got to spy on, and why he refuses to acknowledge that Kim and Kanye are a thing.

Also: Julie is very excited to share a hot new R&B track with you in its sublime and insane entirety! Donny Deutsch weighs in on the Octomom's upcoming masturbation tape and some ancient blackface history because he was asked to weigh in by the Today Show, who should be ashamed! Details about the mysterious foster cat are gradually revealed! Mario Lopez's latest shame spiral is predicted, and actualizes! And a final plea for Comedy Award votes before Sunday's ceremony.

This is a show for the ages! Not for the aging. Sorry, grandma!

Apr 27, 2012

The new episode of How Was Your Week stars two wonderful ladies. First, singer/songwriter/actor/chanteuse NELLIE McKAY is here to sing us a beautiful song, talk about her dog, reveal what she really wanted to play on her first Letterman appearance, and otherwise enchant us from our heads to our tails. 

Then, Jezebel Deputy Editor DODAI STEWART speaks candidly about her obsession with game shows, ponders Lena Dunham, expresses her availabilty--GENTLEMEN--- and discloses her scandalous Hanna Barbara crush. 

Also! Julie is still recovering from the Bollywood number from this week's Smash AND the revelation that Simon Van Campen spontaneously jizzed his britches when his sons were born. The ramifications of Taylor Swift playing Joni Mitchell factor into time travel! And also there is a lot of talk about Shirley McClaine.

Plus--the specificity of Dodai's hate-strewn inbox! Nellie's ideas about apples, and what they have in common with quaaludes! How "Gotye" is pronounced! And what women generally do NOT do after they have sex with a corpse, despite what we learned from "Weekend At Bernie's."

Holy cowbell--a great show!

Note: Ben Bynum plays guitar on "Rio de Lua"--"Moon River."

Apr 20, 2012

Four-Twenty, Dudes! Right? Wrong! Never call people "dudes" unless you're addressing a convention of lookalikes of Sean Penn's character in that one movie. Yes, Dead Man Walking! Anyhoo.

This week's show features THREE incredible guests. First, Julie speaks to the Hottest Slut of All Time Ever, Michael K, the editor of, about his job as a phone sex operator, the good things Perez Hilton donated to society when he was just starting out, the backlash he gets from blog readers, and the last time he threw up.

Then, Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, the stars and creators of NBC's Best Friends Forever, are here to discuss how infuriating it is that Julie doesn't know from Anne of Green Gables, the terrors of working in sunny Filipinotown, the problem behind the premise of Beaches, and how much cashmere Nancy Meyers wears to direct her movies.

Plus--Mario Lopez's Army is sent into battle, Diane Keaton cracks the Twitter code, why Julie doesn't want you-know-who Love-Cobain contacting her, and how "slut" is the best compliment.

Also, Julie feels like Shirley McClaine for an exciting, cat-related reason! The lyrics to the Frasier theme song are explained, finally! The term "Rowdy Cop" is used! The new Chuck E. Cheese policy is illuminated! And a disgusting Chevy Chase anecdote is revealed.

Apr 13, 2012

Pardon our shoulder-brush, but this episode is just so great.

In the ultimate guest-pairing, Julie welcomes two notable personalities to her show this week: author Susan Orlean, and comedy writer Jon Hendren, also known as Twitter user @fart.

First off! Susan Orlean--whose new book, Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend, is a superb new addition to the HWYW Book Club--is here to discuss the following topics:

>Whether or not a dog can actually act
>The pinup-like appeal of the Golden Retriever and the historically challenging heroism of the German Shepherd
>What her first tweet was
>The Dogville shorts, and what their deal was

Then, Jon "@fart" Hendren is here to talk about the time he bullied the guy from Smashmouth into eating a whole lot of eggs, why he hates Garfield the cat, what this one Eminem-obsessed guy kept searching for on AOL one time, and whether babies can or should eat cough drops.

Also! The looming spetcre that is the Three Stooges movie, and how it might affect your weekend according to what gender you are; the unacceptable "BOING!" sound effect in this one insanely bad Genesis song; constantly auditioning waiters and how they do not know what words mean sometimes; and how to start a Twitter feud with Leah Remini.

One of the best episodes we've done so far, which is saying something."Something!" #LOL

Apr 6, 2012

Happy Easter and Passover!

This week’s episode of HWYW features Dr. Leo Spaceman himself! That's right: the wonderful CHRIS PARNELL, who is so funny and charming and just generally marvelous in one billion different ways, talks to Julie about how weird schnapps is, what he's like at a party, his SNL audition, and the origins of Merv the Perv. 

Then, JON DALY, who is so deeply hilarious it will make your body tissue ache, pays Julie a visit in the form of SAPPITY TAPPITY THE DRUNKEN ENGLISH ROLLERBLADING PINE TREE. Enjoy this insane conversation between Julie and a very important comedy character and relish each factoid Sappity shares about his devotion to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, his speculation on what Whoopi looks like during a moment of exquisite intimacy, the importance of setting aside time for podcasts, and a very exciting theatrical endeavor he's collaborating on with Richard Foreman. 

Also! Julie opts for oil AND cream on her hypothetical commercial pie; introduces, then celebrates, Kip the purse-taking dog; connects Nickelodeon's tradition of sliming female celebrities to the WAM fetish; discusses Petey, a cat who looks like a particular figure from history; and admonishes straight girls for trying to shock their peers by publicly proclaiming their affections for a particular dwarf.

Plus: Sappity's totally funny Vegas prank he pulled one time with The Peppers! Chris Parnell's fond reminiscence of the time Maya Rudolph showed him her breasts! That time January Jones wore a fat suit and inhaled her TV daughter's sundae like it was a placenta! And a sad disclosure of personal events that I hope doesn't make you too depressed to listen to.

A show that's fit to make Good Friday great!

Mar 30, 2012

Ahoy! So, this is a big deal.

This week's episode of HWYW features RuPaul's Drag Race Superstar Contestant and "post-Warhol mannequin with the look of a cover model and the soul of a shoe" SHARON NEEDLES, who talks to Julie about her friendship with Chad Michaels, the first horror movie she ever saw, which of the queens on this season's show hasn't seen Paris is Burning, and how incredible Elvira's breasts look in person. Can you deal? You likely cannot. Then, Buzzfeed editor WHITNEY JEFFERSON is here to discuss her five favorite Willard Scott monents from his Smuckers/ birthday greetings gig on The Today Show. Clowns and Jane Fonda are also discussed!

Also! Julie praises George the heroic basset hound and his paw-mashing phone skills; Sharon and Julie do dueling Cher impressions; Whitney Jefferson accepts a compliment about her beautiful eyes; and the real conflict on SMASH is pondered--the battle between Debra Messing's scarves and Meryl Streep's daughter's braids.

Plus! Al Roker's frigid penis! Sharon Needles' Gaga shout-out! Camille Grammer and Madonna's post-divorce art! And a plea for your vote in this important election.

A groundbreaking and artistically explosive show!

Mar 23, 2012

On the first HWYW episode of spring, CBS Sunday Morning correspondent, humorist, author and brilliant expert on many important things including musical theater, MO ROCCA is here to discuss what you should and shouldn't say to celebrities that are famous for one thing, why Gypsy is the best musical, what kind of woman Mo looks like when he's in drag, and what Jerry Herman score he listened to on his Discman when he was jogging in Tokyo. 

Then, DAVE CULLEN, author of the book Columbine, is here to talk to Julie about what we've established is one of the greatest non-fiction books published in a long time. It is an important conversation about a riveting book that will hopefully be more fascinating to you than it will just merely give you nightmares.

Plus, Julie expresses:

-Relief that a second season of Smash will exist
-Disappointment in the New York Times for publishing an extensive essay about a gel manicure that indirectly references Nora Ephron
-Indifference around the latest Burton-Depp collaboration that doesn't seem to be hurting anybody
-And delight that Sean Young has been appearing in public wearing a neck brace.

Also! The adorability of Siamese children versus Thai ones! What not to say to Richard Klein! A contest having to do with the March 29th live show in LA! And the enormity and scope of Jonah Hill's torso.

A compelling and occasionally intense show, after what was not a great week, at least for me. I hope you love it!

Mar 16, 2012

On this episode of HWYW, music legend RICKIE LEE JONES talks to Julie about the messages girls can get from billboards, the barbed blessing of working with a producer whose opinion you trust, and her horse, Cinderella. What a treat to chat with Ms. Jones! This is a huge deal.

Then, author KAMBRI CREWS is here to discuss her fascinating new memoir, BURN DOWN THE GROUND. Kambri is the daughter of two deaf adults, and her dad is currently incarcerated in a Texas prison. It goes without saying that Kambri has a story to tell that is absolutely unique, compelling and heartfelt. A must-listen interview about a must-read book!

I also have to mention that there's a pretty incredible connection between Kambri and Rickie because Kambri, as she mentions in her interview, used to work at Chuck E. Cheese. And of course, I was therefore tempted to title this episode "Chuck E. Cheese's in Love." I would appreciate you praising my restraint.

Plus, Julie devises a theory about Stephen King's writing process, summarizes the "Cat Food Lady" episode of MY STRANGE ADDICTION, pitches the Vern-cast, comtemplates the process of putting tights over recently lotioned legs and compares it to putting wax over cheese, and happily closes the coffin on "Slut-shaming culture," sending it off with a rather disgusting anecdote about the jerk who hosts SOUNDCHECK.

Also, the seductive quality of a certain volume of the encyclopedia! Yet another stupid thing to say about a stranger's dog! And an exciting announcement about our LA show with Patton Oswalt, Katie Notopoulos & Ted Leo and his all-star band on March 29th!

A show that is neither to be missed nor to be underestimated!

Mar 9, 2012

It's been a year of How Was Your Week! Can you believe it? Remember a year ago when the podcast began? That's when I was carrying you! 

On this One Year Anniversary episode of HWYW, Barney's creative ambassador, author, humorist, bon-vivant and general full-on f'ing icon SIMON DOONAN joins Julie to discuss his new book, Gay Men Don't Get Fat, the influence of celebrity culture on style, how marvelous sweeping generalizations are, and numerous important facts about Raquel Welch, not least of which is that she and Camille Paglia are good friends (!!!)

Then, author and Monkees historian ERIC LEFCOWITZ sits down with Julie, the week after Davy Jones passed away, to talk about his memories of Davy, the rivalries in the group, the mad beauty of HEAD, and what happened after the band got together for Headquarters. Warning: this is a pretty intense conversation between two hardcore Monkees nerds. If it's Greek to you, consider buying Eric's book first!

Plus, Julie expresses concern about Pat Kiernan's eye not being on the prize, bemoans Jesus's husky understudy, teaches her cat how to use a scratching post with her own stupid fingernails, and reminds a certain enemy of the show that things are usually about Uggie.

A podcast that is so much better than the "paper"-themed one year anniversary gift that is customary. Nobody wants your dead trees, grandma!

Mar 2, 2012

On this episode of How Was Your Week, comedian, writer and general superstar LIZZ WINSTEAD joins Julie to discuss her new book, the GOP race so far, her dog's cock, her Planned Parenthood tour, and how you "learn" about menstruation in Catholic School health class.

Then, comedian, storyteller and all-around good egg ADAM WADE is here to celebrate his very special relationship with his landladies; two elderly Italian sisters who leave food outside his apartment when they are not mad at him.

Plus, Julie plays a clip of a blood-curdling acoustic cover of a song called "Fear," by HWYW enemy/ NCIS star Pauley Perrette! S. Epatha Merkerson's blunt but stern Twitter presence is revealed! Patti Stanger's "Sensa Bod" is argued to be real by the snake-woman herself! And two new gingers are inducted into the Redhead Hall of Fame.

Also, why Adam's spirit animal is a kindly senior citizen! What gross and weird thing Lizz has to do twice a day! The power of puppy documentaries to make your emotions violently turn into feelings completely different than the ones you were experiencing moments earlier! And the shocking new Dancing With The Stars lineup is announced.

A show that will warm your heart-cockles and rub your face-temples!

Feb 27, 2012

This is exciting! On this special BONUS minisode (it's short for "miniature episode," friends), Julie discusses the 2012 Academy Awards with New York Times reporter DAVE ITZKOFF and cinephile GARY THA SQUIRREL, who came to the New York Times building in a Wawa bag toted by TOM SCHARPLING--- just to talk about Oscars, Oscars, Oscars!

Join Gary, Dave and Julie in a respectful roundtable discussion, during which they address burning questions from last night, such as:

-Who got the worse snub: Scorcese or Albert Brooks?
-Will "Community" get a post-Oscars Descendants bump?
-Where was Tom Cruise during the majority of the broadcast?
-What happens when Nikki Finke decides to be funny?
-Can Billy Crystal be stopped from doing blackface?
-Did Gary like Midnight in Paris? Does he have an anecdote about Diane Lane?

Plus! Gary shares with us his three point plan to make next year's ceremony dazzle us all. And Dave hints at some tidbits from his book about the great film, Network!

And, as an even bigger bonus, the great TED LEO wrote a brand new theme song to the show--complete with a tropical beat that will cause you to shake your maracas. Even you, Albert Nobbs!

You want the mini-sode? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE MINISODE! But here it is anyway. Hooray!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Gary Tha Squirrel, Dave Itzkoff
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Special Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo
Thanks to Tom Scharpling

Feb 24, 2012

This week's episode was recorded live on Feb 2nd at The Bell House in beautiful New York City! Isn't that exciting? It is very exciting.

Join Julie as she interviews SANDRA BERNHARD, TOM SCHARPLING and JOE MANDE live on stage, while TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS watch! Enjoy a special, unannounced guest appearance by IRA GLASS, who joins LEIGH HENDRIX, the winner of the HWYW Poetry Contest, in our Pretzel Crisps and Peanut Chews-furnished Snack Nest! And marvel in unexpected moments: like when Julie forgot the opening verse to an Avril Lavigne song! When Sandra Bernhard came out wearing a gorgeous boho ensemble, only to slide around in her shitty folding chair! And when we all remembered, along with Joe Mande, how much we all miss Andy Rooney.

Plus--Ted has some pressing questions for a gentleman who works for Peanut Chews and some disconcerting theories about "Kiss From a Rose," Tom has big ideas about the Candyland movie, Ira has some harsh words for white chocolate, Joe has some innovative ways to confuse female bodybuilders on Twitter, and Leigh Hendrix has a new friend.

Also-- Julie asks Ted about the "Philly Lunatic"! Tom asks when he missed the meeting about everybody deciding to watch and live-tweet Downton Abbey! Ira suggests the ultimate snack mash-up! And Sandra makes Julie's dreams come true when she duets with her on "Wichita Lineman."

What a show! What a memory-maker!

The Guests:
Sandra Bernhard
Tom Scharpling
Joe Mande
Ira Glass
And introducing Leigh Hendrix

The Band:
Teddy Leo
Chris Wilson
James Canty

The Dream Team:
Alex Scordelis (Writer)
Marianne Ways (Live Show Producer)
Chris Spooner (Tech, Podcast Producer, Graphic Designer)
Lacey Micallef (GIF designer)
Jake Fogelnest (Consultant)
Miriam Grubin-Cappel & Ben Cappel, and their dog Chloe (Ground Dog Wranglers; Ground Dog)
Jack Fagan (Consultant; Muse)
Kelly Hudson (Video Editor)
Greg Stees (Cameraman)
Bob Zender from Peanut Chews & Jason Harty from Pretzel Crisps (Sponsors)
Sanjib Mukhopadhyay (Sound Recording)

Feb 17, 2012

On this episode of How Was Your Week, basset aficionado, comedienne and Twitter superstar JENNY JOHNSON joins Julie to discuss her mother's hatred of gingers, the choreography of certain celebrity sex tapes, what her dog once thought was cheese, and the Kim Kardashian tweet that confused the hosts of The View.

Then, comedian and occasional recapper of food-themed television MAX SILVESTRI is here to inform us of a television show that exists called "Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off." Unfortunately, this program is not a televised fight to the death, but at least Taylor Dayne was on it--to say nothing of Coolio and Lou Diamond Phillips! They were also participants. Yikes, right? Right.

Plus, Julie breathes life into the theory that Malachy, the winner of the Westminster Dog Show, is NOT A DOG AT ALL! A story about a grifter-fainter on her flight who littered his free snack debris on the seat between them! A bold takedown of Julie's alleged racism from the hard news blog,! 

Also, what it was like to kiss Uggie and why it is okay to say you're jealous about it! Whether it's likely that Holocaust victims care about being posthumously baptized! And Julie meets a new enemy who stars on NCIS and is named something ridiculous.

A fine, fine show for your ears!

Feb 10, 2012

On this episode of How Was Your Week, actress and author KRISTEN JOHNSTON joins Julie--on her bed!-- to talk about her new book, GUTS, why Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn't like other messed-up former child actors, the time Kyle Richards did background work --and tried to be Kristen's BFF!--on ER, the advice she'd give people considering rehab, and how kind John Lithgow was to her during her THIRD ROCK audition.

Also, what advice she gave Andy Cohen back in the day! Her dog's food issues! And the terrifying experience she had in London that led her into sobriety.

Plus, Julie re-watches THE NEVERENDING STORY and has strong feelings about Bastion's father's breakfast choices! What Roberto Benigni has in common with Glenn Close--and a real boy! Why Debra Messing's husband in SMASH is so discouraging of her lyric-writing! The history of clowning, and how it relates to the book, COLUMBINE! And Anthony Bourdain's Oscar picks, because somebody (damn her) actually asked him.

Also, Kristen put on lashes do do this podcast, and you can hear them on the recording! In a way, you can. Shut up! I'm serious!

Feb 3, 2012

It's a clip show-palooza this week, also known as an outtakes episode! The 48th episode of How Was Your Week features all-new content from Julie, who is still recovering from her "sore trote," and did not wish to infect new interview subjects with it, because she is a nice and civilized person.

Therefore! This week's episode features never-before heard footage from four terrific guests: 

-PATTON OSWALT, who explains his opinion on whether inventors are weirder than magicians!

-MIKE DAISEY, who reveals what Steve Wozniak ordered when they lunched together!

-JOHN MULANEY, who reminisces on that insane "Breaking Bad" Season Three finale!


-TED LEO, who explains the origins of the How Was Your Week theme song!

Also in this episode, Julie discusses her emotional takeaway from watching the major motion picture ALBERT NOBBS, how Walgreens integrates social networking into its mission of selling lube to people, Debra Messing's character's arc on SMASH, and how fun last night's HWYWLive show was. (It was extremely fun.)

A fun episode for fans of the show both new and old!

Jan 27, 2012

On this episode of How Was Your Week, comedian, actor, writer and beautiful lady DAVID CROSS joins Julie to discuss the cancellation of WORK IT, the burden of an entertainer's self-awareness, and how he used to give Julie his salad orders when she worked as his assistant a few years ago.

Then, comedian, Rosie O'Donnell expert and viral videographer, ELIOT GLAZER (Shit New Yorkers Say, It Gets Betterish) is here to share his favorite "WTF" moments of Rosie's occasionally bizarre career. Yes, her variety show will be discussed, as will her Spanx-based standup, and "Riding the Bus with My Sister."

Plus, Julie, who's under the weather, is still healthy enough to be livid about those who were snubbed by this week's Oscar's nominations, and discusses Tilda Swinton's resemblance to a greyhound, whether Michael Feinstein should be in a gritty TV drama, the whimsy of FRIENDS episode titles of yore, Betty White's bizarre birthday special, and the horrors of one day having a male child who isn't gay.

Also! The winner of the HWYW Live Poetry Contest is announced! The gist of Rosie's old school "Partridge Family" bit! The latest setback in the Linda Lovelace movie! The watchability of Celebrity Wife Swap! And how things that used to make David angry no longer do.

A barn-burner of a show!

Jan 20, 2012

On this episode of How Was Your Week, author, comedian and talk show host CHRIS GETHARD joins Julie to talk about family secrets, nemeses, Diddy's applesauce-related demands, the prurient underbelly of NYC Public Access fans, and his new book, A BAD IDEA I'M ABOUT TO DO.

Then, online curiosity collector KATIE NOTOPOULOS is here to share some of her favorite and most unusual things on the internet right now including diaper aficionados, small town police scanner recappers, Twitter Nazis, Bronies, and the only people who are using Yahoo! Answers correctly.

Plus, the unexplained employment of Andie MacDowell's daughter at the Golden Globes! Goat-grooming, and how to cheat at it! The arguably out-of-proportion internet outrage at Paula Deen's hubris! And what sploshing is.

Also! The Groundhog Day edition of HWYW Live is now sold out, but you can still win two tickets by submitting a poem here! So get on your Ogden Nash caps and start scribbling away. And if you send your entry in by 1/25 you can come to the show AND get a special extra surprise-prize!

What could be better than that? Absolutely nothing. Hooray!

Jan 13, 2012

On this episode of How Was Your Week, the great FRANK DeCARO, author of THE DEAD CELEBRITY COOKBOOK, joins Julie to discuss the time Paul Lynde made some racist remarks at an Illinois Burger King; what, from his book, to serve to a Latin-American gentleman you're about to bed; and how to host a memorable Golden Globes extravaganza.

Then, the delightful KATE BEATON, cartoonist and author of HARK, A VAGRANT, is here to share her views about artistic depictions of diarrhea during Medieval Times, who she'd like to be on "Downton Abbey," and the chauvinist behind "Beetle Bailey."

Plus, the hazards of occasion-less cupcakes! A contest is announced! A celebrity impression is done! Pomegranate seeds are found to be delicious in things you would never think of putting them in! Canadians are hilarious! And the return of Siggy Flicker, whose Twitter has got to be some kind of art project.

Also! Check out the new How Was Your Week Tumblr! And there are still tickets available for the February 2nd HOW WAS YOUR WEEK LIVE at the Bell House, which will be sponsored by Pretzel Crisps

What a delicious show!

Jan 6, 2012

Happy New Year! On this episode of How Was Your Week, one of the authors of I Want My MTV, the fantastic oral history of MTV, ROB TANNENBAUM is here! And Rob is all to happy to talk to us about the Canadian almost-beauty queen who played the teacher in the "Hot For Teacher" video, the '80s versus the '60s in the pop culture status canon, Prince's on-set whispering techniques, and Cher's wonderful comeback at the first-ever VMA's.

Plus, how much Guns N' Roses' videos would cost, with inflation! David Fincher Versus Michael Bay! How Pauly Shore represents sexual slavery, in Julie's mind! The satirical origins of the "Cherry Pie" video! And why "Downtown" Julie Brown and Adam Curry are the same (seemingly rotten) person.

Also, Julie discovers an online brotherhood that wants no part of her membership! The Today Show's target audience is found to be cats! A tweet from Siggy Flicker! Things We Wish We Didn't Know! News of exciting progress made in the Linda Lovelace biopic! And exciting details about the February 2nd How Was Your Week Live show at the Bell House.

A pop culture-palooza of wonderful show-ness for your face and spirit.

Dec 30, 2011

Ding Dong! Who is it?  The last episode of the year! Why, come in, won't you? Thank you, I/it will!

On this installation of How Was Your Week, musician, songwriter, former Soul Coughing-frontman and author MIKE DOUGHTY is here to discuss his new memoir, THE BOOK OF DRUGS. Also covered in this very excellent interview: what happened when drugs no longer worked versus how great it was when they did, Mike's contempt for his former bandmates, the myth of rock-bottom when it comes to addiction, and what the horrible term "corn-cobbing" means.

Also, Julie recaps a particularly odd and disturbing episode of DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES, digests rich foods on-air, and bemoans the GOOP app.

Plus! Mariah Carey's work ethic! Anthony Weiner's devilish wish! Candle-eating dogs! And some exciting details about the February 2nd announcement we've teased you about in the past.

A show that's surely "WINNING," in that it leaves 2011 behind with style and grace. Enjoy it!

Dec 23, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, the hilarious KURT BRAUNOHLER joins Julie to tell her a wonderful and insane story that explains exactly why he is bound for Hades, and covers the topics of ventriloquist dummies, duct tape belts, and the glut of pre-9/11 prank shows.

Then, Gossip Girl authoress CECILY VON ZIEGESAR talks about what influenced her as a teenager, the dirty joke in the first book about Serena's you-know-what-hole, and how great she is at baking pies.

Also, Julie is at a spa, and complains about portions! The scariest part of The Wizard of Oz! The timeless last line in Men in Black! Lea Michele's punchability! Who Tim Tebow is! And more JC Penney Facebook Page updates!

Plus, Kurt has a story about the time he dressed up as a tumescent gorilla that will curl your hair, then relax it into a gentle wave.

This is a fantastic show.

Dec 16, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, rock legend and wonderful friend TED LEO comes over to play acoustic versions of his songs, and then, as a bonus, covers Concrete Blonde AND does a special unplugged version of the How Was Your Week theme song!

Then, in the shortest-ever interview on the show, Real Housewife of New York City and Wine, Jewelry and Skin Care Entrepreneur RAMONA SINGER tells Julie what her favorite Christmas carol is, explains why she never learned to act "socially correct," and unveils her new business endeavor--a new brand of Italian Red Wine.

Also, Julie inducts a new member into the Redhead Hall of Fame, compliments Mario Lopez on figuring out how to hashtag his tweets, reads Spoony's final recap of Bored-walk Empirezzzzzz, and grapples with being fruit-drink drunk at the Patti Lupone/Mandy Patinkin show.

Plus: The pros and cons of decorating Christmas Trees! The quandary of end-of-the-year lists! And how ridiculous kangaroos are.

A magical show during a magical time of the year!

Dec 9, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, the hilarious and adorable KRISTEN SCHAAL joins Julie to discuss the best and worst Christmas gifts she's ever received, her hatred of high-heeled shoes, and the hazards of tweeting about our president after drinking a martini.

Then, the gorgeous comic actress ARI GRAYNOR talks about her new film, The Sitter, what it's like to be typecast as "the girl who receives oral sex in the first scene of things," getting brutal notes from Woody Allen, and how Barbra Streisand makes an entrance on set.

Also, Julie relays a disconcerting, perhaps too-long story about an idiot in a dog park who didn't understand what Basset Hounds are really about, reveals the size of Spanx she wears, explains why she's fun to have at a party, and joyfully relays Spoony's Boardwalk Empire recaps for your pleasure.

A delightful show packed to its hilt with holiday spirit!

Dec 2, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, the marvelous NICK KROLL joins Julie to discuss their memories of growing up together and attending the same Hebrew Day School, his experience of rehearsing a dance number with Jeff Goldblum, and the unique artistic burden of fitting in with your peers.

Then, the scrumptious GABE LIEDMAN contemplates some of his favorite topics under the umbrella of "The Dark Arts," including his fascination with the Stone Phillips interview with Jeffrey Dahmer & Dahmer's poor parents, whether or not he finds clowns scary, and the role of Goblins in today's Vampire and Ghost-centric times.

Also, Julie figures out what the most disturbing part of Darrell Hammond's book actually is, salivates over the new, edgy Munsters remake, questions the veracity of Patti Stanger's Yom Kippur anecdote, and reads some of Bruce Vilanch's t-shirt slogans out loud, for your pleasure.

A truly enchanting and delectable show!

Nov 25, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week? storyteller MIKE DAISEY joins Julie to discuss his hatred of Powerpoint, why nostalgia is dangerous, the intimacy we have with our cell phones and his new show, "The Agony of The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs."

Then, "Happy Endings" writer and humorous/delightful Jewish person GIL OZERI talks about his problems with the Quentin Tarantino film Inglorious Basterds. Other Hebraic tropes are discussed as well!

Also, Julie contemplates Thanksgiving and its attendant fixings including but not limited to The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Twilight versus The Muppets, boiled foods versus savory bland November stuffing things, and what is visually sacred about The Monkees, still. 

Plus: Facebook Weirdos! Men and Their Ideas! How this country rewards (one of) its dancing veterans! And the villiany of Hannah Storm.

A special note: I forgot to read Ben Brantley's review of Hugh Jackman's show, even after I promised I would. I'm sorry. Please read it here instead, and use my voice in your head while you do. --J

Nov 18, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, gorgeous Real Housewife of New York City, the straw that stirs the drink herself, SONJA TREMONT MORGAN talks to Julie about her time in Europe, her Toaster Oven secrets, SNAPPED on Oxygen, and the secret of hosting a great party.

Then, Julie talks to Richard Lawson (Gawker, The Atlantic Wire) in depth about THE FIRST WIVES CLUB. It's an important cinematic conversation that includes coverage of the following hot topics:

What a modern-day Upper East Side Crisis Center would be like
Which Real Housewives would be cast in the main roles of the movie, if Bravo were to do a brilliant remake
Whether or not Goldie Hawn was wearing a wig during what we agree was the performance of her lifetime
What exactly the plot of the second part of the movie is, and whether or not it is important (it isn't)

Plus! Puppeteers being weirdos! Book burning versus circle drumming! Men for all Seasons! Kim Richards's connection to Jessica Lange! Darrell Hammond's book! Anthony Bourdain's pool nudity! Sonja's Streisand appreciation! And a tender memory of Andy Rooney eating Thanksgiving dinner.

A show that has a taste for luxury, and luxury has a taste for it!

Nov 11, 2011

This week's episode is the first-ever one recorded live at The Bell House in beautiful New York City! Isn't that exciting? It is very exciting.
Join Julie as she interviews Fred Armisen, Billy Eichner and Paul F. Tompkins live on stage, while Ted Leo and his band watch! Enjoy a special appearance by Jackée, live via satellite! And marvel in the first-ever IFC Roast of Miranda July.

Plus--Fred covers a Beatles classic, Paul speaks judgementally of Hugh Jackman's casual garb, Billy and Julie cast the all-black cast of the new Steel Magnolias on Lifetime, and a musical tribute to Seal.

Also--we find out which late night TV icon co-wrote "It's Raining Men"! Teddy Leo comes out on the record against mustaches! Which band Julie considers "The Funky Doors"! And why Paul F. Tompkins's mother believes he is friends with a famous satirist. The first of what will hopefully be many terrific live podcast recordings!

The Guests:
Billy Eichner
Paul F. Tompkins
Fred Armisen

The Band:
Teddy Leo
Chris Wilson
Marty Key
Jodi Buonnanno

The Cast:
Anthony Atamanuik (Vincent Gallo)
John Gemberling (Neil LaBute)
Jessica Chaffin (Lorraine Bracco)
Billy Eichner (Chubby Checker)
Fred Armisen (Tom Six)
and Introducing Kiesha as Miranda July

The Dream Team:
Alex Scordelis (Writer)
Marianne Ways (Live Show Producer)
Chris Spooner (Tech, Podcast Producer, Graphic Designer)
Jake Fogelnest (Consultant)
Rachel Shukert (Writer)
Jack Fagan (Consultant; Muse)
Kelly Hudson (Video Editor)
Steve Kandell & everyone at Spin Magazine (Sponsors)

Nov 4, 2011

On this week’s episode of How Was Your Week?, cult superstar and iconic actor MINK STOLE joins Julie to discuss what she wouldn't do for John Waters, her attitude toward Christmas, and her role in the new LaMama production of the Tennessee Williams play, NOW THE CATS WITH JEWELLED CLAWS. Then, stand-up comic, SNL writer and real piece of work JOHN MULANEY talks about his Jon Lovitz fandom, his theory about ghosts, and his grade school affectations.

Plus! The unavoidable descent of winter darkness! Kris Jenner's neck! Paul Anka yelling! And the deplorable absence of civilities in modern society.

A hilarious and wonderful show.

Oct 28, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the gorgeous firestarter SARAH SILVERMAN talks to Julie about her nude scene in Sarah Polley's new film, Garry Shandling's superb career advice, and how Jewish women's bodies are like the starchy foods we enjoy.

Then, Julie talks to Mike Albo about "The Junket," which is a new Kindle Single he wrote about his experience being fired as a freelancer with the New York Times. Also, Supermarket Sweep is mentioned. You miss that show!

Plus! Anderson Cooper goes to Costco! A dog runs off with somebody's half-face on that show that makes Julie sleepy! Memorializing Chaz Bono on DWTS! And Mario Lopez's Twitter Shame Spiral!

A hard-hitting and terrific show.

Oct 21, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the fabulous MARTHA PLIMPTON chats with Julie over goblet mimosas about theater, the "Miss America moment" at the Emmys that she and Amy Poehler pulled off, and the ageless charm of Lee Majors.

Then, Julie grapples with the too-soon rising star that was Tonya Harding, ponders the end credits sequence from European Vacation, remembers this one counselor from camp who went on Nutrisystem, complains about Zombies, and gets angry that we're not still talking about the Herman Cain Pizza Song.

Plus! Julie recaps last night's first-ever HOW WAS YOUR WEEK LIVE, which went well! Martha talks about this one idiot who interrupted her performance of Hedda Gabler! And we memorialize Gaddafi briefly, only to quickly to move on to the way more important matter of whether or not Cat Stevens ever had "The Yusef Talk" with his children.

A dazzling and fascinating show!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Martha Plimpton
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Oct 14, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, total f'ing rock star AMY POEHLER joins Julie from her trailer on the set of Parks & Recreation to discuss how not to pose on the red carpet, the pressure of getting universally good press, and the gospel of birth order. 

Then, the hilarious RICH FULCHER tells Julie about the DVD of his sketch show, Snuff Box, which is now available for sale in the US of A! Also discussed: his Mama Cass impression, how he lied to his parents about being a lawyer for a long time, and how a Chicago improv comedian became a shining star in the UK. 

Plus! Julie grapples with the new Rosie O'Donnell TV show and reconciles her feelings around the all-black Steel Magnolias remake! Amy reveals her favorite TV show of all time, and talks about whether it's still important to her to be cool, now that she's 40 (hint: it's not as important as it was before)! A plea for more cat photos! And an extended, perhaps unecessarily long riff about leg-waxing.

An epic and fabulous show!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Amy Poehler, Rich Fulcher
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Oct 7, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the fierce, gorgeous, iconic, and straight-up fabulous SANDRA BERNHARD talks to Julie about the audacity of acoustic guitars in synnagogues, hovering helicopters, the influence of "The King of Comedy," and her stint as a honor student at the Charles Ross School of Beauty.

Then, JEFFERY SELF joins us to discuss his encounter and follow-up email with his idol, BRETT BUTLER. It is a memorable and deeply funny story full of birds, cigars, loony turns of phrase, and regret.

Also, Julie speculates about the ghosts that invariably haunt Billy Bush's day-to-day life, discusses why it doesn't matter whether Nancy Grace farted on television the other day, and enjoys a special snack on a plane that was previously served to a famous actress.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Sandra Bernhard, Jeffrey Self
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Sandra Bernhard photo by Lawrence Ferber
Music by Ted Leo

Sep 30, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the wonderful SUSIE ESSMAN talks to Julie about her wardrobe on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," how menopause helped her write her book, and what breeds of dogs she and her fellow "Curb" castmembers would be if they were dogs.

Then, Videogum's GABE DELAHAYE joins Julie with two, count them (COUNT THEM, I SAID!) two lists: one of celebrities whose work he loves, but is certain he would not get along with, and one of celebrities whose work Gabe hates, but with whom he imagines he would make the fastest of friends.

Also, Julie makes an ominous prediction about Nancy Grace's even more intimate anatomy than what she recently exposed on television, lays the seeds for a "Proz-cast" spinoff (a podcast in which only prostitutes are interviewed), and speculates about the different kinds of reptiles that Patti Stanger is made of, in addition to snakes, which we have already established comprise the majority of her body and soul.

A sweet miracle of Rosh Hashanah entertainment!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Susie Essman, Gabe Delahaye
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Sep 23, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, PATTON OSWALT is back (!!) to talk to Julie in depth about the movie SPLASH. Subcategories of that conversation include: Whether the sexism of fucking an illiterate mermaid was subtle or blatant! Which scenes John Candy was drunk during and which he was merely hungover for! And the wonderful, Garry Marshall-ian DVD commentary of Babaloo Mandel's writing partner, Lowell Ganz.

Then, Chicago's finest son DANIEL KIBBLESMITH talks to Julie about his experience of being set up by Patti Stanger on the television show THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER, and how his life has changed since it aired. An honest and super-interesting account of what it's like to be on a reality show and have no control over your fate at all.

Also, Julie explores her Sofia Vergara crush, regrets downloading The Best of the Doors while drunk, and gets touched by The Countess and lives to tell the tale.

Plus: Patton on his new album, FINEST HOUR, and the movie he's shooting with kind-of gay icon, Johnny Knoxville. Daniel isolates the very moment in which Patti Stanger stopped being maternal toward him on the TV shoot. And the return of wishing we weren't giving Charlie Sheen attention, again.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Patton Oswalt, Daniel Kibblesmith
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Sep 16, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, legendary author JACKIE COLLINS talks to Julie about her new book, THE GODDESS OF VENGEANCE, and her opinions on the Entourage finale, firm vs mushy hotel pillows, Jacqueline Susann, and what sort of ethnic person she will likely be reincarnated as.

Then, comedian AMY SCHUMER joins Julie to discuss her gig on the Charlie Sheen Roast, whether there's such a thing as a "Boys' Girl," and the most effective way to hurt the feelings of a lady in comedy.

Also, Julie ponders the REVELATION in Maya Angelou's Wikipedia page about her writing process, collapses under the pressure of all the Real Housewives news from this week, and premieres her fantastic Anna Wintour impression.

Plus: Anderson Cooper's new daytime show: a hit or a miss? Glenn Close as a man: is there anything more redundant? And more ruminations on Trudie Styler, because you asked for those (you didn't).

A fabulous, epic show featuring interviews with two of the most gorgeous women alive today.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Jackie Collins, Amy Schumer
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Sep 9, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, author, actor and proud Negateer DAVID RAKOFF talks to Julie about his book Half-Empty, as well as other important issues such as: which cake is the least Jewish kind of cake, what about the musical RENT made him angry, and how New York has changed in his almost thirty years of living here.

Also, Julie ponders the lessons learned after picking a fight on Twitter about Mario Lopez and circumcision, thinks way too much about Nancy Grace's upper body, and describes the contents of a superb Snack Nest.

Plus: Things people are still telling women that they need! Kelly Ripa's giant head! A celebration of defensive pessimism! And the obscurity of Chester A. Arthur.

A pleasant, funny, and occasionally poignant show that happens to coincide around the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Which we didn't want to make a whole thing about, but is true. So, give somebody you love a hug after you listen to this episode, and buy David's book, because it's wonderful. Thank you.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: David Rakoff
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Sep 2, 2011

This episode of How Was Your Week? features Village Voice gossip columnist, author and bon vivant MICHAEL MUSTO, who joins Julie to discuss the MTV Video Music Awards, when Madonna was a C-word to him even back in the day, his love of Suzanne Somers's beautiful poetry, other New Yorkers on bikes, and his new book, "Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back."

Then, Sirius XM radio host and MTV/UCB/ StickAM/SquirtTV Internet superstar JAKE FOGELNEST comes on the show to talk about Sinead O'Connor's twitter, when exactly your "Old Guy interested in Zappa" self kicks in, why Billy Joel is funny, and his most beloved SNL sketches.

Plus: Chaz Bono and Nancy Grace and Margot Kidder and Daryl Hannah! Things you didn't even know were offensive about Sting that you can add to the list of things that are already SO offensive about Sting! The "Bull from NIGHT COURT" puppet! Rocky Horror's plot holes! And why Julie is a little suspicious about the upcoming Charlie Sheen Roast being a big set-up.

A terrific, post-storm COMEDY STORM of podcast gold.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Michael Musto, Jake Fogelnest
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Aug 26, 2011

It's a clip show-palooza this week, also known as a "best of" show! The 25th episode of How Was Your Week features all-new content from Julie, who is still recovering from her summer cold, and does not wish to infect new interview subjects with it, because she is a nice and civilized person.

Plus, old favorites and never-before heard footage from some of the best guests on the show so far, including JOAN RIVERS, PATTON OSWALT, HOLLY SCHLESINGER, NEKO CASE, BILLY EICHNER and JAMES URBANIAK! This is a treat for newcomers to How Was Your Week and old-timey HWYW veterans alike. A "Trial and Travel" aisle grab-bag of comedy entertainment.

Also in this episode, Julie discusses Gloria Steinem's joyless tap dancing, Rose MacGowan's arc from cult baby to Boston Terrier owner, how nobody is prepared for the Video Music Awards at all, the difference between certain baboons, and what celebrity she associates with the term "Moon Face."

Plus, Patton Oswalt on the hubris of niche stand-ups! Joan Rivers on the desirability of Martin Mull! Neko Case on masturbating walruses! Billy Eichner on Oprah's arms! James Urbaniak on Alec Guiness's attitude toward Tarot cards! And Holly Schlesinger on French Stewart's break-out role on "Private Practice."

And! Mario Lopez's baby! The premiere episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, uncut! And another Geena Davis-related plea.

Aug 19, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, America's Gentleman, PAUL F. TOMPKINS, discusses with Julie the horrors of the sea, the delights of podcasting, and the suits Steve Buscemi is forced to stand behind on the HBO program, "Boardwalk Empires." 

Also! The delightful and hilarious JAMIE DENBO (Terriers, Ronna & Beverly) brings us an enchanting list of her three favorite musicals, and talks about exactly which scene in "Godspell" will chill you to your meat-bones. This conversation will charm you, whether or not you are willing to be charmed. Beware!

Plus: Julie is high on sizzurps for most of this podcast, because she is sick! And in this state, the following topics are discussed by her: Beverly D'Angelo's haunted house, the Dice-Man's cat, Paste Magazine's preference for Ruth Buzzi over Julie Klausner when it comes to assembling lists, Bruce Vilanch's "blind item" talk, Judith Regan's hair, and not much else that doesn't have to do with celebrities or television, sadly because Julie has not left her apartment in a week due to her being sick, as previously mentioned.

But! This fact should not deter you from listening from this episode at once--and not as charity! It is a bowtie-spinning blockbuster of an hour-and-change of comedy.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Paul F. Tompkins, Jamie Denbo
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Aug 12, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the delightful LARAINE NEWMAN (Saturday Night Live) talks to Julie about her voiceover career, dogs, and the time she blew an audition for Sandra Bernhard's part in The King of Comedy.  Then, documentary filmmaker LISA F. JACKSON discusses her incredible HBO documentary, Sex Crimes Unit, and sheds light on the DSK trial and the Rape Cops. It is a fascinating conversation, I assure you.

Plus: Julie reads lube copy, wishes there was more of that Heidi Fleiss documentary, recaps the world's most horrifying episode yet of My Strange Addiction, and brings back the JC Penney Facebook feature you miss and love from past episodes!

A fun and thought-provoking episode you will enjoy & be fascinated by.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Laraine Newman, Lisa F. Jackson
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Aug 5, 2011

On this week's episode of How Was Your Week?, the wonderful STEVE AGEE ("The Sarah Silverman Show") discusses his favorite TV show of all time, "Three's Company," and lists his three most cherished episodes. Then, the hilarious Bryan Safi (That's Gay on Current TV) tells Julie about his HORRIFYING SPIDER BITE EXPERIENCE and about the time he met Sharon Stone. How will you ever be able to sleep again once you hear these tales in tandem??

Plus: "Scrubbings" creator Bill Lawrence's diatribe against a bad review, why Morgan Spurlock will never be in the Redhead Hall of Fame, what palladium pants are, and how Sharon Stone orders chamomile tea.

Also! The Terri/Cindy/Chrissy conundrum! How you're not supposed to cancel lunch with George Hamilton! And Agee's Three's Company spec prequel.

A fun, excellent and occasionally gross episode--some of which was RECORDED IN JULIE'S RENTAL CAR! That is a bonus fun fact. 

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Steve Agee, Bryan Safi
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Jul 29, 2011

On this super-sized episode of How Was Your Week?, actor, author and general delight JOHN ROSS BOWIE joins Julie to discuss the movie HEATHERS, and the terrific book he wrote about it. Grab some corn nuts and pull up to this delicious conversation!

Then, comedian, rock star and bon vivant DAVE HILL hosts Julie at his sexy bachelor pad and takes a Tiger Beat quiz originally intended for Usher. It turns out those two have a lot more in common than you previously knew!

Plus! "The McNamara Joke" in HEATHERS, what Telly Monster's "game" is, Miranda July's new movie trailer, Jaycee Duggard's depressing birthday gift, the sexual politics of tip-touching, and how HEATHERS proved that girls are like chess and boys are like checkers. 

Also! Much more! I won't go into it here, there's no time. Listen to it at once!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Dave Hill, John Ross Bowie
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Jul 22, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, the wonderful MARIA BAMFORD sits down with Julie to take the "Inside The Actors Studio" questionnaire, but not before she discusses her exercise class, her pugs, her neighborhood, and the concept of listening.

Also, Julie presents the REDHEAD HALL OF FAME and lists her favorite carrot-topped celebrities. Is Laura Prepon on the list?? She is not on the list. Also, she's a blonde now.

Plus! The heat in NYC measured in terms of MURDER! The latest, Paltrow-perpetuated atrocity that affects Jews! Kickstarter etiquette! That one guy at the coffee shop! The year of the Dragon Woman! Emma Stone's fashion "don't!" And what Maria is doing to contribute to her community (it's bench and hat-related). Enjoy this episode! It is very special.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guest: Maria Bamford
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Jul 15, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?,'s MICHELLE MCNAMARA comes by to discuss the Zodiac Killer, the Jon Benet case, Casey Anthony's alibi, and more mayhem-ripe and murder-rich unsolved crimes!

Then, comedian and Twitter superstar ROB DELANEY talks to Julie about how they met and what they have in common, before launching into an scandalous list of his five "shame crushes." Are you on the list??????

Also: Julie overhears some pretty important conversations at ridiculous hotels in Los Angeles, congratulates Matt LeBlanc on his Emmy nod, and pitches a new title for that show on TLC about ladies who can't stop eating cornstarch.

Plus! Life before "Toddlers and Tiaras"! What The Green River Killer has in common with a border collie! Exactly why the phrase "Officer Rashad" causes Rob Delaney to palpitate! And what part in "Camelot" Julie thinks is a good role to play. A dark and stormy summer episode! Dig into it like a juicy beach read, y'all.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Rob Delaney, Michelle McNamara
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo

Jul 8, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, the great TOM SCHARPLING joins Julie for a rollicking conversation about Big Momma's House 3, George Lopez, how Chris Christie would look with a mustache, and Tom's favorite Catwoman. 

Also: Julie reads Amazon reviews of Keanu Reeves's new, insane-sounding picture poetry book, contemplates the recent explosion of monkey news, and boldly criticizes Joel Grey's performance in Anything Goes.

Plus! Tom reveals who would play the role of "the guest" in his Inside The Actors' Studio spec! Fran Lebowitz vs. Fran Drescher! The top ten "Strong Female Characters" from Intervention! Why Florida doesn't deserve sea cows! And the return of the great "Did or didn't Celebrity Apprentice producers add flush/ & farting sounds over footage of Meat Loaf" debate! An epic show.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guest: Tom Scharpling
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier; Photo of Tom by John Dalton
Music by Ted Leo

Jul 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, America! We got you a new podcast. On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Michael Rapaport discusses the new Tribe Called Quest documentary he directed-- Beats, Rhymes & Life. Also, the funny and wonderful Larry Murphy (Bob's Burgers, Ugly Americans) stops by to tell us a story about Ernie, the dog featured in this week's episode artwork.

Also: Larry's impression of Jon Benjamin, the Phife vs. Q-Tip kerfuffle, the real consequences of making gay marriage legal in NYC, which member of Tribe is most like Keith Richards, how Intervention is like Happy Days, Countess Luann's new music video, and Larry King's dark, twisted, bagel-related intentions.

Plus! Michael's dad and his disco radio past! The hypnotic appeal of a show about dress shopping! Larry's misconception of the Weimeraner breed! And the one-word Game of Thrones spoiler that ruined Spoony's day. A patriotic episode! 

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Michael Rapaport, Larry Murphy
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier; Photo of Ernie and Brendon's Sister by Brendon Small
Music by Ted Leo

Jun 24, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Two SNL ladies join Julie, which is exciting! Ana Gasteyer stops by to discuss her cabaret show, "Elegant Songs From a Handsome Woman" and gets deep into her SNL memories, plus, gives advice to our second fabulous guest, VANESSA BAYER, who discusses four of her favorite 90's movies: So, I Married An Axe Murderer, Singles, Reality Bites and Empire Records.

Also: Ana talks about what she did for her SNL audition, and how her Cokie Roberts impression probably sealed the deal (not what she actually said), and the difference between comedy people and theater people; Vanessa aces a '90s movie quiz and offers a theory as to why Nancy Travis's character 1) wore that Kimono-looking thing at the end of Axe Murderer and 2) had a different hairstyle in every scene.

Plus: Who told Ana to take classes at the Groundlings, what she loves about Nora Dunn, why Vanessa defends Empire Records to this day, how SNL is like a Science Fiction orb, whether Reality Bites is maybe a little dated, and how many covers of "There She Goes" are actually included in that Mike Myers movie (one billion).

Also! Julie discusses three of her most embarrassing moments, recommends a terrible beach read, yields a murderous offer for free nuts, answers questions from listeners about beauty pageants and sublets, and impersonates her seat mate at Stephen Sondheim's Company. There's also some nonsense about artichokes, which we should all probably ignore.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Ana Gasteyer, Vanessa Bayer
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Music by Ted Leo
Theme Song and Incidental Music

Jun 17, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, IRA GLASS (This American Life) and his wife ANAHEED ALANI (Rookie; The Talent Show) play a rousing installation of The Newlywed Game with Julie!

Then: more about Christie Brinkley at the Tonys and how exactly she was heroic that night, whether one can trust penguins, and which emotion is most like Chet from Weird Science.

Plus: What Ira would do if he didn't do radio, what Anaheed and her mother have in common, Ira's "dad shoes," Anaheed's impression of Norm MacDonald doing an impression of Adam Carolla, and how Diane Keaton could be helpful in Syria.

Also! Julie foolishly battles inbox trolls! Dolly Parton's Imagination Library! Reverse Planking! How Woodstock is like your cool friend's wife! And much more. An epic and intimate show!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Ira Glass, Anaheed Alani
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Jun 14, 2011

This is exciting! On this special BONUS minisode (it's short for "miniature episode," friends), Julie discusses the 2011 Tony Awards with New York Magazine theater critic SCOTT BROWN. This conversation simply could not wait until Friday's show! Mostly because nobody would care about it then as much, but also because it is too explosive!

Hear! Why would Bono & The Edge have chosen that particular "Spiderman" song? What is it about Stephen Colbert singing and dancing that makes our heart strings get all plucky and stucky? What was going on with Christie Brinkley? What Broadway song would Scott Brown put on his "gym mix"? Where was Patti Lupone? What was Josh Gad doing when his name was announced? Was Rob Ashford robbed? Of what? Why was Whoopi Goldberg dressed like that? Who was sitting next to Al Pacino and his handsome headband? Are all of us Ghetto Klowns?

Also: Tyne Daly vs. Tovah Feldshuh, The unbearable Judith Lightness of being, Frances McDormand's punk rockness, Mark Rylance being Mark Rylance, and a BRAND NEW MUSICAL THEME WRITTEN BY TED LEO WITH NO NOTICE AT ALL!

This is heroic stuff.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guest: Scott Brown
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Special Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Jun 10, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, MICHELLE COLLINS (Best Week Ever) talks to Julie about her favorite renditions of the National Anthem-- from Jennifer Hudson's post-tragedy triumph to Demi Lovato's musical insult to America. Then, comedy's EUGENE MIRMAN (Bob's Burgers) talks to Julie about his open letter to Time Warner Cable, his time in Special Ed, and how it feels to be one of the few people Anthony Weiner follows on Twitter.

Also: whom the Mexican Coen Brothers would cast in every "película" they'd theoretically make, why old timey dogs look different than the dogs of today, the consequences of expressing yourself on the internet, Lou Reed vs. David Bryne, Hampshire College and its peculiar requirements, balls, fuck tubs, the KGB, and the advantage of the gibberish method versus the lip sync, when you forget the words to a song.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Eugene Mirman, Michelle Collins
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Jun 3, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie talks to the fabulous JULIEANNE SMOLINKSKI (AKA Boobs Radley) on the "Smolinski Seven"--the elite 7 swarthy celebrities she'd like to bed. Then, author, comedy professor and Vanity Fair editor MIKE SACKS stops by to discuss four comedy clichés he is done with forever. A fun and education-rich show!

Also: Julie reviews Woody Allen's new movie, ranks the best fifteen animals of all time, shares her favorite Marcia Gay Harden anecdote, complains about steampunk and the never-ending trend of prostitute-strangling, and apologizes for being under the weather, THEN BARRELS THROUGH HER LESS-THAN-OPTIMUM-STATE-OF-MIND to give YOU the most for your entertainment dollar!

Plus: The sexual appeal of Uncas, the penultimate Mohican! What the Night Stalker likes about cable! The two things little kids always say in animated movies! Why it is that grannies rap so goddamn much! Birds, and what they can and can't teach us about becoming women! And much, much more.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Julieanne Smolinski, Mike Sacks
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

May 27, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie talks to the fabulous Jackée about exactly how scandalous it is to buy a coconut cake before noon, her star turn on 227, why she can't stand Bill Maher, what kind of plastic surgery she'd get (it's intimate), and which famous men she'd like to make love to.

Also, Julie ponders the worse of two evils--Bono versus Sting. Plus! The pettability of working dogs, Oprah's last show, Diane Keaton's quirkiness, the subtlety of the "Don't Stand So Close to Me" video, Glenn Close's appeal, the defintion of a Trophy Cougar, and the time  Jackée tried to sleep with Rodney Dangerfield.            

Host: Julie Klausner
Guest: Jackée
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Photo Collage by Julie Klausner
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

May 20, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie talks to the legendary SALLY KELLERMAN about the naked acting tips she learned for her shower scene in M*A*S*H, how she fell in love with Rodney Dangerfield for her role in Back To School, her first voice-over gig, and why she does an Aerosmith cover on her new record. Also, comedy genius PAUL SCHEER stops by to discuss three of his cultural blind spots---movies, TV shows or books that he claims to know about in conversations with eggheads, but that he's never actually partaken of. Who can blame him? Only a monster would have the audacity.

Plus: Paul on his annoying college roommate, "Geoff"! Sally on how she met her husband! A naked Gary Burghoff! An incompetent, occasionally Spanish-spouting masseuse! And why comedians best be careful before they scoff at magicians. A LEGENDARY EPISODE.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Sally Kellerman, Paul Scheer
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

May 14, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie talks to stand-up comedienne JEN KIRKMAN about the time she met Cher! Then, ANDREA ROSEN and JOHN GEMBERLING--a couple who are in love with each other--discuss how they met, their unborn child, and then, sort of, play The Newlywed Game.
Plus: Much talk of Chaz Bono's gender reassignment surgery/ hairless cats, a celebration of Parade magazine, the hypnotic appeal of the post-9/11 MJ/Liz Taylor/ Marlon Brando road trip, Jackson Galaxy's web of lies, and Julie makes a very intimate confession about a Tears for Fears song.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Jen Kirkman, Andrea Rosen, John Gemberling
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

May 6, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie talks to comedian/Onion editor BARATUNDE THURSTON, who talks about his viral video, in which he reacts to Barack Obama producing his birth certificate for the satisfaction of Donald Trump. Then, Musical Theater superstar/ Sirius XM radio host SETH RUDETSKY joins Julie to discuss the disaster movies and variety specials that made the 1970's so great.

Plus: Aretha Franklin's version of "a mean salad," Jenny McCarthy's invisible counter-rally, Fake Jan Brady, Bi-Polar Lite, Georgia the Country, the Tony nominations, Class with The Countess, and Harry Potter's Broadway turn. This show will cause you to learn something! Possibly many things.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Seth Rudetsky, Baratunde Thurston
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Apr 29, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie talks to comedian JOE MANDE, who discusses his Kindle-hating dog, Blanche, his history of pets, and his father's dog-training business. Then, rock star NEKO CASE sits down to eat peeps and muffins with Julie, and the two of them talk about art school, walruses, Neko's crush on Michael Palin, and the myth of "Backstage Johnnies."

Plus: Carol Channing's definition of "Movie Night," Greeks versus Jews, Kate Middleton's nose, how to compete with yourself instead of other women, the three different kinds of jellybeans, civil war monuments, iguanas versus cats, and what it means to be a redhead.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Neko Case, Joe Mande
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier/ Collage by Julie Klausner
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Apr 23, 2011

On this Rachel-packed episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie talks to former SNL castmember RACHEL DRATCH, who talks about her new book, her baby, and RuPaul's Drag Race. Also, playwright and author RACHEL SHUKERT talks to Julie about the movie TOOTSIE, which is the best movie. 

Plus: What happens when you laugh during an SNL sketch, a dramatic reading from Mackenzie Phillips's autobiography, why Jessica Lange's "wallpaper" monologue from TOOTSIE is so important, how to pronounce "ibid," more JC Penney Facebook Page fun, and whether or not Christina Aguilera eats tacos.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Rachel Dratch, Rachel Shukert
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Apr 15, 2011

On this super-sized episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie sits down with comedy genius Patton Oswalt to discuss his book, ZOMBIE SPACESHIP WASTELAND, and the importance of cult movies when you’re growing up in the suburbs. Then, BOB’S BURGERS writer Holly Schlesinger invites Julie over to see what’s on her TiVo, which includes the episode of PRIVATE PRACTICE in which French Stewart played a mentally-challenged person!

Plus! Patton on why some nerds aren’t afraid of girls, the “Hulk Running” scene from Albert Brooks’s MODERN ROMANCE, and the problem with room comics in indie spaces—and vice versa.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Patton Oswalt, Holly Schlesinger
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Apr 7, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie sits down with the one and only JOAN RIVERS (!!!) to discuss her Passover plans, evaluate the impact of last year's documentary on her life, and play Fuck/Marry/Kill with other Center Squares from HOLLYWOOD SQUARES.

Plus: Elizabeth Taylor versus other women, Joan's accidental Ed Sullivan Show booking, dogs, Peter Cook, Dustin Hoffman, what Joan is reading now, and what her week looks like.

Host: Julie Klausner
Guest: Joan Rivers
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Apr 2, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie returns her Zappos, attacks Anthony Bourdain's erroneous squirrel joke premises, and looks up Terrence Howard on IMDB. Plus, dice versus dragons, the "skanks" dilemma, and Italian lemonade.

Plus: Ronna & Beverly (Jessica Chaffin & Jamie Denbo) on their five favorite Holocaust films, and James Urbaniak (The Venture Brothers) on his favorite character actors, and the time he auditioned for the Coen Brothers. This episode is not to be missed!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Ronna & Beverly (Jessica Chaffin & Jamie Denbo), James Urbaniak
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Mar 26, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie orders four new pairs of shoes, solicits questions from her listeners, and commemorates the passing of a show business legend. Also discussed: How to be sad when it's sunny outside, Malin Ackerman as Linda Lovelace, and the taste of warm food.
Plus: Comedian Billy Eichner's three least favorite celebrities and Twitter superstar Megan Amram tells us candidly about how her week went and her job at the Disney Channel. This episode is terrific!
Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Billy Eichner, Megan Amram
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Mar 19, 2011

On this episode of How Was Your Week?, Julie grapples with nature's original villain, then gets too drunk to go to the California Pizza Kitchen. Also discussed: Bill Maher versus Anthony Bourdain (everybody loses), Shelley Duvall's PTSD, and the horror of reading tweets about things that aren't for you.

Plus: Jesse Murray's five favorite '80s movies set in NYC and a candid look behind the scenes of Top Chef Masters from Anthony Atamanuik. A great show!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Jesse Murray, Anthony Atamanuik
Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo

Mar 8, 2011

The first-ever episode of How Was Your Week? features an interview with authoress/ provacateur Natasha Vargas-Cooper, a rundown of the Best Picture nominees from Julie's parents, an unfavorable review of The King's Speech, and lots of caring and sharing.

Produced by Chris Spooner
Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo