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How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner

In which Julie Klausner asks guests how their week was, and also we learn stuff and have fun.
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May 31, 2013

Hot enough for you? Haha! Hello. This week's episode of HWYW is a "Hidden Secrets/Lost Footage/Outtakes/Clip Show/'Best of'/Gems" episode! Which means it contains the trimmin's from some of your favorite interviews, as well as some of your favorite things from the past! There is also a new monologue, so you needn't worry whether THE LIBERACE MOVIE IS WEIGHED IN ON.

Therefore enjoy....

-DANIELLE HENDERSON, who has positive things to share about making your own clothing from scratch!
-JON RONSON, who tells us about visiting Stanley Kubrick's home for the first time!
-EMILY HELLER & LISA HANAWALT, who have prison pen pal and pet bird stories, respectively!
-RACHEL LICHTMAN, who shares with Julie their mutual desire to be pals with Shelley Duvall!
-and TOM SCHARPLING, who has pearls of wisdom to dispense about the Winter Doldrums, and how they relate to business and diet books!

Also in this episode, Julie discusses how BEHIND THE CANDELABRA has changed her, issues an ultimatum to female millennials who sleep in the same bed with their besties, expresses an attitude of gratitude toward the new ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT episodes, and a late-in-the-episode acknowledgement of James Lipton's gross old job.

A fun episode for fans of the show both new and old!

May 24, 2013

Welcome! This week's episode of HWYW features an interview with EMILY BAZELON, the author of STICKS AND STONES: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy. Enjoy Emily's brain as she engages with Julie on the topics of growing up with the internet, commenter culture, what Facebook could be doing to protect kids, and how empathy is taught in schools.

Then, comedienne ABBI CRUTCHFIELD joins Julie to tell her about the Pink Collar Comedy Tour, what it was like modeling for a socialite in her community when she was a teen, coming to comedy from a place of wanting to make people happy, and what her mom texts her.

Also! Julie is IN LOS ANGELES AND FEELS FAT! Quit talking about Oklahoma, CNN! This is the REAL tragic breaking news. Boi-yoi-yoi-yoing. In all seriousness, please give in hefty amounts to the Red Cross.

Plus: a confession about Daft Punk and not knowing what they are, a harrowing experience in the Glendale Galleria, Julie's hunch about Joe Francis's literary inclinations, reminiscin'' about dishwashing liquid, and some serious concerns about Gary Sinise's memorial day and whether we can help make it his best one ever.

What a show!

May 17, 2013

Holy Crap! DAVID SEDARIS is on this episode!!!!!!!

Oh, hello. Sorry. I just got right into it, didn't I. Anyway. This episode of How Was Your Week is so exciting, none of us can handle it.

As mentioned, DAVID SEDARIS is on the show to discuss his new book LET'S EXPLORE DIABETES WITH OWLS, and to surprise Julie with the revelation that HE has questions for HER! That's right! David Sedaris is a fan of this very podcast! I know. I know. So, once that fact is dealt or not dealt with, David and Julie have lots to talk about. Eating steak during signings, renting cats with poopy butts, reading books about pederasty, writing about doing it, and having the good fortune to be friends with David Rakoff.

Also: Julie counts down to the Liberace movie, contemplates the new crop of network shows, briefly mourns Dr. Joyce Brothers, explains the source of her recent panic attack, speculates about Al Pacino's headspace, and directs young men who wish to be sexy toward Don Draper's hotel room shenanigans.


Enjoy this.

May 10, 2013

Happy May, pals! This week's episode of HWYW features both learning AND feeling.

Our one and only celebrity guest is the brilliant and fabulous JEAN GRAE, who joins Julie to chat about Sephora, dating, goat cheese, power tools, the first song she ever co-wrote with her brother, and growing up in the Chelsea Hotel. cod liver oil, and the billion projects she is working on currently.

Also! An important message a from GLAAD is at the top of the show, because you can and should make a difference in the upcoming vote to, hopefully, overturn the ban on gay leadership and troops in the Boy Scouts. Click here for more information, and ways to take action.

Plus! A story about a science teacher with stupid pants who hates Madonna, a cautionary tale about tweeting links to headshots, the Punkness of the Met Gala, and the best Jay Leno impression you will ever hear. A wonderful pre-Upfronts week show for your ears and hearts and...FEET??? Sure. Enjoy!

May 3, 2013

Greetin's, Granny-O! The new episode of HWYW features two comedians who've written books, and a lot of talk about whether enough straight white guys have talk shows right now.

First, JIM GAFFIGAN is here to discuss his new book, DAD IS FAT, grapple with the concept of jogging, ponder the influence of Disney and McDonald's on American child-rearing, and comment on the Asian Belle he saw in the BEAUTY & THE BEAST musical.

Then, NPR hostess, comedienne and author OPHIRA EISENBERG chats with Julie about her book, SCREW EVERYONE, expresses horror at insect eggs, how shitty internet commenters are, and the difference between her podcast's audience and this podcast's audience.

Plus--A trip to the botanical garden, and what we can and can't get from trees! Jenny McCarthy Versus Amanda Bynes, and how unfair that match-up is! One World Trade Center's literal sky-cock measurements! Different ways to metaphorically poison yourself! And the latest hurtful thing Mad Men has done to black people.


Apr 26, 2013

Good day, sir. This week's episode of HWYW begins with a meditation on God, and ends with a plug for a cabaret show. In between, Julie speaks to the hilarious and brilliant RACHEL "DJ ROTARY RACHEL" LICHTMAN about The Monkees, how Baby Boomers ruin everything, the counterintuitive artifice of The Ramones, and whether the retro cycle is broken. Oh, and also Rachel imitates Joe Pesci's Bee-Gee's cover, and that is just perfect.

Then, comedian JENA FRIEDMAN joins us to discuss preceisely how Long Island she is, how AIDS shaped her hook-up patterns, her attitude toward small dogs, and the anatomy of the New Jersey Devil.

Plus--the guilty part of the female brain! Whether super foods can adequately supplement eating off the children's menu! Fleetwood Mac's medicinal properties! And a LOT of talk about Amanda Palmer and whether she can possibly be for real.

A fun and frenetic show!

Apr 19, 2013

What a week, huh? This new episode of How Was Your Week will not heal wounds, but, ideally, it will provide a whimsical distraction while the world burns.

First, CRAIG ROWIN, from the new TV show YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL is here to tell Julie what he sees when he looks down at himself in a Speedo, precisely how he'd like to be conned, where he is reading Arnold Schwarzenegger's memoir, and why you needn't be a dad to enjoy the works of Dave Barry.

Then, CHRISTINA GAUSAS joins Julie to discuss her dislike of Gayle King, the hazards of the Anthropologie sale rack, the misdeeds of Isaac Mizrahi, and whether David Foster has ever eaten a human finger.

Plus! Julie recounts the tale of her Eye Irritation. The notion of "dating and mating" is straight-up ADDRESSED! The kind of man Charlie Rose may be is fearlessly speculated upon! And comfort dogs are honored.

Enjoy this show. Love to Boston.

Apr 12, 2013

This episode of How Was Your Week Live was recorded live on April 5th at The Bell House in New York City!

Join Julie as she interviews SIGGY FLICKER, cooks with TED LEO and chef PICHET ONG, talks to MAX SILVESTRI about Woody Harrelson's band, and welcomes special surprise guests AIMEE MANN, CHRIS & BRIDEY ELLIOTT, VARSITY INTERPRETIVE DANCE SQUAD and TOM SCHARPLING and ZACH GALIFIANAKIS, whom we did not have time for.

Regret not being there live to see and hear our first ever shout-out to music show! Marvel at what you have to believe was a flawless showing of dance from VIDS! Enjoy songs from RAM, EXILE IN GUYVILLE, HEDWIG, and the East Coast debut of #BOTH--the Aimee Mann/ Ted Leo collaboration. And just know that Chris Elliott chugged Wesson oil on stage that night. It was a beautiful night.

Oh, would you were there. Here are photos!

  • The Guests:
  • Siggy Flicker
  • Pichet Ong
  • Max Silvestri
  • Chris Elliott
  • Bridey Elliott
  • VIDS
  • Aimee Mann


  • The Band:
  • Ted Leo
  • Chris Wilson
  • Daniel Ralston


  • The Dream Team:
  • Marianne Ways (Live Show Producer)
  • Jack Ferry (Director, ROCK IT LIKE A REDHEAD SHORT)
  • Melissa Schneider (Producer, ROCK IT LIKE A REDHEAD SHORT)
  • Brian Mann (Editor, ROCK IT LIKE A REDHEAD SHORT)
  • Alex Scordelis (Writer)
  • Chris Spooner (Podcast Producer, Graphic Designer)
  • David Hart (Slides)
  • Alex Gaylon (Sound Recording)
  • Mindy Tucker (Photos)
  • Gibson (Guiar Loaner)
  • Alex Gaylon (audio recording)

Thanks to the Bell House for hosting us!

Apr 5, 2013

Ahoy! This week's show is the LIVING END.

First, NICOLE J. GEORGES is here to talk to us about the story behind her graphic novel, CALLING DR. LAURA. This is a sad and funny tale about family, lies, love, and loss. It fascinates and I recommend listening to it. You will learn things!

Then, MARC SPITZ joins Julie to chat about his new memoir, POSEUR, as well as his impression of living in NYC since he was a teen, the kind of "Drugs and Daddy" book he did NOT want to write, the challenges of keeping your bitterness in the professional sphere only, and what his deal is with Richard Hell.

Also, some thoughts about EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and its bizarre ideas about women in pastel-hued environments, an avian revelation about the Real Housewives of Miami, some exciting foreshadowing in regards to tonight's HWYW Live, what Helena Bonham Carter would order at brunch, and an inevitable, No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency-fueled insight.

Plus, a hair angel named Kyle! A brunchmate named Siggy Flicker! Kim Richards's enigmatic shit pillow! And the unacceptable darkness of INK MASTERS.

Mar 29, 2013

Heeeeeere's Julie!

It's ROOM 237 week on How Was Your Week, as this episode is all about THE SHINING and the kooky theorists that form the backbone of the aforementioned documentary.

Julie spends the hour or so talking to ROOM 237 director Rodney Ascher and producer Tim Kirk about why THE SHINING might be about, among other things: the faking of the moon landing, the Holocaust, the massacre of Native American people, and how phalluses can lurk anywhere and everywhere, including in letterboxes.

Plus, how Whole Foods is an enemy to Passover, the challenges of dressing and feeding oneself, a dumb thing to say to cat-chatting Construction Workers, Tilda Swinton's box-napping, Optitex memories, and a salute to Richard Jeni.

Mar 22, 2013

This week's episode of How Was Your Week comes in like a lamb and out like a lady. First, UCB comedian and writer/performer CHAD CARTER joins Julie to talk about gene therapy, dog brains, and whether all massage is erotic.

Then, author, writer and generally funny and wonderful guy TED TRAVELSTEAD is here to promote his new book, THE PETRAEUS FILES, , and tell us what it was like pretending to be a hostage-taker for criminology students, how he deals with his OCD, and why "pimp stuff" isn't cute anymore.

Plus: What the Cannibal Cop likely does and doesn't know about from pop culture right now, what SMASH has become, the hierarchy of frozen yogurt, what is most chilling about a particular British Humanzee, and a very stupid and pointless anecdote about Fancy Feast.


Mar 15, 2013

This week's episode of HWYW features two bodacious blondes and a lot of talk about the Cannibal Cop's recent conviction. First, CAROL SUE GERSHMAN, authoress of HERE COMES AMAZING YOU and THE JEWISH LADY, THE BLACK MAN AND THE ROAD TRIP is here to talk to Julie about becoming a writer later in life, what a sexy thing to do to your partner might involve, the time she went to South America for plastic surgery and then was like, "no thanks," and the night she quit drinking after she upset her cousin at a Passover Seder.

Then, CLAUDIA LONOW, creator of the new series HOW TO LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS (FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE) talks to Julie about her show biz family, her experience as a child actor on KNOTS LANDING, the joke she wrote for Sarah Silverman, and what it was like being in LA during the comedians' strike before she became a successful showrunner, which she is! This is a fascinating interview with a fascinating woman!

Also, exactly how old the Pixies makes one feel, a confession about exercise videos and their chosen accompaniment, a story about going to the vet, and AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT MY FUCKING HAIR AND HOW GREAT IT LOOKS EVEN THOUGH I DID SOME CRAZY SHIT TO IT. Whatever. What harm does it do in these troubling times? Precisely none.

Enjoy this show!

Mar 8, 2013

This week's episode of How Was Your Week is a dazzling jewel nestled in the bosom of a neverending winter. First, DAVID WAIN is here to talk to us about magic tricks, Cheryl Ladd, the tuba, and why Anjelica Huston might be the Original Suicide Girl.

Then, AMERICA FERRERA joins Julie to chat about her adorable dog, her relationship with Sonia Sotomayor, her experiences on stage, and Ruby Foo's sushi.

Also: Udon noodles are traded in for regular-width noodles, the baby cured of HIV is inevitably cut down to size, catalogs and Glenn Hetrick's website are pondered to point of dangerous excess, and an important realization about clowns comes to its grease paint-streaked surface.

A terrific and important phase of our journey together. Take the step.

Mar 1, 2013

This week's post-Oscars episode of HOW WAS YOUR WEEK begins with a sad thing and ends on a high note. First, DC PIERSON joins Julie to discuss the types of people one will meet in high school Drama Club, what one does in Los Angeles to pass the time, and whether Donald is a normal name. 

Then, theatre director and handsome man ALEX TIMBERS talks to Julie about why history is a funny topic to explore in theatre, what it's like working with David Bryne, why Germany was a perfect place to launch ROCKY: The Musical, and the time he sort of faked his friend's death.

Also: Catherine Zeta Jones and her skin tagging-vocal abilities, a sad story about making Udon Hallway Noodles saltier, some new revelations about Glenn Hetrick, and an announcement for the April 5th HOW WAS YOUR WEEK LIVE with Siggy Flicker and Max Silvestri! Buy tickets now, friend.

Feb 22, 2013

Howdy, Captain!

This week's podcast is a special episode, HOW WAS YOUR EXORCIST, and in it, we discuss America's most Catholic gross-out film, The Exorcist. Joining Julie to talk about Regan and her afflictions are TED LEO and JESSE MURRAY, both of whom grew up playing with Ouija boards, interacting with priests, and fearing the crapola out of the shit in this movie.

Join us as we delve into the text of THE EXORCIST and figure out:

>Where the hell is Regan's dad?

>How does one keep track of all of these priests?

>How gay is Father Dyer?

>Why does Ted Leo love Detective Kinderman so much?

>Is William Friedkin like an exhausting uncle?

>Was that mother-daughter relationship EVER normal?

>Is D.C. a devilish place in general?

>What is CRASH COURSE about?

>Should we all read LEGION, as Ted wants us to do?

>Was James Earl Jones dressed up like the girl from the Blind Melon videos in the film sequel?

>Who would Ellen Burstyn's character be if she was an actress from real life current times?

>Is this the ultimate MANSPLAINING movie? (Yes)

Grab your holy water and your heart medications and join us in this nightmarish journey!

Feb 15, 2013

Hi-ho! This week's episode of HWYW starts off with a new Jenny McCarthy rant, then seamlessly segues into two great interviews. First up, it's fellow Scarsdale native PETER GROSZ, who joins Julie to discuss how great it is to hear from your rep that your friend has "buzz" or "heat," why the Cannibal Cop story was poorly timed, what Sonic has on its menu, and how weird it is that our parents are friends.

Then, actor CRAIG BIERKO is here to tell us about auditioning for THE MUSIC MAN, loving The Monkees, keeping company with his dog, Boo, and why Matthew Perry is a tough act to follow.

Plus: a Carmen Electra metaphor that will make you go "hmmm"! An observation about the new Best Week Ever! A new disturbing memoir recommendation! A sad story about a party in my apartment building! And a disgusting realization about Crocs and their Croc-holes.

A delicious Valentine's Candy Heart of a show!

Feb 8, 2013

This week's episode of How Was Your Week is a celebration of friendship, anger and genius. First, Julie introduces you to DAVID OZANICH, a brilliant playwright and dear friend who tragically passed away this week, way too soon. In an interview recorded two years ago, David talks to Julie about his favorite roles of the fabulous Karen Black, and it's wonderful to hear his voice in the present tense.

Then, hilarious cartoonist MICHAEL KUPPERMAN is here to chat with Julie about their post-9/11 friendship, his landscaping shenanigans, a cartoon about Humpty Dumpty, and an encounter with Peter Tork.

Also: A call to cancel SMASH! A tirade against CATFISH: THE TV SHOW and Jenny McCarthy! A plea for understanding in the realm of errant rage in the face of grief! And whether THE SHINING would have been better if Karen Black were in it instead of Shelley Duvall.

Thank you for dealing with my emotions this week. I hope this show brings you some joy and insight. Life is short, love your friends like it's your job.

Jan 31, 2013

OH HAPPY DAY! It's our 100th Episode!

This week, we're letting down YOUR hair with the hundredth ever episode of HOW WAS YOUR WEEK. First, TOM SCHARPLING is here to talk to Julie about the landmark occasion, that gross pig in the Geico commercial,, and the only sausage you can find in the Miramax section of your grocery freezer.

Then, JESSE THORN is here to interview Julie about the show and its ins and outs! It's a heady, pleasant chat that touches on the show's origins and delves into the emotional journey only ethnic people can chart, why it is straight guys don't get Bravo, and the theraputic benefits of broadcasting.

Also, thanks are doled out like so many cups of pre-school juiceboxes! And introspection is experienced. Happy Hundredth, gang! Onward and Upward.

Jan 25, 2013

Ahoy! The 99th episode of How Was Your Week features comedienne and adorable relative of Chris and Abby Elliott, BRIDEY ELLIOTT! She is extremely charming and funny in her own right, and we are delighted that she stopped by to discuss the time Ryan Gosling checked out her heiney, what she tells people her favorite TV show is, how she sleeps when her sister is in town, and what a sewing teacher told her to do when she toppled a coatrack.

Then, actor and playwright COLMAN DOMINGO is here to tell us about booking a part in LINCOLN, what it was like working with Don Johnson on Nash Bridges (it was not so great!), and what his experience was when he collaborated with Julie on BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW together.

Also, Julie has a hunch about what the new season of SMASH will specifically be, recaps the latest episode of FACE OFF, contemplates folk art as a metaphor, and offers cat magazine decorating tips for a new office of one's own.

Plus: an artful cover of the Intervention song! A new theory about The View! Some thought about DC and its wonks! And the debut of a new character called Annoying Woman At A Restaurant. A 99th episode fit to be paired with 99 bottles of beer you should imbibe while listening to it, after taking them down from the wall and passing them around!

Jan 18, 2013

This week's episode of How Was Your Week features RICHARD KIND and ISSA RAE. That's a lineup you can write home to your mother about--and put some perfume on the envelope while you're at it!

First of all, the great character actor RICHARD KIND is here to talk to Julie about which roles Jewish people recognize him from and which roles kids recognize him from; how Sondheim took a suggestion of his, and why it's frustrating doing THE PRODUCERS in front of tourists.

Then, the fabulous ISSA RAE joins Julie to discuss how her character in AWKWARD BLACK GIRL has changed, how her life got better after she cut her hair, and what it is about quirky comedy that isn't stereotypically black.

Plus: A confession about burrito bowls, some talk about what Jodie Foster probably thought her Golden Globes dress looked like, a recap of the television show Face Off, and a couple of observations about the motion picture Mrs. Doubtfire.

Listen to this show! What a show!

Jan 11, 2013

Let's get right to it: This week's HWYW episode is legendary. CARRIE BROWNSTEIN is here to discuss PORTLANDIA, her dogs' defective sense of time, how many times she cried during BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, and the time she hung out with Mick Jagger while he wore sweats and watched cricket.

Plus! The fabulous DANIELLE HENDERSON joins us to tell us about the origin of her website and book, FEMINIST RYAN GOSLING, her horror movie-loving grandma, and why she's a little wary about DJANGO UNCHAINED.

And! The underrated benefits of grudge-holding! The Al Roker Situation, and how we must never forget it! Hope Springs, and how it was snubbed! And a humiliating story about drinking a glass of milk.


Jan 4, 2013

Happy New Year! This week's episode of HWYW is smart, fun and sexually attractive. First, NOAH GARFINKEL joins Julie to swap horror stories about Rent-A-Wreck, discuss using a crazy person voice to beckon a dog, and share an upsetting way to parody a Big Bopper song.

Then, STARLEE KINE swings by to chat about movies she claims are her favorites that she hasn't seen recently enough to remember, whether a big vocabulary can give you new ideas, and what a Cryptogram is.

Plus, Kubrick Talk! An upsetting Acu-Massage Encounter! Jimmy Jazz does something really stupid! The Plot of Eating Raoul! And a new Ricky Gervais speculation for 2013 that will cause you to hide your loved ones.

A Big Deal 2013 Thing!

Dec 28, 2012

Happy New Year, almost! This week's episode of How Was Your Week is completely wonderful. There is only one guest on the show, because that is all you and I need. The great and powerful HUNTER BELL joins us to talk about his creative process when crafting works such as [TITLE OF SHOW], NOW. HERE. THIS. and SILENCE! THE MUSICAL, the puppet-lined path he could have taken in his career, and which Rattlesnake-themed garbage shows are on his DVR.

Also, fleeting Julie-reviews of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, LES MIZ, THE GUILT TRIP, ZERO DARK THIRTY and a million other movies I saw over Christmas break, plus a quick preview of coming attractions around and concerning THE EXORCIST, about which there will be a special extrasode, because that shit needs some discussion. Plus: a confession about Yummie Tummie shirts and how they affect my silly body! A suggestion for paranoid people that might help them turn their frowns upside downs! And an astute hypothesis about Linda Blair's "Regan" character. A marvelous final show to bury along with 2012 in its sweet-ass casket.

Dec 21, 2012

This week's Christmas edition of How Was Your Week is our Jewish-est yet! First, JACKIE HOFFMAN joins us to discuss the medications she is on, the crazy things her mother has said out loud, and her new show, A CHANUKAH CHAROL, which you should go and see.

Then, BILL PERSKY, author of MY LIFE IS A SITUATION COMEDY talks to Julie about the time Carl Reiner threw a guy's shoe out the window, what happens when you take an upper and a downer at the same time before pitching A special to Goldie Hawn, what it's like being the guy at the party who used to write for THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW, and other exciting things that have happened to him during his career in television.

Also, Julie deconstructs the Olivia Newton-John/ John Travolta cover of BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE until your blood turns to red ice! A story about being spit on! And things about Ricky Gervais, and the devil being real. Merry Christmas and enjoy the show!

Dec 14, 2012

Seasons greetings! This episode's HWYW is better than Christmas. MICHAEL IAN BLACK is here to talk to us about his new book, his relationship with hard liquor, how stupid words are, and the time he used delicious, delicious LSD.

Also, WILL HINES discusses with Julie the DVD commentary track from THE EXORCIST, Spy magazine, the hubris of Michael Stipe, and what ROSEMARY'S BABY has in common with RUSHMORE.

Plus: Roger Daltry's wig and Billy Joel's chin girth, the Jewishness of sleepaway camp, the 2012 celebrity death that stings the most, a fun thing for one gay guy to say about another gay guy whom he finds attractive, and a slightly tipsy recap of a holiday party attended in the RECENT PAST.

Ho-ho-enjoy it!

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