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How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner

In which Julie Klausner asks guests how their week was, and also we learn stuff and have fun.
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Jun 22, 2012

Is it hot enough for ya? The podcast, that is!

Happy Summer Solstice! This week's episode of How Was Your Week begins with a review of Rock of Ages, and segues into an important realization about Hannibal Lecter. There is also talk of a ghost hunter's caffeine addiction, a gynecologist's affection for a Comedy Central show, and how to integrate a hot summer color into your life, EVEN IF YOU ARE AFRAID. 

And the guests! The guests are sublime. First, JESSI KLEIN joins Julie to talk about body image stuff, Maine, Adam Carolla, her beloved guinea pig and her fantastic idea for a Paul McCartney-ish song called "Maybe I'm Disgusting."

Then, TAVI GEVINSON (Rookie) is here to talk about young people and inspiration, John Waters, her favorite character on Girls, and the part of musicals where old ladies lift up their skirts and do a little dance!

Plus: How the name Tavi is more predictive, personality-wise than Emily, who Julianne Hough is, the excess of peach eyeshadow in the 1990s, the, when to mention attachment parenting at a party, and what "The Andy Cohen edit" of a movie entails. A fun and fancy show!

Jun 15, 2012

Hi everybody! Happy Father's Day, almost! And happy Bunheads Premiere Week. This week, Julie is not ready to talk about Bunheads, then talks about Bunheads. She also welcomes two fantastic guests!

First, Eric Drysdale, a comedian, friend and television writer (Colbert Report, Daily Show) joins Julie to talk about Canadian things, 3-D photography, his first job, and other things that float his boat. He also does us all the TREMENDOUS favor of recapping the Queen musical for us! This is an unmissable summary. 

Then, Adam Pally, the charming, funny and handsome gentleman best-known for playing Max on Happy Endings (the gay one), is here to pick apart his Wikipedia page and tell us what is true and what is false. He also has stories about David Duchovny and Mischa Barton, and reminiscences about improv class with Julie! And what's more, he sports a red beard and has sired an adorable infant. Are you on board yet?

Also! Julie ponders the depressing phrase that is "One for Dark Horse, please," explains who Kelly Bishop is and finds out what Supermanning can be, Diet Mountain Dew is tasted, The Belz is Belzified, and other things are considered and celebrated as well.

Enjoy this show, featuring three fine Jews, if you include Julie, which of course you must do!

Jun 12, 2012

Welcome to the second-annual How Were Your Tonys!

On this special extrasode, Julie recaps the 2012 Tony Awards for you, bemoaning the lack of magic on Sunday's broadcast even with Ben Vereen present. Then, she gets confused about cruises and why they are now being televised, celebrates Candace Bergen's brave commitment to wearing absolutely everything, reads a tweet from a man named @Falsettoland, pleads for Nina Arianda to gain 500 pounds, envies the amazing penis-vagina sex Hugh Jackman and his female wife must have all the time and ponders Jessica Chastain in a deep way.

Then, the fabulous Ana Gasteyer is here to talk with Julie and Seth Rudetsky about their favorite moments from this year's show. Learn things from two theater people who have theater-y insights into theater's biggest night!

Plus: The commerce of intimacy! Leslie Uggams! Raul Esparza's grudge-singing! Ellen Barkin's face and forehead! Patti's perfect pitch! How Amanda Seyfried's name is pronounced! And so much more conversation about this year's award show. An important talk!

Jun 8, 2012

Lights, Camera, Podcast!

This episode of How Was Your Week is mostly about movies. Take your seats and pop your corn! First up, KURT LODER (MTV, is here to share a list of his favorite films that nobody else has really seen, including The Saddest Music in the World, The Midnight Meat Train, and The Fountain. You may know Kurt from MTV, but his film criticism is top-notch. Buy his book, The Good, the Bad and the Godawful: 21st Century Movie Reviews, here!

Then, NATHAN RABIN (My Year of Flops, The AV Club) joins Julie to talk in depth about two terrible Beatles movies: Paul McCartney's Give My Regards to Broad Street and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, starring The Bee Gees. An important conversation about how great the Beatles are and how insane these movies turned out to be, mostly for reasons having to do with folly, hubris, and Tracy Ullman.

Also: A treatise on Crispin Glover and fresh-pressed vegetable juice! A jazz musician's cat-related toilet project! Fiona Apple's long sweater and Francis Ford Coppola's nipples! Fancy chickens and why you shouldn't fight with theater ushers! And a hunch that Soon-Yi Previn watched the last season of Entourage.

Plus: A call for redheaded ladies coming to the June 27th How Was Your Week Live who want makeovers, Colin Firth naked, what Paul McCartney's movie self dreams about, what Kurt Loder does and doesn't like about Quentin Tarantino, and when to listen to the White Album.

Enjoy this!

Jun 1, 2012

Ahoy! The new episode of How Was Your Week is a trifle in the dessert-y sense, not in the trivial way!

First, SNL writer and Twitter superstar Paula Pell is here to discuss the nudist vacations she has taken, ways to avoid summer chafe, how to prank your friend at lunch, and the logistical challenge of procuring sizzurps.

Then, bitter Buddha and national treasure Eddie Pepitone joins Julie to talk about performing to prison audiences, trying to stay vegan, the apocalypse, avoiding dark documentaries, and how to go off one meds.

Also! Gary Sinise's awesome band and how it relates to Men in Black 3, why tomatoes are sometimes marvelous, the world's worst YOLO-themed twitter, why, according to a very well-realized internet article, "People hate Jews," and the continuing ballad of Jimmy Jazz, object of slow burning infatuation.

A boisterous and life-affirming show. Download it yesterday, with the assist of time travel and initiative!

May 25, 2012

Hello! This episode's How Was Your Week is wonderful.

First of all, PATTON OSWALT, one of our favorite guests and friends, is back! This is always a treat. This week, Patton is here to discuss his Webbys hosting gig and how Internet Commenters have evolved from standard trolldom into conversational tangent-bringers, the importance of being comfortable with silences, and then--BAM! BOOM!--discusses two great Robin Williams movies at length: THE BIRDCAGE and WORLD'S GREATEST DAD.

Then, RETTA, who plays Donna on Parks & Recreation and is a hilarious standup, is here to talk to Julie about sexting, GIRLS, 9/11, French Guys, and why we are both worried about Ellis not returning to SMASH.

Also! Julie takes a trip to the Genius Bar and survives to tell the tale, her cat explores the "Say it with Urine" style of communication that is so very popular in that particular community, Anthony Bourdain says some crazy shit, Becky Ann Baker is awarded a well-deserved honor, and library water fountains are reconsidered in the bottled water age.

Hooray for this show!

May 18, 2012

Oh, hello! On this week's episode of How Was Your Week, Choire Sicha is here! He is one of the editors of The Awl and the author of an upcoming book you must read, plus a very good-looking person with stunning eyes who also happens to loves cats. Choire joins Julie to talk about his life story and how he ended up a gay married person after working and living in different places and doing different things and generally living an interesting life!

Then, comedian, actor, writer and DEAR FRIEND Curtis Gwinn joins Julie to talk extensively about Carl Jung, ventriloquists, horror movies, and what lessons we can learn from The Purple Rose of Cairo. It is a good talk that contains many tributaries that flow into the darker corners.

Also, Julie has a triumphant proclamation to make about Jimmy Jazz, Marilu Henner tweets the ultimate Marilu Henner thing on Mothers' Day, Michael Caine does or does not get trapped in an attic, Dark Shadows is appreciated as a modern-day Touchtone joint, and what not to say to a redhead when she tries something on at your store.

Plus: How not to be mean on the internet! Why to be concerned when Julie resorts to bed for a turkey burger and Kubrick movie marathon! Anne Heche's fillers are explored! And what would happen if Johnny Depp and Daniel Tosh played strip poker together.

A meeting of the minds and souls. And a fine show to boot!

***Please note: In this week's show, Julie mis-attributes Shipoopi as being from The Pajama Game. She is incorrect and regrets saying so: it is from The Music Man.

May 17, 2012

Fade in on a show...with a focus on Smash...

HEY GUYS! It's the first episode ever of How Was Your Smash!

On this special Extra-Sode (it's not a minisode because, bitch, it's LONG), Julie talks at length to three guests about the best television of all time, Smash! First up it's Nate Harris, and he shares his five and a half favorite moments from the show after chatting before and after the season finale about whether the show is too straight, why the term and the concept of hate-watching must be destroyed, and what the best thing to say is when somebody gives you a massive sum of money.

Then, Smash season one writer Jason Grote is here to discuss the show alongside with Vulture Smash recapper Rachel Shukert! Learn what Julia was meant to be eating in bed instead of peanut butter! How the show could have made more sense if Katherine McPhee had played Katherine McPhee instead of Karen Cartwright! And why Derek will never not be likeable.

Also! Julie asks some How Was Your Week friends/ Smash fans what their favorite moments from season one were and therefore, there are cameos in this episode from Morgan Murphy! Jackée Harry! Retta! Scott Brown! Holly Schlesinger! My Gentleman friend, Jack! And Billy Eichner.

Finally, the Smash Twitter accounts are finally discussed. An easter egg! To say nothing of the Joan Didion anecdote that takes place at Anjelica Huston's house. I know! Yikes.

Let this podcast be your star.

May 11, 2012

Oh boy, oh boy! This episode of How Was Your Week is so good, it will curl your pretty lashes.

First and foremost, Julie went with Billy Eichner to see Rita Wilson perform at Joe's Pub last night, and there is an extensive recap at the top of the show of that blessed and sacred evening of song and magic. Nora Ephron and Wendi Deng were both in the audience? I mean. I can't.

And then, there are the guests. The guests! And what guests! In time for Mothers' Day, the charming and attractive SARA SCHAEFER (You Had To Be There) is here to tell a touching, funny and insane story about the time her mom invited a homeless man to live with her family for 6 months. Learn about chicken strips, Christmas Eve and Rwanda through the prism of a man named Harold.

Then, wonderful gentleman writer WILL LEITCH (New York Magazine, Gawker, Deadspin) joins Julie for the latest installation of How Was Your Week Movie Club. This week, we discuss the sublime Fargo. Subtopics of our fun, fascinating chat include:

>Whether Tarantino's '90s blood legacy holds up with the woodchipper gag (and it IS a gag, right?)
>If Harve Presnell was indeed Fargo's high-status stand-in for the "bellowing heavy" in the Coen Bros' cabinet of archetypes
>What Lt. Columbo and Marge Gunderson have in common
>A theory about how Walter White, Carl Showalter and Jerry Lundegaard are the trinity of failed virility
>Mike Yanagita, Mike Yanagita, Mike Yanagita

Also, more details are revealed about Jimmy Jazz, including some extremely intimate details about his intimacy parts! Julie accepts her Comedy Awards defeat graciously, then goes on to renew her vow to crush absolutely everybody on her way to where she--and we--need to be! Sean Bean is discovered and considered for who he is and not who he could be! And Julie watches, then recaps, Duck Dynasty and Tanked, because there is nothing better than never leaving the house.

A show that is so wonderful, even Rita Wilson would stop singing "Angel in the Morning" to complement it!






May 4, 2012

Ahoy! The new episode of How Was Your Week is a bonanza of learning, laughter, folks & fun.

First, Broadway composer (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Full Monty, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown), songwriter and musician DAVID YAZBEK is here to discuss his stint as a writer on Late Night with David Letterman, how the scores of films influence his musical adaptations, and why he doesn't think of Patti LuPone as a diva. She's just Patti!

Then, standup comic and general delight DAMIEN LEMON (The Guy Code, Hip Hop Squares) is here to talk about his worst-ever job and the degrading hat he had to wear whist working it, the whitest event he ever got to spy on, and why he refuses to acknowledge that Kim and Kanye are a thing.

Also: Julie is very excited to share a hot new R&B track with you in its sublime and insane entirety! Donny Deutsch weighs in on the Octomom's upcoming masturbation tape and some ancient blackface history because he was asked to weigh in by the Today Show, who should be ashamed! Details about the mysterious foster cat are gradually revealed! Mario Lopez's latest shame spiral is predicted, and actualizes! And a final plea for Comedy Award votes before Sunday's ceremony.

This is a show for the ages! Not for the aging. Sorry, grandma!

Apr 27, 2012

The new episode of How Was Your Week stars two wonderful ladies. First, singer/songwriter/actor/chanteuse NELLIE McKAY is here to sing us a beautiful song, talk about her dog, reveal what she really wanted to play on her first Letterman appearance, and otherwise enchant us from our heads to our tails. 

Then, Jezebel Deputy Editor DODAI STEWART speaks candidly about her obsession with game shows, ponders Lena Dunham, expresses her availabilty--GENTLEMEN--- and discloses her scandalous Hanna Barbara crush. 

Also! Julie is still recovering from the Bollywood number from this week's Smash AND the revelation that Simon Van Campen spontaneously jizzed his britches when his sons were born. The ramifications of Taylor Swift playing Joni Mitchell factor into time travel! And also there is a lot of talk about Shirley McClaine.

Plus--the specificity of Dodai's hate-strewn inbox! Nellie's ideas about apples, and what they have in common with quaaludes! How "Gotye" is pronounced! And what women generally do NOT do after they have sex with a corpse, despite what we learned from "Weekend At Bernie's."

Holy cowbell--a great show!

Note: Ben Bynum plays guitar on "Rio de Lua"--"Moon River."

Apr 20, 2012

Four-Twenty, Dudes! Right? Wrong! Never call people "dudes" unless you're addressing a convention of lookalikes of Sean Penn's character in that one movie. Yes, Dead Man Walking! Anyhoo.

This week's show features THREE incredible guests. First, Julie speaks to the Hottest Slut of All Time Ever, Michael K, the editor of, about his job as a phone sex operator, the good things Perez Hilton donated to society when he was just starting out, the backlash he gets from blog readers, and the last time he threw up.

Then, Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, the stars and creators of NBC's Best Friends Forever, are here to discuss how infuriating it is that Julie doesn't know from Anne of Green Gables, the terrors of working in sunny Filipinotown, the problem behind the premise of Beaches, and how much cashmere Nancy Meyers wears to direct her movies.

Plus--Mario Lopez's Army is sent into battle, Diane Keaton cracks the Twitter code, why Julie doesn't want you-know-who Love-Cobain contacting her, and how "slut" is the best compliment.

Also, Julie feels like Shirley McClaine for an exciting, cat-related reason! The lyrics to the Frasier theme song are explained, finally! The term "Rowdy Cop" is used! The new Chuck E. Cheese policy is illuminated! And a disgusting Chevy Chase anecdote is revealed.

Apr 13, 2012

Pardon our shoulder-brush, but this episode is just so great.

In the ultimate guest-pairing, Julie welcomes two notable personalities to her show this week: author Susan Orlean, and comedy writer Jon Hendren, also known as Twitter user @fart.

First off! Susan Orlean--whose new book, Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend, is a superb new addition to the HWYW Book Club--is here to discuss the following topics:

>Whether or not a dog can actually act
>The pinup-like appeal of the Golden Retriever and the historically challenging heroism of the German Shepherd
>What her first tweet was
>The Dogville shorts, and what their deal was

Then, Jon "@fart" Hendren is here to talk about the time he bullied the guy from Smashmouth into eating a whole lot of eggs, why he hates Garfield the cat, what this one Eminem-obsessed guy kept searching for on AOL one time, and whether babies can or should eat cough drops.

Also! The looming spetcre that is the Three Stooges movie, and how it might affect your weekend according to what gender you are; the unacceptable "BOING!" sound effect in this one insanely bad Genesis song; constantly auditioning waiters and how they do not know what words mean sometimes; and how to start a Twitter feud with Leah Remini.

One of the best episodes we've done so far, which is saying something."Something!" #LOL

Apr 6, 2012

Happy Easter and Passover!

This week’s episode of HWYW features Dr. Leo Spaceman himself! That's right: the wonderful CHRIS PARNELL, who is so funny and charming and just generally marvelous in one billion different ways, talks to Julie about how weird schnapps is, what he's like at a party, his SNL audition, and the origins of Merv the Perv. 

Then, JON DALY, who is so deeply hilarious it will make your body tissue ache, pays Julie a visit in the form of SAPPITY TAPPITY THE DRUNKEN ENGLISH ROLLERBLADING PINE TREE. Enjoy this insane conversation between Julie and a very important comedy character and relish each factoid Sappity shares about his devotion to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, his speculation on what Whoopi looks like during a moment of exquisite intimacy, the importance of setting aside time for podcasts, and a very exciting theatrical endeavor he's collaborating on with Richard Foreman. 

Also! Julie opts for oil AND cream on her hypothetical commercial pie; introduces, then celebrates, Kip the purse-taking dog; connects Nickelodeon's tradition of sliming female celebrities to the WAM fetish; discusses Petey, a cat who looks like a particular figure from history; and admonishes straight girls for trying to shock their peers by publicly proclaiming their affections for a particular dwarf.

Plus: Sappity's totally funny Vegas prank he pulled one time with The Peppers! Chris Parnell's fond reminiscence of the time Maya Rudolph showed him her breasts! That time January Jones wore a fat suit and inhaled her TV daughter's sundae like it was a placenta! And a sad disclosure of personal events that I hope doesn't make you too depressed to listen to.

A show that's fit to make Good Friday great!



Mar 30, 2012

Ahoy! So, this is a big deal.

This week's episode of HWYW features RuPaul's Drag Race Superstar Contestant and "post-Warhol mannequin with the look of a cover model and the soul of a shoe" SHARON NEEDLES, who talks to Julie about her friendship with Chad Michaels, the first horror movie she ever saw, which of the queens on this season's show hasn't seen Paris is Burning, and how incredible Elvira's breasts look in person. Can you deal? You likely cannot. Then, Buzzfeed editor WHITNEY JEFFERSON is here to discuss her five favorite Willard Scott monents from his Smuckers/ birthday greetings gig on The Today Show. Clowns and Jane Fonda are also discussed!

Also! Julie praises George the heroic basset hound and his paw-mashing phone skills; Sharon and Julie do dueling Cher impressions; Whitney Jefferson accepts a compliment about her beautiful eyes; and the real conflict on SMASH is pondered--the battle between Debra Messing's scarves and Meryl Streep's daughter's braids.

Plus! Al Roker's frigid penis! Sharon Needles' Gaga shout-out! Camille Grammer and Madonna's post-divorce art! And a plea for your vote in this important election.

A groundbreaking and artistically explosive show!

Mar 23, 2012

On the first HWYW episode of spring, CBS Sunday Morning correspondent, humorist, author and brilliant expert on many important things including musical theater, MO ROCCA is here to discuss what you should and shouldn't say to celebrities that are famous for one thing, why Gypsy is the best musical, what kind of woman Mo looks like when he's in drag, and what Jerry Herman score he listened to on his Discman when he was jogging in Tokyo. 

Then, DAVE CULLEN, author of the book Columbine, is here to talk to Julie about what we've established is one of the greatest non-fiction books published in a long time. It is an important conversation about a riveting book that will hopefully be more fascinating to you than it will just merely give you nightmares.

Plus, Julie expresses:

-Relief that a second season of Smash will exist
-Disappointment in the New York Times for publishing an extensive essay about a gel manicure that indirectly references Nora Ephron
-Indifference around the latest Burton-Depp collaboration that doesn't seem to be hurting anybody
-And delight that Sean Young has been appearing in public wearing a neck brace.

Also! What not to say to Richard Klein! A contest having to do with the March 29th live show in LA! And the enormity and scope of Jonah Hill's torso.

A compelling and occasionally intense show, after what was not a great week, at least for me. I hope you love it!


Mar 16, 2012

On this episode of HWYW, music legend RICKIE LEE JONES talks to Julie about the messages girls can get from billboards, the barbed blessing of working with a producer whose opinion you trust, and her horse, Cinderella. What a treat to chat with Ms. Jones! This is a huge deal.

Then, author KAMBRI CREWS is here to discuss her fascinating new memoir, BURN DOWN THE GROUND. Kambri is the daughter of two deaf adults, and her dad is currently incarcerated in a Texas prison. It goes without saying that Kambri has a story to tell that is absolutely unique, compelling and heartfelt. A must-listen interview about a must-read book!

I also have to mention that there's a pretty incredible connection between Kambri and Rickie because Kambri, as she mentions in her interview, used to work at Chuck E. Cheese. And of course, I was therefore tempted to title this episode "Chuck E. Cheese's in Love." I would appreciate you praising my restraint.

Plus, Julie devises a theory about Stephen King's writing process, summarizes the "Cat Food Lady" episode of MY STRANGE ADDICTION, pitches the Vern-cast, comtemplates the process of putting tights over recently lotioned legs and compares it to putting wax over cheese, and happily closes the coffin on "Slut-shaming culture," sending it off with a rather disgusting anecdote about the jerk who hosts SOUNDCHECK.

Also, the seductive quality of a certain volume of the encyclopedia! Yet another stupid thing to say about a stranger's dog! And an exciting announcement about our LA show with Patton Oswalt, Katie Notopoulos & Ted Leo and his all-star band on March 29th!

A show that is neither to be missed nor to be underestimated!

Mar 9, 2012

It's been a year of How Was Your Week! Can you believe it? Remember a year ago when the podcast began? That's when I was carrying you! 

On this One Year Anniversary episode of HWYW, Barney's creative ambassador, author, humorist, bon-vivant and general full-on f'ing icon SIMON DOONAN joins Julie to discuss his new book, Gay Men Don't Get Fat, the influence of celebrity culture on style, how marvelous sweeping generalizations are, and numerous important facts about Raquel Welch, not least of which is that she and Camille Paglia are good friends (!!!)

Then, author and Monkees historian ERIC LEFCOWITZ sits down with Julie, the week after Davy Jones passed away, to talk about his memories of Davy, the rivalries in the group, the mad beauty of HEAD, and what happened after the band got together for Headquarters. Warning: this is a pretty intense conversation between two hardcore Monkees nerds. If it's Greek to you, consider buying Eric's book first!

Plus, Julie expresses concern about Pat Kiernan's eye not being on the prize, bemoans Jesus's husky understudy, teaches her cat how to use a scratching post with her own stupid fingernails, and reminds a certain enemy of the show that things are usually about Uggie.

A podcast that is so much better than the "paper"-themed one year anniversary gift that is customary. Nobody wants your dead trees, grandma!

Mar 2, 2012

On this episode of How Was Your Week, comedian, writer and general superstar LIZZ WINSTEAD joins Julie to discuss her new book, the GOP race so far, her dog's cock, her Planned Parenthood tour, and how you "learn" about menstruation in Catholic School health class.

Then, comedian, storyteller and all-around good egg ADAM WADE is here to celebrate his very special relationship with his landladies; two elderly Italian sisters who leave food outside his apartment when they are not mad at him.

Plus, Julie plays a clip of a blood-curdling acoustic cover of a song called "Fear," by HWYW enemy/ NCIS star Pauley Perrette! S. Epatha Merkerson's blunt but stern Twitter presence is revealed! Patti Stanger's "Sensa Bod" is argued to be real by the snake-woman herself! And two new gingers are inducted into the Redhead Hall of Fame.

Also, why Adam's spirit animal is a kindly senior citizen! What gross and weird thing Lizz has to do twice a day! The power of puppy documentaries to make your emotions violently turn into feelings completely different than the ones you were experiencing moments earlier! And the shocking new Dancing With The Stars lineup is announced.

A show that will warm your heart-cockles and rub your face-temples!

Feb 27, 2012

This is exciting! On this special BONUS minisode (it's short for "miniature episode," friends), Julie discusses the 2012 Academy Awards with New York Times reporter DAVE ITZKOFF and cinephile GARY THA SQUIRREL, who came to the New York Times building in a Wawa bag toted by TOM SCHARPLING--- just to talk about Oscars, Oscars, Oscars!

Join Gary, Dave and Julie in a respectful roundtable discussion, during which they address burning questions from last night, such as:

-Who got the worse snub: Scorcese or Albert Brooks?
-Will "Community" get a post-Oscars Descendants bump?
-Where was Tom Cruise during the majority of the broadcast?
-What happens when Nikki Finke decides to be funny?
-Can Billy Crystal be stopped from doing blackface?
-Did Gary like Midnight in Paris? Does he have an anecdote about Diane Lane?

Plus! Gary shares with us his three point plan to make next year's ceremony dazzle us all. And Dave hints at some tidbits from his book about the great film, Network!

And, as an even bigger bonus, the great TED LEO wrote a brand new theme song to the show--complete with a tropical beat that will cause you to shake your maracas. Even you, Albert Nobbs!

You want the mini-sode? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE MINISODE! But here it is anyway. Hooray!

Host: Julie Klausner
Guests: Gary Tha Squirrel, Dave Itzkoff
Produced by Chris Spooner
Original Artwork by Marcia Neumeier
Special Theme Song and Incidental Music by Ted Leo
Thanks to Tom Scharpling

Feb 24, 2012

This week's episode was recorded live on Feb 2nd at The Bell House in beautiful New York City! Isn't that exciting? It is very exciting.

Join Julie as she interviews SANDRA BERNHARD, TOM SCHARPLING and JOE MANDE live on stage, while TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS watch! Enjoy a special, unannounced guest appearance by IRA GLASS, who joins LEIGH HENDRIX, the winner of the HWYW Poetry Contest, in our Pretzel Crisps and Peanut Chews-furnished Snack Nest! And marvel in unexpected moments: like when Julie forgot the opening verse to an Avril Lavigne song! When Sandra Bernhard came out wearing a gorgeous boho ensemble, only to slide around in her shitty folding chair! And when we all remembered, along with Joe Mande, how much we all miss Andy Rooney.

Plus--Ted has some pressing questions for a gentleman who works for Peanut Chews and some disconcerting theories about "Kiss From a Rose," Tom has big ideas about the Candyland movie, Ira has some harsh words for white chocolate, Joe has some innovative ways to confuse female bodybuilders on Twitter, and Leigh Hendrix has a new friend.

Also-- Julie asks Ted about the "Philly Lunatic"! Tom asks when he missed the meeting about everybody deciding to watch and live-tweet Downton Abbey! Ira suggests the ultimate snack mash-up! And Sandra makes Julie's dreams come true when she duets with her on "Wichita Lineman."

What a show! What a memory-maker!

The Guests:
Sandra Bernhard
Tom Scharpling
Joe Mande
Ira Glass
And introducing Leigh Hendrix

The Band:
Teddy Leo
Chris Wilson
James Canty

The Dream Team:
Alex Scordelis (Writer)
Marianne Ways (Live Show Producer)
Chris Spooner (Tech, Podcast Producer, Graphic Designer)
Lacey Micallef (GIF designer)
Jake Fogelnest (Consultant)
Miriam Grubin-Cappel & Ben Cappel, and their dog Chloe (Ground Dog Wranglers; Ground Dog)
Jack Fagan (Consultant; Muse)
Kelly Hudson (Video Editor)
Greg Stees (Cameraman)
Bob Zender from Peanut Chews & Jason Harty from Pretzel Crisps (Sponsors)
Sanjib Mukhopadhyay (Sound Recording)

Feb 17, 2012

On this episode of How Was Your Week, basset aficionado, comedienne and Twitter superstar JENNY JOHNSON joins Julie to discuss her mother's hatred of gingers, the choreography of certain celebrity sex tapes, what her dog once thought was cheese, and the Kim Kardashian tweet that confused the hosts of The View.

Then, comedian and occasional recapper of food-themed television MAX SILVESTRI is here to inform us of a television show that exists called "Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off." Unfortunately, this program is not a televised fight to the death, but at least Taylor Dayne was on it--to say nothing of Coolio and Lou Diamond Phillips! They were also participants. Yikes, right? Right.

Plus, Julie breathes life into the theory that Malachy, the winner of the Westminster Dog Show, is NOT A DOG AT ALL! A story about a grifter-fainter on her flight who littered his free snack debris on the seat between them! A bold takedown of Julie's alleged racism from the hard news blog,! 

Also, what it was like to kiss Uggie and why it is okay to say you're jealous about it! Whether it's likely that Holocaust victims care about being posthumously baptized! And Julie meets a new enemy who stars on NCIS and is named something ridiculous.

A fine, fine show for your ears!

Feb 10, 2012

On this episode of How Was Your Week, actress and author KRISTEN JOHNSTON joins Julie--on her bed!-- to talk about her new book, GUTS, why Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn't like other messed-up former child actors, the time Kyle Richards did background work --and tried to be Kristen's BFF!--on ER, the advice she'd give people considering rehab, and how kind John Lithgow was to her during her THIRD ROCK audition.

Also, what advice she gave Andy Cohen back in the day! Her dog's food issues! And the terrifying experience she had in London that led her into sobriety.

Plus, Julie re-watches THE NEVERENDING STORY and has strong feelings about Bastion's father's breakfast choices! What Roberto Benigni has in common with Glenn Close--and a real boy! Why Debra Messing's husband in SMASH is so discouraging of her lyric-writing! The history of clowning, and how it relates to the book, COLUMBINE! And Anthony Bourdain's Oscar picks, because somebody (damn her) actually asked him.

Also, Kristen put on lashes do do this podcast, and you can hear them on the recording! In a way, you can. Shut up! I'm serious!

Feb 3, 2012

It's a clip show-palooza this week, also known as an outtakes episode! The 48th episode of How Was Your Week features all-new content from Julie, who is still recovering from her "sore trote," and did not wish to infect new interview subjects with it, because she is a nice and civilized person.

Therefore! This week's episode features never-before heard footage from four terrific guests: 

-PATTON OSWALT, who explains his opinion on whether inventors are weirder than magicians!

-MIKE DAISEY, who reveals what Steve Wozniak ordered when they lunched together!

-JOHN MULANEY, who reminisces on that insane "Breaking Bad" Season Three finale!


-TED LEO, who explains the origins of the How Was Your Week theme song!

Also in this episode, Julie discusses her emotional takeaway from watching the major motion picture ALBERT NOBBS, how Walgreens integrates social networking into its mission of selling lube to people, Debra Messing's character's arc on SMASH, and how fun last night's HWYWLive show was. (It was extremely fun.)

A fun episode for fans of the show both new and old!


Jan 27, 2012

On this episode of How Was Your Week, comedian, actor, writer and beautiful lady DAVID CROSS joins Julie to discuss the cancellation of WORK IT, the burden of an entertainer's self-awareness, and how he used to give Julie his salad orders when she worked as his assistant a few years ago.

Then, comedian, Rosie O'Donnell expert and viral videographer, ELIOT GLAZER (Shit New Yorkers Say, It Gets Betterish) is here to share his favorite "WTF" moments of Rosie's occasionally bizarre career. Yes, her variety show will be discussed, as will her Spanx-based standup, and "Riding the Bus with My Sister."

Plus, Julie, who's under the weather, is still healthy enough to be livid about those who were snubbed by this week's Oscar's nominations, and discusses Tilda Swinton's resemblance to a greyhound, whether Michael Feinstein should be in a gritty TV drama, the whimsy of FRIENDS episode titles of yore, Betty White's bizarre birthday special, and the horrors of one day having a male child who isn't gay.

Also! The winner of the HWYW Live Poetry Contest is announced! The gist of Rosie's old school "Partridge Family" bit! The latest setback in the Linda Lovelace movie! The watchability of Celebrity Wife Swap! And how things that used to make David angry no longer do.

A barn-burner of a show!

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